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From Hell to Redemption

Friday, November 10, 2023
Joshua Shelley

Joshua Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

Juan Arnoldus

Juan Arnoldus

Brides Revival Ministry

Step into the extraordinary as Pastor Juan Arnoldus unveils his awe-inspiring journey from the nightlife scene to becoming a beacon of hope. In this captivating podcast, he shares the divine turning point that led him away from vanity to a life dedicated to God.

Experience the supernatural guidance that directs Pastor Juan Arnoldus and his congregation to unexpected places, transforming former nightclubs into sanctuaries for the youth. His remarkable testimony illustrates the power of faith in defying the odds and embracing a divine calling.

Join us for a story that transcends the ordinary; witness how faith transforms the most unlikely spaces into symbols of hope for the community. Take a front-row seat to Pastor Pastor Juan Arnoldus incredible tale of redemption and discover the profound impact of surrendering to God’s plan!