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Visions of World Events

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

January 21, 2007 · 8 min read

There was such an awesome anointing last night to see into the heavenly places. And I had an experience with the Lord even after the meeting was over. I went into my office. I don’t even know how I got there. I do not remember going in. I do not remember sitting down. I don’t remember being in the chair. But when I came to myself, the church was dark. Everyone had left the building except Bro. Kary. There was no one here. All of you had gone. And I am sitting there for a moment thinking to myself, “Have we had church yet? What has happened? Have we had church yet?”

And I looked down and my tie was untied. And I said, “We’ve already had church.”

For a few minutes I had absolutely no recollection that we had even been in the service. And I saw my tie undone like that. And I started trying to move around, feeling very strange in my head and sluggish. Started moving around, and Brother Kary heard me and came in.

And I think when I first got up I walked to the door to see what was going on. And it was pitch black dark in here. And so I don’t know how long this thing happened. But I saw several things in the Spirit. I’m not going to share them all this morning for but I will share one thing with you.

I was carried several places in the Spirit, even as I was in the service last night and described some of the things that were going on. Some of you will be able to read those things at a later time if you weren’t in the meeting. But one of the things that happened is somehow I was set down in a very, very dusty, somewhat… I could see some flat land. I was in some land that was looking kind of flat.

But on the other side, a stretch across this flat land, I saw some pretty big hills. I’m not sure they would really be called mountains, but they were certainly hills. And it was dusty where I was walking. I was just kind of, sat down. I was walking through this kind of dusty place.

I saw these hills in front of me and kind of around me. I don’t know what was behind me. And all of a sudden I heard a loud noise, a rumbling. And the ground was sort of shaking beneath my feet. I could feel the vibration of something.

And all of a sudden this sound just kind of overwhelmed me where I was. And I looked. And I was standing right in the middle of a whole legion (if that’s a word you can use) of tanks, military tanks.

And they were coming all around me. And I just said out loud over this noise. I just screamed out, “Where are you going? Where are you going?” I just screamed out to these tanks. “Where are you going?”

And I never saw who spoke back to me. I don’t know if it was somebody in the tanks or what. But a voice spoke back and said, “We’re going to secure the border. We’re going to secure the border.”

And I remember in, for just a split moment in this experience, being full of a lot of fear, feeling very fearful of what was going on.

And then I heard a voice say, “They have built up against the border. They have built up against the border. We’re going to secure the border.”

I do not believe that that was in the United States. I pray and hope not. But I saw that, and then I was just snatched away just quickly. There were many other things. I was just snatched away.

And I don’t know what’s happening because, you know there’s things happening in a lot of places, Afghanistan, Pakistan. There’s a lot of things going on, even in Sudan. Of course Iran and Iraq and Syria. And there’s so many hot spots. And Israel and Lebanon. And then the Egyptian border and the Jordan border. And there’s just a lot of things.

Really, I don’t know where I was. So I can’t tell you. But wherever I was, I believe the Lord was saying that there’s a great buildup of troops, there’s a great buildup of something on the other side of the border. And that God’s not going to let it be a shock. He’s not going to let it catch anybody by surprise because, believe me, it appeared to me that these tanks that were headed out in the direction for those, to go up over those hills. I’ve never even wondered until it was later that I was remembering this.

I thought. Then I thought, “How are those tanks going to get up those hills?” But when I was standing there in the middle of them, I don’t think I had any doubt that they were going to be able to go where they needed to go. And they were going to secure the border.

I am so glad that above it all, above all the leaders of the world, above all the political aspirations of the world, above all the radical terrorists and hidden cells and plots and plans, I am so glad to report to you this afternoon that our Lord God Elohim, He sits above every bit of it. And nothing catches Him by surprise. He’s aware and He knows. Oh hallelujah. He knows.

And God just took me from place to place. I was looking down over the Capitol Building and I saw another casket in the Rotunda. I saw the round Rotunda of the Capitol. I saw another casket. So I believe it’s soon that our nation is going to mourn. I don’t know if it is a former President (we’ve just been through that) or a Supreme Court Justice or something. I’m not sure. But it would have to be somebody with authority.

But I saw the casket. I saw it draped with the American flag. I looked around and saw the columns. I knew I was in the Rotunda.

Then I saw. I’m not telling you right now how I saw it, Ok? There were pictures that went with it. I’m just telling you the, basically the meaning. But I saw that there was an attack coming in the world this year of terrorism through food. It was not going to be in America. It was going to be somewhere else. (I’m not going to go into the detail of how I knew that.)

It was not going to be on as wide of a scale as it could be because something is going to happen that will take it down to a smaller scale. But it’s literally going to be the distribution of poisoned food.

Now we’re not talking about just e-coli. We’re not talking about what we’ve had in America with the green onions and the spinach. That was just, it happened in the fields.

We’re talking about… I saw that it was a deliberate… I even saw what they looked like, the ones who were responsible. (We’ll go into that another time.) But it was a very deliberate attack on food. And then the food was distributed. And I saw death. So it’s not just sickness. I saw deaths involved. It was just, I was just picked up and carried here, and picked up and carried there, and picked up and carried somewhere else.

And then I saw something in London. I saw people on the sidewalk. I saw people being dragged out of a vehicle. So there’s something else in London. And because we have friends in London and the UK, we want to pray and believe God and ask the Lord to have mercy.

And I saw something in the Netherlands. I don’t feel like going into all that right now.

But this was an unusual thing. I was put down on a mountain, and the earth beneath my feet was shaking. I saw the rocks rolling down the mountain like an avalanche. I saw the whole mountain shaking. And then I was moved from that place into a scientific laboratory, or more like a weather center or type of atmosphere. And there were men talking. They were having a very scientific discussion.

I wrote down a few of the words that they were saying. (We won’t go into that now either.)

But they were having a very scientific discussion that I couldn’t follow. They were monitoring the seismic activity that was going on in the earth. And I heard them calling out these numbers. This is amazing. “7.0″ And then one called out “7.4.” And then one called out, “8.9″ And then the next one said, “9.1″ Can you imagine? It just would be a… It would be according to where that would happen, what kind of damage would be done. Very, very serious. And there were some other things, both on the world scene.

There were some other spiritual things. I don’t feel like going into them right now. But let’s add our intercession to those.