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Bringing Forth His Gold

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

July 31, 2004 · 2 min read

When we were singing that, I saw the top of a snow-covered mountain. It was very tall. In the Spirit I could see, and it was covered with what seemed like loads and loads of snow. I saw a little commotion at the top. But I couldn’t see exactly what was causing the disturbance. But I saw the snow begin to come rolling down the mountain. What do they call that? An avalanche.

I could see that snow beginning to roll. And it started rolling down one side, and then here another side. And I could see that the whole mountain was beginning to avalanche, and all the snow was beginning to roll off the top of that mountain.

And underneath I saw the purest color of gold that I had ever seen. And I knew that the Lord wanted me to tell somebody that God is getting ready to move away that heaviness in your life, that spirit of depression and heaviness. God is getting ready to roll that away from your life.

And it’s going to come in a quick motion of the Holy Ghost. And it’s going to be caused by just a wave of God’s hand over your life.

God just somehow is going to wave His hand over your life. And that’s all it’s going to take for that heavy snow… You know, snow is wet and heavy, and people die every year in those avalanches. But I saw God causing the commotion on your mountain, rolling all of that old heavy snow out of your life, and that depression and oppression. And I saw that underneath was pure gold.

And we like to think of gold, because gold is a reflection of the Glory of God. And God is saying that what you’re going through right now, underneath the surface… All we can see perhaps, when someone looks at you, maybe all they see is heaviness. But what they don’t know is, underneath all of that heaviness, God is bringing forth His gold, His glory, His value in your life.