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The Apostles are Coming

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

May 12, 2007 · 3 min read

“There’s a shifting of God’s government from the Throne to the earth - an apostolic form of God’s government to operate the Kingdom.”

Well, that night I had an experience and in that experience I was standing in a grove of these trees. They were lined up in perfect order and every one of these trees had numerous kinds of luscious fruit.

And in my experience I kept telling those that were gathered around, “These are [my friend’s] trees. These are the trees that [my friend] saw and she was right; these are the most amazing trees I’ve ever seen.” And I looked at this fruit and I kept referring back in this experience to the trees that [my friend] saw.

What I noticed about the trees was that they had perfect little drops of mois-ture on them like somebody had painted little drops of water. And there was something about those drops of water glistening in the light that made me want to eat it all.

It was odd. All of the sudden we were looking at this fruit… Now this re-minds me of the experience I had as a very young boy. Some of you remember me telling you when I went to heaven the very first time in the Spirit I saw the trees. I saw twelve manner of fruit on the tree, just like it reads in Revelation 22:1-12. It says there was a tree of Life which bear twelve manner of fruits and yielded her fruits every month. And the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.

“I noticed that the fruit was all ripe at the same time.”

I saw those trees as a young boy. Now I’m standing in a grove of what looks like the same kind of trees, this luscious fruit. And when I had this experience as a young boy and I came back to tell it, the thing that I noticed was that the fruit was all ripe at the same time.

Isn’t that amazing? There were not stages of ripeness. And you know the Bible said concerning the fruit on the tree of Life, that monthly it yields. What kind of fruit is that? What kind of growing season is that? What kind of level of maturity is that that every month you could go and harvest twelve kinds of fruits? That’s God’s kind. That’s God’s harvest cycle.

So I’m standing there. We’re looking at this fruit. And all of the sudden we hear a horse clopping – “clappitty, clappity…” And I turned and sitting on that horse is someone who I believe is Paul Revere; at least he was dressed in colonial-looking minute-men type of clothes, had the little hat, triangle-looking hat, on his head.

And he’d come screeching to where we were, declaring, “The Apostles are coming. The Apostles are coming. The Apostles are coming.”

I believe that. I believe that with all my heart. I believe that ties in with that shift of government that God spoke to us about last year that was going to shift from the Throne to the earth, an apostolic form of God’s government to operate the Kingdom.