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It's Hanging on the Moon

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

February 9, 2009 · 3 min read

I’ve just had a very strange vision that I want to share before I lose it.

I saw the moon in crescent. And it appeared like a wedge of an orange. It was crescent, but had dimension. It wasn’t orange in color, but I saw it like the wedge of an orange. Almost like a children’s version of the moon in a children’s story.

And I saw something hanging over the crescent. I don’t know how to describe it except the moon was like this, you know. And I saw a cord hanging over the crescent, the tail of the moon. And I saw like, not chains, but something hanging down over the crescent of the moon in a flat platform, hanging.

And on that platform was a beautiful crown. And the Lord kept saying, “It’s hanging on the moon. It’s hanging on the moon.” I know that’s strange. It’s strange for me. And I just sat here, trying to see what the Lord would say. “It’s hanging on the moon.” This crown was hanging from the moon, the crescent of the moon on a little platform.

And as I was asking the Lord to give me the understanding of the vision, I heard Brother Branham’s voice clearly. And he said, “The moon has no light of herself. But she is a reflection of the sunlight.”

And he spoke about His little Bride, the Bride of Christ having no light of her own. And yet she’s like the moon. She is the mirror reflection of the sun. And God said, “It’s hanging on the moon.”

And in interpretation He said, “I’m depending on My Bride.” The moon was the symbol of His Bride having no light within herself, only giving forth the light of the S-O-N, the Son. And God said, “It’s all hanging on the moon.”

God wants you to feel a sense of responsibility tonight. All the royalty, all of the glory, and all of the splendor that God wants to show forth in this earth is hanging on the Bride. It’s hanging on the moon.

God is counting on us. Why us? Because He’s called us to be forerunners. It’s hanging on us tonight. Get a real clear vision, a clear picture in the Spirit, in your spirit, in your understanding.

All that God desires to do in the earth, it’s hanging on you. God is depending on you. He’s counting on you.

Let’s surrender completely to the Lord.

And then I heard the Lord say, “It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than you.” Wanting us to understand this thing that God is about to do is bigger than this little church. It’s bigger than this handful of people.