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The Actor

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

November 28, 2004 · 4 min read

There was a strange phrase in the spiritual song tonight concerning the setting changing, the scenery changing, but the actor remaining the same. The reason why those words came out is because at that very moment, that precise moment, I saw a vision. I’ve been waiting for the right time to share it.

I saw an old wooden antique looking theater stage. And I saw that the floor was very… What do you say? Slanted. The seats were on a slope. And there was one lowly spotlight operator way up at the top behind these seats up high. And the spotlight was as big as he was. It was just huge like this. And it had a handle on it that came behind. And he moved that handle – just like a metal bar. And when he moved that metal bar, it moved the spotlight.

I saw that there was some movement on the old wooden stage. It looked like actors moving in the shadows, but I couldn’t make them out. And all of the sudden, the spotlight operator began to search the stage. It was almost a comical looking thing, because he couldn’t find the actors. I’ve been in productions like that. And here he was moving all around the stage, but very nervously, trying to find the actors. And he didn’t seem to be able to focus on them. And you could hear voices, but not very loud and not very clear, just mumbling. The actors were mumbling, but you couldn’t see because it was dark, just shadows.

And all of the sudden that light began to just kind of move up and down like this, searching, quickly, the stage. And finally over in the far right hand corner, there was one single actor. He must have been speaking to someone off the stage. There was one single actor, he was kind of hiding behind some scenery of some kind. And the spotlight fell right on him. And it seemed to startle him.

And the Spirit of the Lord spoke to my spirit as I saw that quick scene. I knew that what God was saying was that He was about to focus in on those who have hidden themselves from what God has called them to do.

And I could see that this scenery had no form. It had no shape. It was between him and the crowd. Just his face was, just a little bit of his upper body was out beyond this piece of scenery. The light just caught him. All of the sudden it found him and caught him.

I could see that this scenery had no form or no shape. And the Spirit of the Lord ministered to me that it represented all kinds of different things and that’s why I couldn’t make it out if it was a tree or what it was. Because it represents a lot of different things in different lives – the things that we sometimes use, that we sometimes hide behind.

Not because we don’t want God to see us, but we don’t really want God to use us. Let me say it again this way. That’s not exactly how I want to say it. We want God to use us, but we don’t really want God to use us.

And the enemy will sometimes cause you to focus on the cost and the suffering and cause you to miss the blessing of being used of God. I think everybody here knows how serious it is to be used of God. If you do, just hold up your hand. You know it’s serious. And it’s not that your heart’s desire is not to be used. You want to be used. But there’s a little bit of fear of what it’s going to take and what it’s going to consist of in your life.

And I could see in the Spirit, people kind of hiding in this vision of the actor. But the spotlight found him. Shined right on him. So I feel like the Lord wants to say tonight that whatever your tree is, or your rock, or your bush, or your shrub, or whatever you’re hiding behind, God sees you. And He’s going to place the spotlight on you, cause you’ve got a part to play in this drama. So just be ready for it. Just be ready.

Let the Lord use you. Don’t hide. Don’t hide and give that poor stagehand such a hard time, the spotlight man. Let him find you and use you in the Kingdom of God.