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Across the Great Divide

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

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In January of 1998, as we were worshipping the Lord, the seventh trance vision came. Our church and ministry had gone through a very difficult time the previous year and we were pressing in to take hold of the promises God had made.

In a vision that came at the end of 1996, we had been forewarned concerning the “waters of separation that would flow among us.” We were still reeling from their effects and grieving the loss of relationships that had ended painfully.

In spite of the sadness, I was filled with a sense of hope and destiny, for many reasons, one of which was the fact that God had brought a beautiful Bride into my life. Together we would face the unfolding plan for our future. It was also a time of fresh visitation in our services.

There was a sense of importance in our being gathered together that night. The Lord had spoken to us about the necessity of creating the right atmosphere with our worship. As we were pouring out our hearts to Him in song, I could both feel and hear the Lord beckoning me. I willingly went with Him into the realm of the spirit and saw before me a beautiful river covered in a rising mist. Even through the mist, I could see the river bottom as it was not very deep.

The River of God

A kind angel stepped up and said, “Only a few have ever been called to this place.”

I asked, “Where is this place?”

His answer seemed a bit strange, “If you always know where each journey will lead, fear will attack your faith. It is the great divide.”

He added, “Soon many will stand where only a few have previously stood. Across the misty river is the throne room of the Most High God.”

He further explained it as the seat of God and the throne from which the bloody Lamb stepped forth. He also said, “All who stand before this throne can say that they have seen the fullness of God.” His words seemed grand and a bit strange to me, but I was filled with a longing to stand before the throne of God that I had never known before.

The mist was thickening and rising higher as we stood on the bank, as though protecting what was on the other shore. The angel said to me, “Do not fear, storms often arise in the middle of the river, in the place where the waters run cold. Many have been called this far, to cross this river, but have turned back when they faced the blackness of the storms. Remember; many are called, but only a few are chosen.”

I began pleading my case before this angel. In this holy atmosphere I quickly realized that I was still carrying hurt and unhealed wounds from what we had gone through in the ministry. I explained my weariness and loss and expressed the fear that had made it difficult for me to go forward. “You must run on anyway!” he boldly said.

I asked about some of my companions who had become wounded in the fight and a few that appeared to be utterly defeated. He said that not one would be lost from God’s hand, and for anyone who laid down their sword there would be three or more raised up to take their place.

He also said that a clear revelation of God’s Glory would be imparted and a perfect understanding of His person and character as well as revelatory truths would flow from His throne. The Bride was being summoned to the throne room of the Lamb.

He was now standing on the other side of the river beckoning me to follow. He explained that we were being summoned to the throne room on top of the mountain of God across the wide river. I remember thinking it sounded strange … a river on top of a mountain … but understood that this language was not to be contemplated with an earthly perspective but with spiritual insight.

Zion, the highest spiritual place, represents the throne of God, the abode of the fullness of His presence. Before this throne we experience more of the measure of this presence than angels have previously brought to us, and this full manifested Glory requires a protocol of reverence and deep respect.

The angel said that in order for us to move to the throne there would be other spiritual dimensions through which we must make our way.

“This initial throne room visitation will unfold to you in three parts. You will not be allowed to go the entire way this first time as there is spiritual conditioning necessary to become acclimated to walking in these higher realms of Glory. You must first experience the full release of your earthly body.” “On your next visit you will be guided across the great divide to the far shore of the river. From there you will catch your first glimpse of the throne of the Lamb. You will be permitted to come close enough to the throne to worship.”

He further explained that after the third visit I would be sent back with a word of instruction that would be significant in bringing our entire fellowship into the throne room.

I was overwhelmed with the desire to go immediately to the throne. I wanted to experience the fullness of His person right then and there. My gentle angel guide reminded me that the holiness of God is revealed most often in threes and that I should remain patient.

The angel reminded me that I was living in a chosen generation that had previously received a significant word through a prophet. He said that the full significance of what had been delivered in this past generation would be further understood by a bridal throne-room company now being prepared.

The angel told me to tell the people to prepare their hearts to stand in the throne room. A new and more glorious strength, the strength and might of the Lord, would be released to them. This would cause a transition from knowing God to having the character of God, being like Him. Every answer to every question lies in this place before the throne.

As we learn the Bride’s access to the throne room in the End-time, we will be able to move in and out of this realm spiritually whenever a need arises. She will then go forth with the covering of the seven-fold Spirit of God.

As I narrated aloud to those in the room with me while my spirit was in trance, a prophecy began to flow out of my mouth:

“For even as Esther was summoned before the throne in pleasurable robes to please the king, I will also extend My scepter of favor upon those who are being called forward and upward in this hour. She must come fully clothed in robes of praise and worship, for this is the atmosphere of My throne room. When I have given her My scepter of favor, My Kingdom will be at her command even as it has been at My command. She will exit from Me with throne room favor. When she steps forth from this place, she will lead and not cower. She will speak and the host of Heaven will hasten to carry out her request. She will become one with Me and will instinctively know My will and desire for all things, and she will only speak in agreement with that. She will walk with courage and strength in the revelation of her identity and never again question her position in Me.”

The prophecy continued for some time with very encouraging words for our ministry and the destiny of the land that God had given to us. When the prophecy eventually ended and the trance vision had broken, I was back in the room where I had been taken by the ones who were watching and waiting with me.