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Honey from the Scepter

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

September 26, 2004 · 2 min read

And I began to look up, because they’ve been commenting about the birds, and how the birds were flying around. And I began to look up and just between where I was standing and the wall, I saw in the Spirit what looked like a scepter, or a rod that a king would hold. How many of you know what a scepter is?

It appeared to be a scepter. And it was going this way, across the Kotel. And I just… I closed my eyes like that for just a moment and opened my eyes again. And in the Spirit I could still see that scepter.

But the thing that was the most impressive was, as I began to focus on the tip of it… The tip of it was like a knob, like some kind of little knob on the end of it. And I began for some reason to focus my attention on the end of it. And I began to see something dripping from that scepter.

And at first in the Spirit I thought that it was oil. And I was already going to rejoice. You know, I was already feeling wonderful about it. I thought, “Oh, that’s the oil of the Spirit being poured out.” I was so excited about that. But I began to notice that it wasn’t pouring like oil, but it was dripping slowly and would drop. And it was dripping slowly and it would drop. And I began to think for a moment in the Spirit, “Why is…?”

You know, I knew that it was a vision, but yet I had this consciousness, “Don’t they feel it? Can’t anybody see it? Can’t they feel it dropping on them?” Although I knew that it was in the Spirit. And I realized that it was not oil, but it was honey that was dropping down.