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Forerunning the Move of God

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

May 4, 2003 · 5 min read

I had a vision in the earlier part of the service. I saw something I’ve never seen before in the Spirit. I saw a huge railroad track. I’ve maybe seen railroad tracks before. But I saw the great distance of this railroad track just stretched out in front of my vision. And I saw that there were several of us standing on a… I don’t know what you even call it.

Some of you might know railroad, but it was one of these old-fashioned carts that they had on the railroad that you pumped, pumped like a bar, crossbar, and they pumped one side. Two people standing. Is that right? Do you know what I’m talking about? Now, I’ve seen them, they’ve got them now, I guess they’re electric or something, they just scoot. How many of you know what I’m talking about? Something that goes on the railroad track.

Well I saw several of us and we were standing on this cart pumping it. Several on one side, several on the another side, we were just pumping that heavy bar up and down. And as we pumped, there was a movement in the Spirit. That cart was going, it was moving, but as we were pumping, it was lurching forward. You could see that as it was going up and coming down, it was causing the cart to lurch.

It was always rolling, always moving. But this movement was making it lurch as though it had more energy. And I saw that, saw us, and we were moving very quickly down the track. And I asked the Lord what we were doing. Because I noticed that there were times we came to a complete stop, would get off the cart and begin to look carefully at the track.

And the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and He said, “I’ve used you, I’m using you like the inspectors of the railroad track. Because there’s something coming behind you.”

God was speaking to me in this, that He has used us and is using us to inspect the track. I don’t even know if that’s what those carts do. I don’t know anything about it. But in the Spirit I could see that we were moving down the track, getting off, inspecting the track. Because I heard the Lord say, “There’s something greater, something bigger coming.”

And as the Lord said that, we were back on this cart and we were moving quickly. I’m going to look it up and find out what the little cart’s called. But we were moving quickly down the track. And all of the sudden somebody said, “It’s here.”

And we turned, and the biggest engine I’ve ever laid eyes on in my life was coming down the railroad track. It was almost on us. It was almost to run over us. But there was no fear in our hearts that that locomotive was ever going to hit us. Although we were on, it just seemed as though it was a few yards behind us and so big that when we looked up, it was just like standing against a skyscraper. This huge engine that was rolling down the track. And somehow I sense that the Lord was saying, “I’ve been using you for that preparatory work to go before the revival, to inspect the track.” Hallelujah.

Can you imagine what can happen to this engine if the rails are bent or damaged or so forth? I don’t know all the things that can go wrong on a railroad. But God said, “I’m using you, I have been using you to inspect the track to go before Me, to go before this great move.”

And I saw it. It’s not coming in like a horse and a buggy, but it’s going to come in like a steam locomotive with great power and great strength. Hallelujah. And in comparison, this little cart that we’ve been riding on is pitiful. It’s puny and no wonder we get discouraged sometime. It doesn’t go very fast. And here we are lurching forward. Oh, but I’m telling you, if that big locomotive hits a place in that track that it’s damaged or something causes that train to go shipping off, slipping off that track and into the woods, then all is lost.

And God said, what I’ve used you to do is a very special and important work, because I’ve sent you before My great move of God. The Lord said, “Even as forerunners, you have gone forth. I’ve sent you forth to lead this new great move of My Spirit that’s coming to the earth.” Hallelujah.

“Be faithful,” saith the Lord. “Be faithful to watch and to inspect and to make sure that any necessary repairs that need to be made are made. Because I tell you, you’re moving just a few yards ahead of a great and mighty shaking move of God. And I’ve sent you forth even as forerunners to go before it, saith the Lord.”

Oh God, the preparatory work, it looks so little. Oh, a handful of us on an old pump cart. It looks so insignificant. It looks so foolish and it looks so outweighed by the magnificence of that that comes. Hallelujah. But I thank You that You’ve chosen us to go before You, Lord, to help make the way straight for You, oh God, to capture the ear.

The Lord said, “If you think the voice of John the Baptist has brought deliverance, wait until My Voice comes forth.” Hallelujah. If there’s been deliverance in the preparatory days, in the stages of preparation, then there’ll be greater deliverance when the fulness, the fulness of God…

It seemed that even though this great steam locomotive was moving faster than we were, it would never hit us. There was no fear in us that it was going to run over us, because actually the momentum of its speed was pushing us forth and we were being moved faster than it. Even though in our little pumping efforts… It was more at that point like we were just catching the wave.