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A Visitation of the White Eagle

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

July 15, 2007 · 4 min read

I’ve had a marvelous visitation in the night last night. Hallelujah. I know the Lord has something for us.

This visitation that I had in the night last night was just that physical and real. And it left a warfare in our home the rest of the night. And it’s ok, because God’s the victory.

Sounded like something landed on the roof this morning, early. It sounded like something landed on the roof. Woke me up. Kaboom.

I hadn’t been asleep long. In fact, I had fallen asleep on my back, which I rarely can do. I don’t think I’d been asleep more than forty minutes and I heard this land on the roof. Ka-thump. And I listened to hear if a squirrel fell out of the tree, or what it is, to see if I could hear anything scratching and moving. I mean a couple of years ago we hear a noise at night, I go out and some mother raccoon and her babies climbing down out of the fig tree.

But this was different. It just k-fumped and woke me up. I’m lying on my back. And I look down on my chest and there are two red lights on my chest.

And I want you to know that my heart stopped pumping blood for a few seconds, at least. Because the only thing I can think of that it reminded me of is what you’ve seen in the movies. The laser of a gun. But there were two of them. And for a split second, that’s all I could think of, someone has got their sights on me. I started to scream for my wife. But then I thought I had to bear this alone, whatever it was.

It’s amazing how our human reaction often kicks in first before our spiritual senses. My first reaction was a human reaction. It was one of great fear. But in a few seconds my spiritual senses kicked in, and I knew it was the holy Presence of the Lord.

But why two red lights? I could even hear it in my spirit. “You’re the target. This is not a mistake.”

But I’m looking. Just like this. I’m laying down flat, and I’m looking right to where these two lights are. And after a little while it dawns on me, I should look up. You know. You’re slow to react. And see what these two lights are coming from.

And hovering over our bed, right above me, was an enormous white eagle. He was so dashingly white, brilliant white. And those two red lights were like beams coming right out of his eyes.

I had the feeling that if I spoke to him, he would speak to me, as an eagle, a bird. If I speak to him, he would speak to me. But I couldn’t think of anything to say. And to tell you how real it was, I then was aware of the fact that my hair, which is pretty short, was blowing. Because he was just moving like this. Not fast, just like this. But it was creating enough wind that it was blowing.

I looked around the room. I’m almost looking up under his belly. And I looked around the room and I saw that other things were moving. There was a paper laying, my laptop was on the dresser. And there was a paper stuck underneath the laptop, hanging out over the edge of the bed. And it was moving with the wind that this eagle created. And he was gone.

He didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything. And I don’t even know what to say about it except to tell you that those who have followed the ministry here for years know that God’s given us precious promises concerning the coming of a white eagle, what He would represent.

In a trance vision years ago, I saw a brown eagle leading a white dove. Then there came a white dove leading (I just read it this morning) a white eagle. I find that so amazing because in that vision God gave us the definition of the white dove as a true genuine baptism of the Holy Spirit that would follow the prophet’s ministry. It would take a prophetic gift to introduce people to a faith that would bring them to the genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost. And when the genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost, represented by a white dove, when it came to the Body, the Bride, it would prepare the people’s hearts for a white eagle. Which would be a pure Word to transform us into the image of the sons of God.

So I won’t give any other interpretations now except to say that I believe that we’re entering into that spiritual season.