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From the Mountain to the Throne

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

15 min read

After waiting several years for the next installment in the visions of the throne room, many of our people began to sense the nearness of something heavy in the spirit.

Finally, during worship, glimpses of pictures and symbols began flashing in front of me. I sat down to yield to what the Lord was doing. I called one of the men over and explained to him that something was different in the spirit realm and that I was not sure what was about to take place. The flashes grew longer in duration, and I realized that I was moving into the realm of the spirit.

I was traveling once again at tremendous speed. I was moving over a beautiful landscape of forests and fields. Suddenly, I saw Mount Zion, the pyramid-shaped mountain I had seen so often. This was surprising, based on the last trance vision; I expected to be once again at the river leading to the city of light.

One of my associates asked if I wanted to be moved to my office. I could hear everything that was happening in the service, but I could not see anything other than this beautiful place in the spirit. I told him that I did not want to be moved yet; the anointing was so strong, and I was content to stay lost in what I was seeing.

Eventually the brothers did move me to my office but I was too far gone to know they had physically picked me up. I did become aware that I was being stretched out into a chair, but as soon as they helped me settle in, I was back in another realm.

Fire on the Mountain

I was looking at Mount Zion from a distance, and in a split second I had been transported about two-thirds of the way up the mountain. Moving slowly upward on my hands and knees, I noticed many others climbing all around me. I remember the sensation of dirt and loose rocks hitting my face because of the struggle of those climbing ahead of me: not painful but certainly distracting.

I looked over to my right and saw a large fissure or crack in the mountain. I pulled myself closer to see, and as I looked down into the opening, I saw fire. I pulled back a bit, looked up ahead, and realized that the mountain was full of fissures. I could see by the glow that there was fire inside the entire mountain.

I reached out and placed my hand over the crack to see if I could feel the fire, but there was not much heat. I knew by revelation that I had to get that fire inside of me; however, I could not think of how to make the transfer. I considered reaching down to get the fire with my hand.

While I was pondering what to do, I looked just ahead and saw a brother I did not recognize. I then saw the fire move into him as it came boiling up out of the fissure. I was curious to know how this happened, so I called out to him. “Hey, Brother! How did you get the fire inside of you?”

“I just asked for it.” he said.

I remember thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Is that all you did?” I asked him intently.

“Yes, I simply asked for the fire and then I placed my mouth just above the opening and inhaled.”

He went on to explain that the fire had strengthened him for climbing — that it had energized him. I decided to try it for myself.

I prayed, “Lord, please give me Your fire.” I slowly lowered my mouth over the opening. I could see the fire churning deep inside the mountain. I inhaled, and with a swooshing sound, the fire entered my mouth. What a wonderful sensation, warm but not at all uncomfortable! Soon I could feel my stomach being warmed by the fire. It was like electric current moving throughout my body. I had never felt so alive!

Suddenly, I began to hear thundering and voices. I could not make out what they were saying, as hundreds of voices were speaking at the same time. It was coming from higher up the mountain. I knew we would need to climb higher to understand what the voices and thundering were about.

I sensed that there was apprehension among some of those around me. They were hesitant to take in the fire. I encouraged them, explaining that there was nothing to be afraid of; that it was not ordinary fire, but His life. “Don’t be afraid to swallow the fire! It is His life and you will be changed by it forever!”

Some of my companions were now receiving the fire, but others were still hesitant. However, when they saw that those infused with the fire were now climbing higher, everyone started lapping it up in a frenzied rush. It was exciting.

“This is the final portion!” I exclaimed.

The Eagle & The Sword

I noticed many ahead were looking up and pointing toward the sky. I followed their gaze and saw an enormous white eagle soaring above. The eagle had a large sword in its mouth and carried an immense round ball in its talons. Upon closer examination, I recognized the ball to be a globe; I could see the raised continents and the deep blue of the oceans.

This beautiful white eagle circled the top of the mountain and soared in and out of the billowy clouds. I heard a voice saying, “The eagle is coming for you.” I was surprised at this announcement, but remembered a previous vision where I was told that we would be carried to the top of Mount Zion on the wings of a white eagle when we could not go any higher on our own.

Again, I could feel the strength that came to me from the impartation of fire. I cried out, “I feel so strong; the fire is burning in my bones! I feel like I could run to the top.”

The voice said, “Not yet.”

I then cried out, “Where is the eagle taking me?”

“Higher than the top of Mount Zion, this time to the throne,” the answer rang back.

