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Sons of the Kingdom

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

March 9, 2007 · 3 min read

I had a vision while I was praying. And it was very clear. It was panoramic and technicolor. It was that clear. And very wonderful. It was high-definition vision. Isn’t that wonderful that God is ahead of the technology? And He let me see this vision in high definition plasma screen, flat panel. It was that clear. “You got me?” No mistaking what I saw.

But I saw the sea. I saw the ocean. And it was just rolling. But it was rolling in a very strange way. It wasn’t rolling with the tide like all rolling in together like this. It was churning, like… It was rolling into itself from four directions. From the north side it was rolling in to the center, from the south side into the center, and east and west it was folding into itself from different directions.

And I thought, “My, that’s a strange thing.” I could see the white cap as it was rolling in. I could see the spray going up. And to be honest with you, if you want to be real honest, I felt the wind on my face. That’s how real it was. I felt the wind on my face, hallelujah, as the waves were crashing in, folding in.

And then all of a sudden something came rising up out of this hole, or this place in the sea, where the waters were folding in. Right out of the center something came rising up, and it was like an island of dry land.

And it started rising up. And then all of a sudden, as the land started coming up out of the sea, the sea then began to fold out. You see, it had folded in, and then the land began to rise up, and the waves folded back just like they had folded in.

I could see four directions. And this land began to rise up and it got bigger and bigger and bigger. So instead of seeing a panoramic view of the ocean, I was now seeing land, this huge piece of land rising up out of the sea, until finally there was no more sea. All I could see with my eyes, with spiritual eyes, was land.

And I thought, “What is this? What am I seeing?” I mean, it really had no meaning at that point whatsoever.

And then all of a sudden I began to see little movement, a little bit of movement, blurry movement on the surface of the land. And then I began to see little sprouts of different kinds. I could tell they were different kind in color and texture, you know, thickness and so forth began to sprout up.

And the next thing I knew I was seeing shrubs and flower bushes, and then trees were coming up out of this piece of land.

And then the next thing that happened was, I saw fruit beginning to form. Blooms first, very quickly blooms, and then big wonderful ripe fruit began to form until this whole surface of land was covered in vegetation, in greenery and life. Lots of life and lots of fruit.

And I said, “Lord, what is this?” And He said, “This is the revealing of the sons of the Kingdom.”