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The Four Living Creatures

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

January 4, 2005 · 5 min read

I want to share a vision that I had in the service last night. I was standing on the platform, and it was about five minutes before Brother Greeley began to sing, “I can feel the flutter, flutter, flutter of their wings.” God knows my heart. I speak to you totally the truth.

Before he sang that song, I didn’t know he was going to sing it. And about five minutes before he did, we were singing another song, and all of a sudden I saw in the Spirit those four Living Creatures.

And by the way, they mean more to me now than they’ve ever meant to me because when I was in Jerusalem, the Lord impressed on my heart to preach on those Living Creatures some months ago. And honestly, I had heard the Message, I had read the Seals, I had heard the Seals, I had preached on the Seals.

But somehow, as I was preparing and praying and reading in Jerusalem, it really became a reality. And I saw how important it was – the faces of these four Living Creatures, and what they represented, and how God sent that particular anointing to each particular age.

I saw those four Creatures. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen their faces like I saw it last night. Because it was strange to look on their faces. I even had this thought, a little child would almost be scared to see them in this symbol form. Because literally, as I saw them, their faces were literally the faces of the Beast that they represented. And it was a strange thing to see it in such reality.

And they were moving, as I’ve seen the angels do before in visions. They were moving in great synchronization that never ceases to… it always leaves an impression on me when I have had a vision like that of how the angels can get together and how they can move in such divine synchronization that they move as one. One put up the hand, they all put up the hand, you know.

And these four Beasts were doing almost like a dance. They were walking this way and walking back this way, and walking this way and walking back that way. And I perceived in my spirit that it was as though they were offering praise to the Lord.

Now I know they’re symbol. When we get to heaven, we’re not going to see perhaps four Creatures with faces. But you understand now, more than ever, what they represent.

I could see those nearest of me. But the fourth one over, I was having a very hard time seeing because they were moving in such union and unity. And all of a sudden in my heart I had a desire to see the fourth Creature, which had the face of what? A flying eagle.

If you’ve ever seen an eagle in a cage and seen perhaps on video a flying eagle, you will know the difference in the face. Somebody said to me one time about that verse, “How did John perceive in the Eagle’s face that it was the face of a flying eagle?”

And I remembered thinking on that and never could get the understanding of it. But later, hearing the Message, I realized it was the countenance of the Eagle. It was the shine on his face that caused John to perceive, “This is an eagle that’s soaring as eagles were created to do.” His physical form, angelic form, might have been walking back and forth here, but his spirit had already soared before the Throne as John was seeing him. How many of you understand that?

And all of a sudden I had a desire to see that fourth Creature. (And all of this happened very fast.)

And as the thought came to my mind, “I sure would like to see the face of the fourth one…” I had caught the glimpse. I had seen the first two very clearly and I was catching glimpses of the third one as they walked back and forth. But the fourth one I hadn’t yet seen.

And all of a sudden. I can’t say that I can explain this, please don’t ask me to. I wanted to share it last night, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get it out, even. (I’m not doing so good tonight either.)

All of a sudden the other three just walked off. They just walked away. All together, divine synchronization, they all three just walked away. And that fourth Living Creature was standing there in the Spirit with his face turned that way. I even saw the profile of his beak. And the look on his eye, because I could only see one eye, the exhilaration. There was something about his countenance – the joy, the shine.

And here is the most impressive thing. I can’t tell you I understand it. He turned to me, just as I was standing there, and looked me straight in the eye. And I can only tell you that I was overcome by the sense of overcoming. I was overcome by the feeling of overcoming. Because how many of you know that’s what the Flying Eagle represents? The anointing to soar above everything. And I know tonight, and maybe a handful of you know, we are not going to make it in this race if we don’t get above it.

When he looked at me, I sensed something in his eyes. He said nothing. But I sensed that he was sending me something. Because that’s what he came to do. That’s what he represents. He represents an anointing for an age. And he represents the age I’m living in. By God’s grace we’re trying our best to get out of the “age of a man” and get over here in a spiritual age, the age of the Bride.

As he looked at me, and I saw his eyes and the joy of the flying, the soaring, I felt as though he was passing something, imparting something to me. That’s what the anointing that was on Brother Branham, that’s what that anointing came in the earth to do – to impart to us what it takes to overcome in this hour.