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December 28, 2001

New Hope Revival Ministries

New Hope Revival Ministries


December 28, 2001 · 7 min read

We feel this week to use the directives, as a time to focus on the needs represented in our meetings. We have five more opportunities to come together as a Body in these meetings. We want God to have His way with us.

Last week we opened our prayer time by repenting to the Lord. We must continue to humble ourselves before the Lord, until repentance is our heart’s cry.

Our Church Body:

We must pray individually and corporately for the Lord to forgive us, for the times we have resisted His Spirit. We must ask Him to forgive us for allowing our necks to stiffen at the preaching of the Word. We must lay ourselves before the Lord tonight, in prayer, and ask Him to circumcise our ears and our hearts. We must pray that our ears will be unstopped to hear the Word of God. Pray that each person, including yourself, will allow that growth of skin that has covered your ears, to be removed. Ask the Lord not to stop at your ears, but to continue until your heart also is free. Free to melt in His presence, as your ears once again hear His Voice.

We must pray for all to walk in the promise for this year – to divide the land and possess it. Bro Shelley told us on Tuesday night, that there is still time. He said that there was Someone just waiting in the wings to give you deliverance. Many of us have allowed the spirits of the land to influence us, as we shared last week.

We have allowed the spirit of intimidation to keep us from walking in the promises of our God. We have allowed the spirit of rebellion to rise up in us and refuse to listen to our Pastor as he sounds the alarm. Pray against the spirit of pride that keeps people from crying out to God, when deliverance is flowing.

  • Bind the spirit of pride and loose the spirit of humility.
  • Bind the spirit of witchcraft and loose the spirit of obedience.
  • Bind the spirit of stubbornness and loose the spirit of submissiveness.
  • Bind the spirit of defiance and loose the spirit of yielding.
  • Bind the spirit of fear and loose the Fear of God to be upon His people.
  • Pray for the gift of discerning of spirits.
  • Pray that every person will see his or her own need.
  • Pray for the Spirit of Conviction to fall in our church.

Brother Shelley & Family:

These meetings take a toll on the man of God and his family. We must be vigilant in our prayer to cover them at this time. To see him limping on the first night of the meetings should cause a war cry in the spirit. We must stand against the onslaught of the enemy and refuse to see him hobble around. Bind the generational curse of arthritis and loose the healing virtue of Jesus Christ to make him whole. Bind the spirits of gout, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and command the Lord’s Hand to destroy the enemy and complete the healing process.

As the Word of the Lord came to our Pastor last night and declared the famine over, we should rejoice. Famine brings pestilence. These things that have attacked his body are types of pestilence. We must declare the blessings of God to begin to flow in his life. Pray for Bro Shelley, Sis Stacey, Benjamin and Joshua to have sufficient rest during the meetings. Pray that God will be a wall of fire round about them. Pray that no sickness will rob them of their strength or rest. Pray that Bro Shelley will have his strength renewed each night as he rests from his labors.

Pray for Sis Stacey as she tends to her little ones. The care of little ones during the service can drain a mother, especially when she wants to enter in. Pray that the children will be settled and content in the services. Pray that Sis Stacey will be able to enter in.

Pray for Our Services:

This is definitely not a time to allow the enemy to cause us to be weary or focus on our flesh. Pray against the spirit of weariness. Do not allow your flesh to dictate your participation in the services. Remember, when you press your way in to His presence, He renews your strength. Pray for each person to be refreshed and ready for each service. Pray that the anticipation of being in God’s presence and seeing His hand move will be greater than any cry of our flesh to be slack in our attendance.

Pray for Bro Jonathan as he leads us in Praise and Worship. Pray for his strength during these meetings. Pray that his voice will remain strong. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will lead him each night.

Pray for Bro Greeley as he leads the services. Pray for this strength. Pray for the musicians. Pray for their strength as they faithfully play the instruments. Pray for that prophetic anointing to be upon them as they skillfully play before the Lord.

Pray for the telephone hook-ups. Pray that the connections will be strong and clear, especially over the Atlantic Ocean. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will visit each home that connects. Pray that God will minister to their needs. Pray that there will be no problem with the translation and the people’s understanding in Romania.

Pray for Our Young People:

We want to see our young people stirred and on fire for God. We must pray for them to quit resisting the Holy Ghost, as He is wooing them. Pray especially for young married couples. Each one faces a different battle, but they are under attack. Pray that circumstances will change that are hindering them from coming to these meetings. Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to have His way in their lives.

The Spirit of the Lord inspired our Pastor that we should pray that people who have been followers, will make a real commitment to the Lord. Instead of following the crowd, pray they will stand up and be a leader, daring to do the right thing.

We as a Body have believed for [Redacted] deliverance this year. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will draw him to these services. Bind every hindrance and obstacle that the enemy would use to keep him from a Divine appointment.

Pray for a Release of Finances:

With the Word of the Lord declaring the famine over for our Pastor and the anointing of Joseph on the brothers of this church, we can declare the release of finances. Declare the release of that which God has stored up for the Bride’s Revival to begin to flow in abundance.

Pray for America:

Let us continue to lift up our troops as they defend this Nation against terrorism.

  • Pray for their protection as they continue to search for Osama bin Laden.
  • Pray for the exposing of the land mines. Pray for every attack to be exposed. They are on high alert right now.
  • Pray for the continued interception of the enemy’s communication. Pray that the interpretation will be accurate.
  • Pray for Pres Bush. Pray for his protection. Pray for him to be kept from deception and compromise as he leads this Nation.

Pray for Israel:

The Bride of Christ has been called to stand in the gap for this nation. Let us be faithful to our commission.

  • Pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem.
  • Pray for Prime Minister Sharon and his administration.
  • Pray for the exposing of every plot of the enemy, especially suicide bombers.
  • Pray for God’s Hand of protection to be upon this nation.
  • Pray for the fear of the Lord to be upon other nations as they look toward Israel.

Needs Within the Body:

  • Pray for Sister Ligia & Family. Brother Billy contacted the chief representative of the visa department. It looks very favorable. Ask the Lord to have the Embassy in Bucharest call Sister Ligia. Declare the open door to come to America in the Name of Jesus.
  • Pray for the McCarthy’s. Their plans have changed once again. It may be February before they come. Pray for the Lord’s perfect will to be done in their lives.

Bind Sickness:

God’s desire is for His people to walk in health. Pray against every spirit that tries to work throughout His Body. Bind those sicknesses that try to establish themselves in the winter, and cause us to fear fellowship. They cannot get a foothold in our lives, if we will not allow them to. Bind the spirits of darkness, such as colds, flu, stomach viruses. Declare divine health over this Body.

  • Pray that we will focus our attention on God and His Word. Pray that we will not be shaken nor swayed.

God bless you all!