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Repairing Burned Out Wires

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

February 8, 2004 · 3 min read

I just saw in the Spirit a little vision, as I stood here reverencing the Lord and the Presence.

And I’m not an electrician. But I saw just before me a small electrical box, like a breaker box, that the dividing panel had been taken off. And I could see into the box. I could see the breakers. But I could also see wires going among those breakers, and feeding out through the back.

And I saw what looked like wires that were frazzled, and that had looked like plastic. The coating had melted back, and the heat had become so intense, that the wires were melted in two.

And I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that it was like a nervous breakdown. Maybe that’s kind of what a nervous breakdown is like in the human body. You know, this burning out of the nerves, the wires, so to speak. And God said it was like a nervous breakdown.

And the Lord just wanted me to say that publicly to you, to whoever would need to hear, God sees what has happened in your life. He sees what’s happened in your natural life, your physical life. He sees what’s happened in your spiritual life. And all of that frustration that has built up, and all of those different things that the enemy was using, it caused a melt-down.

It caused wires that were connected to give power to different things, to be burned in two. And when a wire’s burned in two, it no longer connects the source of power with that, that needs the power, then you’ve got a problem. You’ve got a shut-down. Don’t you?

Speaking as someone who has survived something very similar to a nervous breakdown some years ago, although they don’t use that term anymore. The doctors call it anxiety attacks, and panic attacks, and so forth. But years ago they said, like a nervous breakdown. And knowing how that everything can be so well connected in your life, and just all of the sudden you just get short-circuited, you know. And it seems like you just aren’t connected anymore.

And why the Lord would say that I’m not exactly sure. But I just want you to know, everybody, and whoever God would be speaking to especially, God wants you to know that He knows what has happened in your life, and what has caused you to be in the condition, spiritually, that you’re in right now.

The God who loves you enough that He could look right down into that inside and see the disconnection, that same God, that would reveal that to me and give me the courage to say something that sounds so silly that same God is the God who is able to repair, to renew, to rewire, to reconnect, to heal all of the damage. That’s the Word of the Lord.