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The Campground Flooded

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

July 29, 2009 · 3 min read

As I started to doze off I jolted up in the bed. I come to myself and I said, “Stacey, I just saw a vision. It could have been a dream, because I don’t know if I dozed off or not. I think we were just talking, so I’m not sure what it was.” But I said, “Honey, I’ve just seen a vision or a dream.”

She said, “What was it?”

And I said, “I saw the campground flooded. It was completely flooded.” And I said, “I know it was God, because the top of the hill was under water. That’d have to be God, because we’re just sitting on the side of a hill.”

This used to be almost straight down right here. And I don’t know how many tons, but hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of tons of dirt were taken from the top of the hill and put on this slope, so that we could have a tabernacle here.

And I saw the top even covered in water. And as I told it, I said, “But it started out, I was standing by this little river that we’ve built. I was standing there and there was a man standing across from me with a spear in his hand. And he was looking into the river, that little stream of water. He was looking into that stream of water with this spear in his hand, as though he was just ready to spear something.

And all of a sudden, he thrust that spear down into that little water. And he pulled up something that looked like an eel. It was about this long, and it was silver and flat. It was not a snake. It was a fish of some kind or like a fish. But it was long and silver. And when it came up out of the water, I could see it just flapping for its life.

Somebody said, “My, you have crazy visitations and experiences.” But I’m telling this from the Lord.

It was just wiggling like that, flopping around. And all of a sudden, when that thing was thrust down, he thrust that spear down and took his foot and stomped that eel. When he did that, that pool of water began to overflow. And when it overflowed, I saw it coming with the force of waves like tidal pulls, until it had covered this entire campground.

And when I came to myself, I saw the water headed to Mr. Long’s place. And I said, “Somebody ought to tell him there’s a flood coming his way.” And I came to myself.