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Preparing the Way

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

June 29, 2003 · 4 min read

I saw a stack of books, very large books, almost like atlases, but they were very old, embossed, engraved leather covers on these books. I knew in my spirit that they represented man’s wisdom, man’s knowledge, that man was the author of these books, and not God.

I saw the top book open up. It opened up really large. And my vision focused in on what was in the book. And I saw that it was a map. So it was like an atlas.

And as I was seeing it closer, I saw the map begin to move, and I saw that there were armies marching along the roads of this map. (It sounds very strange), But they were marching along the roads, but they dropped off the edge of the book. They just dropped off like into a chasm.

And then I saw a motorcade, a line of black vehicles, very nice limousine-type vehicles. And I knew they were carrying national leaders. And I saw them making their way down this book, a map. It’s hard to describe. And then they, instead of stopping, they would come to the edge of the page and drop off.

And God spoke in my heart that that represented the roadmap for peace, and that it is in the wisdom of man that this has been drafted. It doesn’t mean that there are not good things in it. We don’t know what it will mean. But because it is man’s doing and not God’s doing, then eventually things just drop off in the edge.

Then the scene changed just a bit, and I saw what looked like a Torah scroll open up. And it just spread out a scroll, you know, and it just opened up. And it was also a map. I could see that there were roads drawn on the inside of this scroll.

And I saw some of us standing there. Instead of armies and so forth, I saw some of us standing there. And we were talking among ourselves. There were more of us. We were talking among ourselves about our plan, what would our strategy be. We were trying to decide what to do next. And it was almost like that moment, when we’re trying to decide what dance to do next, you know, and you’re giving instruction to tell people where to go. That was happening in this Torah scroll, on top of it.

And it was decided that we would line up, that we would divide into two and we would line up along the highway. And so, many of us were standing on this side of the road, and many of us were standing on the other side of the road, and we were facing one another. I couldn’t see exactly what was coming up the road, but I saw that it was also a very important procession. But I felt like, in my spirit, that it was heralding or welcoming something much more important than the armies of the world, and much more important than dignitaries in black limousines.

But I sensed that it was a welcoming. We were a welcoming committee. And it was the peace of God. It was Yeshua. It was the righteousness of God that was coming just up the road. I couldn’t really make out exactly if it was people, or if it was Yeshua. I couldn’t make it out. But I could see the brightness of it, and I knew that it was coming.

And God was saying that this roadmap for peace is just a temporary, like a band-aid on a wound. But what God really wants is for us as believers, and as the Bride of Yeshua, to prepare the way. And that’s what we’re doing in these prayer meetings, and in our services, along with other believers all over the world. It may seem very little sometimes what we’re doing, and insignificant. And it’s not the multitudes following along. But I feel like that’s what God was showing that even in this little insignificant crowd here, that God wants us standing and preparing the way for His righteousness to come.

Man doesn’t have a clue. They don’t know what to do. President Bush has no idea what to do. The leaders of this world, they have no idea what to do about this situation. They’re just doing something, so they won’t be criticized more. So they’re trying to do something. But it’s never going to be enough.

I just had a sense that what we’re doing here in our little ministries, in prayer and so forth, these little things are so much more important for peace than what they’re going to be doing. And that encouraged me so much.