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The Spirit of Saura

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

June 25, 2007 · 5 min read

On the evening of June 25, 2007, while driving home from working out, a bright light entered the left side of the cab of my truck with a whooshing sound. It hung suspended between the windshield and the seat.

It looked like the pillar of fire that we saw in our services in the early nineties, amber in color and about twenty-four inches long. It hung in mid-air, approximately eighteen inches away from the windshield, near my right cheek. I was blinded by the brightness and shook violently from the manifested presence of this visitation.

I immediately pulled the truck onto the right shoulder of the road far enough to be safe from passing cars, but in the twenty minutes I was there, not one car went by in either direction.

Suddenly next to me in the passenger seat appeared an angel. His garment was covered with small licks of flame, giving it the appearance of a robe of fire. I had never seen this angel before.

He turned and looked at me and smiled a knowing and compassionate smile. He said, “Your prayers have been heard, and I am sent to tell you that a strong angel is on the way to deal with principalities that have taken up position over some of your people to hold them back, to keep them from the fullness of their ministries”.

He then said that many strongholds would also be broken and that a new liberty would be added to those who are set free by the Sword of the Lord. He then spoke briefly about several in our local congregation and their coming deliverance.

He added, “When the strong angel comes he will deal with many other strongholds and principalities over the state of Alabama. There will be noticeable shifts and new levels of authority released upon those who have been appointed. He will place a mark upon those who are sighing and crying. As soon as he spoke those words, something moved across the hood of the truck. I did not want to take my eyes away from the angel, but he gave me a nod to the side indicating that I should look, and when I did, one of the largest lizards I have ever seen was staring right through the windshield at us. It was not in the natural because a lizard this size would not be indigenous to the United States.

Its body covered most of the hood of the truck and its tongue was darting in and out. Behind its head was a hood of flesh and it was covered with sharp, spiny skin. It was clearly angry.

The angel looked directly at me and said, “Speak to it.” I answered that I did not know what to speak. He said that I should take authority over the spirit of “Saura”. I cannot remember ever having seen or heard this word before. I rebuked the spirit with authority and it flinched, then was transformed for a few seconds into a large, dark, evil looking snake. Suddenly there was a flash of light and fire and it seemed to explode into nothing. The angel only commented by saying, “Good”.

The angel then said, “Tell [your friends] that the level of revelation and mysteries made known will so increase in their lives and ministries that it will cause great numbers of people to come forward in hunger. Many will come to them with financial support to raise up a training and equipping center that will withstand all the storms.” He then said, “Because they have been faithful to respond to the ‘calls to come’ there will come a shift, and others will be called to come to where they are. Soon a piece of property will be pinpointed, the vision will be announced, and a way will be made”.

I thought of several questions I wanted to ask, but he discerned my thoughts and said, “When this strong angel comes, all the answers will come much quicker than they do now”. He then faded from my sight and the pillar of fire that had hung there the entire time moved out the right side of the truck with that same whooshing sound.

After sitting quietly for a while to settle my jarred nerves, I pulled back onto the road and drove home. When I got there Stacey was not home so I gave her a call. I told her I had lots of things to think over and process… I told her that I had been sitting on the side of the road. She said that she had been also.

She told me she had stopped at the drug store and when she left, she forgot her purse. When she was almost home something just spoke in her spirit that she did not have her purse with her, so she pulled off the road and checked. It was not there. Moriah woke up out of a sound sleep and started screaming. Nothing would console her. She screamed all the way back to the drug store. Stacey left the children in the van with a young sister while she went in to get her purse. Moriah continued to scream the whole time she was inside. Stacey thought the whole thing was very strange. We wondered later if the enemy was trying to move against our family because of the visitation I was having at the very same time twenty miles away.