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Bulging Door

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

September 14, 2003 · 3 min read

A little earlier when we were worshiping the Lord, I saw a vision. I saw a wooden door, a very beautiful wooden door that was closed. Of course we always like to see open doors, not closed doors. But underneath the door, on what would be like the threshold or the pad of stepping in through the door…

The door appeared to be an inside/outside door, a door that would enter into the inside from the outside.

Down on what looked like the stone underneath the door, and in front of the door, I saw water beginning to flow. And it looked as though, it reminded me of a leak, you know, something happened, plumbing or something had burst and the water was running out from under the door. But there was such a peace about it.

Normally when we see water running through the house, or out of the house like that, we would be so concerned. But I felt so peaceful about it. And I knew that it was the Lord. And it was spiritual, it meant something.

And it’s strange, but I had such a desire to put my feet in it, in that water that was seeping out from under the door. I had such a desire to take my shoes and socks off, and put my feet in that water, although it wasn’t very deep. But it just continued to grow, the wet spot continued to grow.

And all of the sudden I could see that the door was beginning to bulge at the force of the water that had been building. Hallelujah. I could see that the water was beginning to bulge, the door was beginning to bulge at the force of the water behind the door. I could see the door giving and warping, bulging, until I could even see that it was straining at the very hinges.

I didn’t see the door open. I didn’t see the water come bursting forth. But I believe it was another promise, another encouragement from the Lord, that there’s something building in the Spirit.

He said one other thing I want to share, while I feel the anointing to share it. He said, “It depends on whether or not you’re walking in the flesh, or whether you’re walking in the Spirit.” He said, “If you’re walking in the flesh, you will think that I am doing nothing. If you’re walking in the Spirit, you will sense and know that this is the season just before the suddenlies of God begin to break forth.”