I then asked him if others could go with me; there were so many Brothers and Sisters I loved who had been climbing with me on the mountain. He gently refused my request so I encouraged my companions to keep climbing and said that I would meet up with them soon.

On the Wings of the White Eagle

Instantly I was lying face down across the back of this magnificent eagle and I could feel his strength and his muscles tighten as I was being taken higher. My face was buried in the softness of his snowy feathers, his Heavenly aroma filling my nostrils. I had perfect peace. There was something about his purity that gave me new determination to reach for the highest truth. What a magnificent creature he was.

I lifted my eyes to survey his strong back and noticed small silver lettered words; familiar truths, revelations that had been released among us and some I have never mentioned to a living soul. I saw written, “Final Harvest Cycle,” “What We Know About the Seventh Seal.”

Suddenly, he screamed and his cry pierced my inner being. I wondered if the fury of that sound would kill me; I felt like a dead man. Then the great eagle asked me if I wanted to make a stop. Reassured by the kindness of his voice, I hesitantly joked that I really preferred a direct flight. His whole body shook with a gentle laugh. He replied that he was very sure I would like this place. I quickly surveyed the familiar scene below and noticed a familiar angel walking out to meet us. The eagle gently landed and the angel warmly greeted me, “Welcome to the place where the saints rest.”

“Thank you. We are on our way to the throne room.”

“Yes I know,” he said “but that is much higher. We want you to visit for a while just inside this gate.”

I reluctantly climbed off the back of my new-found friend as the angel led the way to the beautiful gate. He opened one side of the double gate, turned and stood with his back against it as he waited with childlike enthusiasm for me to step inside.

Inside the City of God

I had taken only a few steps inside when I was exuberantly embraced by a Sister named Brenda whom we had only recently buried. She quickly released me and stepped back, allowing me to see what was happening just a few yards away. A large crowd had gathered and was now standing in a semi-circle to greet me. One by one I recognized many of those who had meant so much to me on the other side. I saw a smiling Brother Marrion, one I had loved dearly, taken from us by a tragic accident.

Two ladies were walking toward me hand in hand. I easily recognized my two precious grandmothers, so different in stature and demeanor on the other side but who had equally loved the Lord and served their families. My heart rejoiced because I had missed them so. They greeted me, describing how they had enjoyed watching my children from the other side; I was overcome with emotion as this had often been my wish.

I noticed that everyone was young and beautiful, but not necessarily the same age. I had often wondered about this after hearing that we would all look to be in the prime of life in Heaven. Out of the circle stepped another sister. I had never seen Sister Burgess with any hairstyle other than a simple bun. She had been elderly when she left us, but here she stood, her long thick hair loose on her shoulders. She was absolutely beautiful. Overcome by the scene, I told the white eagle that I was glad we had not taken the direct flight after all.

I saw sister Florence and Brother Bob Ergenzinger, Sister Crawford and Sister Turner, Brother and Sister Barnes, Brother and Sister Leon and Maria Long, Sister Peggy Hollis, Brother John and Sister Irene, Sister Doris Williams, Sister Stuckey and Granny West, Sister Wallace and Brother Stan Esterhuissen, little Sister Emmy, my dear friend from Jerusalem, and Oma Wittmeier. The only sister I saw that day in a hat was precious Sister Jesse Baker from Canada. My grandmothers said they had enjoyed finally meeting one another. It was wonderful to see these saints that I had loved so dearly now joined in wonderful fellowship with each other and with the Lord.

Finally, my Granny said to me, “There is someone else here that we want you to see.” Out of the group stepped Brother Branham. He smiled kindly and began to exhort me concerning my future assignments. The only response I could give to his instruction was, “Yes Sir, Yes Sir, I’ll remember, Yes Sir, I will!” The precious saints must have sensed that our time of reunion was coming to an end because they began to squeeze in closer and give me the warmest hugs I had ever known.

My angel guide informed me that it was time to leave and I expected to exit by the gate through which we had entered. Instead the crowd parted and I saw the most glorious staircase I could ever have imagined.

I started to follow the angel up the staircase, and I had only climbed about six of what looked like hundreds of steps when I heard a familiar laugh. Only one person I had ever known laughed liked that: Sister Ruth Ward Heflin. She called out to me from the crowd.

“Little Brother from Alabama, prepare the way for the Glory and carry the Word from Jerusalem to the Nations!”

I surveyed the rest of the crowd from my vantage point on the stairs and then the angel nudged me on. “He is higher and we still have to climb.” As we continued, I noticed familiar swells of music that I had heard while visiting the plaza of the throne in an earlier visit.

