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Keep Pressing Toward Me

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

September 21, 2003 · 2 min read

I saw a vision just a few days ago in prayer. I went in the washroom of our condominium where we were, and shut the door. And I had no more than flipped on the light and shut the door, but I saw a vision. And I saw what I call a steam roller.

It looked like a machine with a big old roller on the front of it, and a smaller looking roller on it too. And it was rolling along this flat surface, it looked like asphalt.

And all of a sudden I saw that thing jerk up that way, and make such a terrible racket. If you would have been in it, it would have given you whiplash, like hitting that little bump out there, if you forget about it. Shakes your brain to reality.

I saw that steam roller really buck up like that, and flop back down. And the vision focused, and I was able to see what looked like a log or a pole. More like a telephone pole than a log, because it was trimmed up. And it looked finished off somehow. And that steam roller had gone right over it. A few minutes, there was another one. And it went right over it. And it was gone.

And I said, “Lord, what in the world does that mean?”

And the Lord said, “I just want to remind you that there’s going to be a few bumps and a few hurdles in the road, a few things that will have to be dealt with. But I just want to remind you that everything behind that door is yours. You just keep pressing toward Me.”