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December 7, 2001

New Hope Revival Ministries

New Hope Revival Ministries


December 7, 2001 · 12 min read

With the increase of spiritual warfare and pressure, we in our human weakness would like to slack off. But to slack off now would allow the enemy to regroup and strengthen.

Remember, he is a liar, and a master of deceit. His tactics, when facing sure defeat, will be to roar louder, and cause our hearts to fear what we may face if we continue to run toward his roar. Remember that there is only one we should fear, and that is Jehovah and He alone.

We are a people who have been trained in spiritual warfare. Satan’s tactics are not new. He has one bag of tricks and he uses them over and over again on us. There is no excuse for our ignorance in this battle. Fear is produced, when we yield to any spirit, but the Spirit of the Living God. Fear of confronting these spirits in our lives becasue we’re afraid of what will happen, will keep them hidden. The Bible says, “To fear God and keep His commandments.”

Several times in the book of Deuteronomy the scripture says, “Ye shall hear and fear.” This was speaking of the Lord’s voice through His servants, the priests. The spirit of witchcraft is deceptive. It is working in our midst to cause the voice of the servant of the Lord to be of no effect in our lives. We must hear and fear the Voice that God is speaking through, and not the voice of the imposter.

The voice of the imposter will tell you that you don’t have to submit to the leadership of this church. He will tell you that some areas of our lives are off limits. But what does God’s Word say? “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account…”

While searching the news of Afghanistan today, we noticed that the Allied forces were severing the water sources of the al-Qaeda and Taliban soldiers, in an attempt to bring them out of hiding. It brought to our mind a sermon Bro Shelley preached on August 19, of this year. The scripture was taken from II Kings 3, “Ye shall smite every fenced city, and every choice city, and shall fell every good tree, and stop all wells of water, and mark every good piece of land with stones.”

During this sermon the Lord issued a mandate to us. He instructed us to dig ditches once again. This time He would fill them with the “outpouring of the Joshua Anointing.” A prophetic word was given to us during this sermon.

The Lord said, “I’m giving you the water. Not only am I giving you the water, I’m bringing the enemy to you. You don’t have to go looking for him. I’m bringing him right down to you in the valley. When he gets there, you rise up and smite him in My Name. And then you go forth out of this place and smite every fenced city, break down every bondage, and every barrier, and do it in My Name.”

The fenced cities represent barriers, limits and bondages in our lives. The choice cities represent those select principalities and powers, generational curses and spiritual wickedness in high places. Felling every good tree represents cutting off the fruitfulness of the enemy, laying the axe to the root of the tree, so that it can no longer prosper in your life.

Then the Lord said, “I want you to stop all wells of water. I want you to cut off the source, the source of supply and power that the enemy has had over you. Cut off the life support and fill up all the land with rocks. Tear down every rock wall and gather rocks, if you have to. But I want you to scatter them all over the land. Just fill the land full of rocks. Cast the stones down. You’re creating obstacles.

You’re choking the devil by taking his water, his food, and you’re not giving him any more fruit. You’re not letting him be fruitful in the land. You’re tearing down the fences. You’re attacking the choice cities. You’re filling up the farmland with stones and rocks, and creating as many obstacles as you can for the enemy.”

We believe that these prayer directives are exposing the fenced and choice cities. They are exposing the roots of the trees, that the enemy has taken nourishment from in our lives. It’s mapping out the water supplies, so that we can cut him off. The eight hours of intensive warfare is no doubt filling the land with obstacles, just as our troops in Afghanistan have marred the land there and rendered it unusable!

Tonight, as we enter into this Watch, ask the Spirit of the Living God to anoint your eyes to see and your ears to hear the battle that is taking place in the spirit realm. Let these prayer directives give you insight into the battle, as we march as a unified Body to possess the land that the Lord our God has given us.

Bind the Spirits of Witchcraft, Legalism, Pride, & Fear:

We must not let up in our assault of these strongholds. Ask the Spirit of the Living God to strengthen your resolve, as we stand against these forces of evil. Ask the Lord to keep you focused on Him, as you obey His Voice in tearing down the enemy’s towers.

  • Bind the spirit of witchcraft and loose the spirit of obedience.
  • Bind the spirit of legalism and loose the spirit of liberty.
  • Bind the spirit of pride and loose the spirit of humility.
  • Bind the spirit of fear and loose the spirit of perfect love.

Look at the contrasts of good and evil. They are in direct conflict. We must not allow the forces of darkness to prevail in our midst. We must cut them off with the power given to us in the Name of Jesus.

Our Church Body:

We must continue to strive for that which God has placed before us.

  1. Pray for each person to have the revelation of the Word of God that has been delivered in this day.
  2. Pray for each person to have an understanding of the times.
  3. Pray for each person to have the right spirit, not allowing the influences of the world to taint them, or to have a wrong spirit toward their brother or sister.

Pray for the voice of deliverance to be restored in our church again.

Pray for Our Services:

On Sunday night the Lord reminded us that we are to focus on Him while we are praising. We have allowed our dancing to become a routine. We have become satisfied with an Outer Court experience. We must remember that praise is an ascent. It’s a moving from the Outer Court to the Inner Court, into worship and through the veil to the Holy of Holies.