The Throne of God

As we reached the top of the stairs, the scenes were even more beautiful than I had remembered. I saw the balcony on which I had stood; I surveyed the large plaza where amazing worship was continuing. I could see the mountain-like throne in the distance, and suddenly I was terrified. I did not want to walk any longer. All I wanted to do was lie down in the overwhelming presence of the Lord.

I asked about stopping but was not allowed. Suddenly, I was surrounded by a group of angels that had slipped under me and were now carrying me forward, my feet dangling.

There was a great blinding light coming from the area of the throne. I wanted to crawl but the angels kept scooping me up to carry me closer. My legs no longer worked and there was no strength within me. As I moved toward the throne, spiritual languages of love began to pour from my lips.

I was finally on my face before the throne. The heaviness on my head could never be described by mortal words. I could not raise my chin; it was buried in what looked like soft, green glass that formed a ledge in front of me. I knew that I was just a few feet away from the One who had given His life for my ransom.

In desperation I pleaded, “Please, let me go just a little closer.”

Whatever was holding me back released me and I was able to move forward on my hands and knees. When I reached His feet, there was no desire left within me to get a closer look at His face, His holiness and aroma now satisfied every longing that I had ever known. My fear melted and I was undone by His love for me. I stretched my neck, raised my head slightly and kissed His feet, first the right and then the left. It was as though I could taste His love for me on my lips. I knew that I belonged in this place; He had wanted me to come.

I would have liked to look higher, catch a quick glimpse of his face, but I couldn’t. I did not want to disturb a sense of belonging that I had never known. I belonged to Him, He was glad I was there, and this was the oneness I had longed for.

While my face was still buried in his feet, I felt a strong, loving hand reach down and touch the back of my neck. I was immediately reminded of my very first visit from the Lord Jesus at age three.

Barely lifting my head, I saw his ankles, the lower part of his legs, and the drape of his robe. His voice broke the silence as He spoke of His love for me. “There are many secrets that I want to share with you because I know you will be faithful to share them with those to whom I have sent you. Will you come away with Me?”

I remember whispering softly to the Lord, “I want to know You more — I want to understand the mysteries.”

For some time, I had been aware of a multitude of voices that sounded like moving water coursing around the throne. I could hear myriads of words and phrases, all speaking at the same time, but could not distinguish one clear message.

The Seven Unknown Thunders

Suddenly, and with extreme intensity the ground began to shake as thunder and lightning, swirls of color, and flashes of light began to come forth from the throne. I held tightly to his feet until all had begun to subside. Again, there were voices in the thunders, but I could not make out their message. I discerned that I was hearing precious throne room mysteries and truths but felt disappointment in not being able to make out their meanings.

“In time you will hear each voice clearly and individually, all seven thunder voices. You will be one who helps teach these truths to others. You must help to establish people in present truth before they can stand before the throne. It must be taught plainly and simply, without the complications of man’s interpretations. Through the years I sent My messengers to make the Word known, but each time men would add their own ideas and dogmas. Too many followed the leading of their own souls and not My leadership. Soon the truth that had been rediscovered was again veiled and out of reach of the common people. That must not happen now; the Bride is waiting.”

I inquired, “When will these things begin to be revealed in the earth? How will we know?”

“Listen for the voice of My angel, he will announce the time. Remember that the revelation of these seven thunder mysteries will be made known in your generation. My Bride will see them and be changed. Step by step, it will be made known.”

I was immediately caught away without warning from my place of prostration at His feet. I was once again stretched comfortably across the back of the great white eagle. The guiding angel was also along for the ride.

I could see Mount Zion in the distance. I loved the thrill of my flight and was disappointed as we landed on the rocky surface of the mountain. Then I realized where we were, on the top. I scrambled to the ledge to see if I could find my companions, and I could see them in the distance. A sweet relief filled my spirit as I could clearly see they had used their time wisely and had made tremendous strides toward the top. I knew they would soon be joining me.

Sound the Alarm

The angel helped me disembark, and we slowly walked away together. He handed me his shofar. “Blow it,” he said.

I have never been able to blow the shofar. I even related to him the problem I had in school with my bucked teeth which prevented me from learning to play the trumpet.

He laughed gently and said, “Blow it. You have to sound the alarm.”

He almost shoved it in my mouth, my lips striking its hard surface. However, before I could even try to adjust my lips or teeth for blowing, the shofar started to sound of its own accord. It was shrill and penetrating, yet there was no breath coming from me to create the sound.

The vision ended before my companions could meet me or before I was able to rejoin them in their climb.