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Divine Harmony

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

January 19, 2010 · 7 min read

I had this whole experience that I have not placed yet fully but I was taken into this heavenly realm. And I saw, I heard sounds in heaven that I’ve never heard before in my life.

They were music, but they were not music. I am one-hundred percent convinced that no instrument yet made by man could produce those tones. And when I realized what was happening, they were coming out of humans who were standing with me before this throne-like place.

And what I noticed was. I mentioned this briefly in one Sunday morning service. (This happened to me back actually the first week of November 2009). What I actually saw was that each sound that was coming out of these that were standing around me, was similar but distinct. And every time this sound . . . Do you remember there used to be a little child’s toy that you’d press the button . . . It had little things standing on this little piano-like toy. (Somebody’s got to remember this.) And you pressed the button and the little round head of this little thing opened up and let out a sound.

Anybody remember that? Who remembers it. I don’t know what it was called. They may still have it. But it was lined up, little choir members like. Little singers lined up on here. And each time you’d press button, their mouth would open up and let that tone out. “Haaaa,” or whatever it was. And you’d take your finger off, and it would close. Children loved it.

“This was wonderful. Because it was like God releasing the sounds of heaven in us.”

When I saw that, it was almost like that, because we had become almost like little robot little things. Because without knowing what was going to happen, our mouth would open up and this sound would come out of our belly.

I shared this with a few other people, and I shared it one service here. And we had numerous people on the stream that said it was so similar to something they had experienced.

But as one person, that tone, that sound would come out of one person, I saw angels rise, as though that tone was calling their name, or calling their company, or calling their job. You know what I mean.

They would rise up. And then another person in this little group that was standing there, that mouth would close, and another person would let out a tone, and an entirely different company of angels would rise up.

And I wasn’t even seeing them until they rose up. But they were there all the time. I just wasn’t seeing them.

And the next person would…

And I thought, “This is wonderful.” Because it was like God releasing the sounds of heaven in us. And those sounds were calling the angels to attention for their task, bringing them to notice that they needed to do their task or something like this. Not commanding them but calling them forth with the sound of heaven that was just unbelievable.

But what struck me the most was eventually there were four of us standing there . . . There was a bigger crowd before that. But eventually there were four of us standing there. Two ladies and two men. I was one of the men.

And the sound started with the ladies. One of the women opened their mouths and that sound came out. And a host of angels rose up. The next woman, and a host of angels. The man (I think maybe I was even next) and a host of angels rose up. And then this other man who was standing there, another host of angels . . . But as soon as those sounds would come out of us they didn’t stop this time, they layered.

In other words, it was open, sound, and then close your mouth. But this time the woman opened up then the second woman, then myself, then the other man. And it was harmony.

As soon as that fourth tone came, it was like a roar. It was the combination of those four sounds that released like a roar. And I want to tell you that I don’t even want to describe to you what came up, what rose up.

Along each time the individual sound would come out, a different host of angels would rise but when those four sounds made that harmony, there was something, there was a group of beings that rose up. And I’ve never seen anything like them in my life.

And when I described it that afternoon, after I had it that night before, I said, “They were more than angels.” I don’t know what they were. They were more than angels. They were heavenly creatures of some kind. I’ve never seen anything like it.

They were not hideous, of course. They were not beautiful, though. Your first look would not . . . The first impression would not be beauty. It was terror, but not fear. Did you know there’s a difference?

Biblically the word “terror” is used sometimes. The terror of the Lord. That’s not the fear of the Lord. It’s that which can be displayed, that can cause a fearful reaction.

The awesomeness of them. The power that they displayed. I don’t have the language.

Their faces were not beautiful. They weren’t ugly. But you didn’t think, “Oh how beautiful they are.” Terrible was the word that came; not terror, terrible.

I said, “Oh, they’re terrible.” Which is a King James word, which doesn’t mean awful. “You understand?”

They were so forceful and so ready to do God’s work, and just waiting. As I turned like this, away from them, because it just roared, just raised up with a roaring sound. And I just turned away like that. And when I turned away, I was filled with the awareness that when they are released…

When they are released on the earth, talk about getting the job done. They are going to get the job done.

And somebody said, “Oh, I don’t believe angels are going to bring the harvest. I don’t believe angels are going to get the job…”

It wasn’t. That was not the lesson. The lesson was, divine cooperation between the angels and people. And each person releasing the sound that God had given them, and how these sounds layer and harmony is formed.

Remember, I said a moment ago, harmony is the blending together of sounds that complement each other. And I believe God wants us to live harmoniously with one another.

But I believe there’s a harmony that’s coming to the Body of Christ, that’s going to release a company of something’s. Whatever they are. I tell you, I know one thing: I want to be on their side. I don’t want to be against them. And I don’t want to be the object of their terribleness. Because whatever they are, they are going to make a way where there is no way. They are going to get the job done.

And I knew in my heart that nothing would be able to oppose them. Nothing would be able to stop them. When heaven releases those heavenly creatures to the earth, that whatever they are sent forth to do, will be accomplished. And no one will stand in their way. Nothing or no one will stand in their way. I know that the highest powers on this earth, and even in the second heaven, will have to bow before them. Kings or witch, demonic and overlords, whatever. Do you get my point? To sum up all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kind-hearted and humble in spirit.