Praise begins in the mind. It’s setting your mind on the things of God and how worthy He is. Meditate upon His promises and His goodness, so we can come to church on Sunday morning, ready to ascend the mountain of praise as Bro Jonathan leads us. No matter what the circumstances in your life are, GOD IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!

Pray for each person to come to church with their hearts prepared to worship their Creator. Pray for each person to bring that sacrifice of praise that is needed to create the right atmosphere. Pray that each person will come prepared to press his or her way in past every obstacle that satan would use to hinder.

Pray for Bro Jonathan as he leads us in praise and worship. Pray that he will have the liberty to lead out wherever the Spirit of the Living God leads. His job is much easier when people are willing to follow the leading of the Spirit. Pray for Bro Greeley, as he leads the services. His faithfulness to this ministry is a source of encouragement. Let us lift he and his family up as they stand in support of this ministry.

Pray for Bro Shelley as he brings the Word of God to us. Pray that he will not regard or fear man as he obeys the Lord.

Brother Shelley & Family:

We rejoiced to hear Bro Shelley report on Tuesday night that his foot is doing better. We must not let up. On Sunday morning Bro Shelley told us that the battle is intensifying, and that we need to lift one another up as never before. Remember that he stands on the front line and is the target of the enemy’s attacks. Many of the enemy’s strategies are directed at those he loves. Pray for Sis Stacey, Benjamin, Joshua and Sis Shelley. Pray for their protection.

Continue to bind a generational curse of arthritis. Bind the spirit of diabetes, gout, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Continue to command the Lord’s hand to rebuke the devourer and restore his health. Pray for the peace of God to be in their home. Pray that they will enjoy the blessings of God.

Pray for Our Young People:

Their special meeting will be over by the time this Watch begins, but we can pray for every inch of ground gained to be protected. These young people fight an unusual battle. The enemy of our soul realizes that they are the “arrows” that will be sent forth to destroy the chains and fetters that people are bound by. They are the arrows of the Lord’s deliverance!

Satan wants to rob them of their destiny. We must bind together in prayer and ask the Lord to let us see this battle as He sees it. Let us continue to cover each one in the Blood of the Lamb and ask God to empower them to go forth.

Pray for a Release of Finances:

As we were praying last week for the release of finances, we sensed an urgency to bind a spirit of selfishness. The spirit of selfishness keeps you focused on your own needs and you lose the burden for the world. Our goal in ministry is to minister to the Bride of Christ around the world. Ask the Lord to expose every hindrance that is keeping the flow of finances from us.

  • Pray for Bro Billy and his family as they labor in the work of the Lord. They bear the burden of finances and face this every day. Ask the Lord to encourage them for their faithfulness.

Pray for the Outreach Ministry:

  • Pray for our website. This is modern technology that has the potential to reach an unlimited amount of people, all over the world. Pray for the Anointing that we have been blessed by to reach God’s seed through
  • Pray a protection over our guest book.
  • Pray for the radio broadcast. Pray for God to draw them to the House of Deliverance.
  • Pray for the short-wave radio program. This too, has the potential to reach masses of people. Pray for the signal to be strong. Pray that hungry souls will be fed and respond to God’s call.
  • Pray for the telephone hook-up. This is a lifeline to all who tap in. Pray that the connection will be clear and that the Saints that are gathered will be able to enter in and receive from the Lord also. Pray especially for the connection that goes out over the Atlantic Ocean to be strong and clear.

Bind Sickness:

God’s desire is for His people to walk in health. Pray against every spirit that tries to work throughout this Body. Bind those sicknesses that try to establish themselves in the winter and cause us to fear fellowship. They cannot get a foothold in our lives, if we will not allow them to. Bind the spirits of darkness such as colds, flu stomach viruses. Declare divine health over this Body.

Pray for America:

Today’s news report reveals a very volatile situation in and around Kandahar. Our marine troops at Camp Rhino are under high alert. Pray for the protection of our men and women in harm’s way. We heard one secular reporter this week tell that it is a miracle that only 4 of our servicemen have been killed. We have gone in and literally taken over a nation and only lost 4 men.

  • Pray for the Hand of God to continue to protect.
  • Pray that the enemy’s communications will be disrupted and intercepted. Pray that they will be able to sift through all the reports and find the real. Pray that they will find Osama bin Laden.
  • Pray for President Bush and his family. Pray protection for our leaders.

Pray for Israel:

  • The loss of lives in Israel this week was heartbreaking. The suicide bombers are ruthless and cruel.
  • Pray against that spirit as never before. Pray that they will be exposed before their mission is completed.
  • Pray that God will move people out of harm’s way.
  • Pray for the Lord to lead Israel as they defend themselves.
  • Pray that our government, especially our President will not be swayed by popular vote, but by the principles he has stood for.
  • Cover the nation of Israel in prayer and pray for Her peace. Pray for God’s will to be done.

Pray for the New Year’s Meetings:

Our meetings begin in just 20 days. Pray for God to make a way for all who desire true deliverance to be able to come. Ask God to get into the arrangements and make a way where there seems to be no way, for those with hungry hearts.

Pray that we as a Body will be ready to minister to all who God sends our way. Pray for this Body to be prepared to hear the Word of the Lord. Pray for Bro Shelley as he prepares the timely messages that he will deliver.

Our prayers are with each and every one of you as you enter into the Watch of the Lord.