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Crushing Spices

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

October 21, 2006 · 3 min read

After Brother Kary came and started singing, I saw just a quick vision. And I saw the spices. I saw dry spices laying out flat on a stone. It wasn’t really a bowl, but it was just a flat stone. And I saw a great big hand, strong hand, but only about the size of a man’s hand. Stronger than my little hand.

And it was also taking a stone with a different shape, like the mortar and the pestle, but a flat stone. And I saw that the spices were being crushed and blended. And I saw the spices laying in different little piles. And He was pinching just a little bit, like mama cooks, you know. Taking a little pinch of this and a little pinch of that, and a little pinch of the other. And putting it together. Hallelujah. Crushing them together.

And I’ve had sinus infection for two or three days, so I haven’t been smelling anything or tasting anything. But in the vision I was receiving the natural manifestation to what I was seeing in the Spirit. Because all of a sudden my nose was so filled with the aroma of these individual spices as they were being crushed together.

And I believe I heard the Lord say that there’s a blending anointing that He wants to send our way, even beginning in our lives today, that would blend us together. We have unique gifts, we have unique talents, we have strengths, we have weaknesses. And sometimes when we’re weak in something, the Lord brings somebody into our life that’s strong in a certain area.

So let’s just right now lift up our hand and say, “Lord, blend us.”

We thank You for the blending anointing. We thank You for the blending of the corporate anointing. We thank You for the crushing of the individual spices. We thank You, Lord, for releasing in us the aroma of that that You have placed in each other’s lives.

And Father, we know that once all the spices have been crushed and the oils have been released, then the next ingredient for the holy anointing oil was fresh oil, fresh green oil that would come, about a hin, and bind all of the spices together. Lord, we thank You for the oil. Send the Oil of the Holy Ghost like never before to blend us together for divine connections, Lord.

Father, we declare a season, we declare a season of divine connections. And we declare a season of binding us together with our aromas. And Father, we’re not ignorant to notice that it takes the crushing. We might not want to mention it first, but Lord, we recognize that in order for us to release that which is locked inside of us, we have to be crushed.

And so, Lord, we receive the crushing that You’re sending our way because we know that we have a destiny to fulfill. We know we have a purpose to fulfill. And it can only be fulfilled when we are able to release that which is locked inside of us for Kingdom purposes.