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November 30, 2001

New Hope Revival Ministries

New Hope Revival Ministries


November 30, 2001 · 9 min read

This is our fourth Friday night in a row to Watch with a directive, focused as a Body, bombarding the same sites in unity. As we enter into this week’s Watch, we feel tension in the spirit, as the enemy is being exposed, and the strongholds are weakening.

The Lord spoke to us on November 11, that He had seen us as we have rallied and stirred ourselves in the night; and that He would not suffer anything to divide nor separate us. It is encouraging to see this Body rallying together to defend what God has given us. As we look back over the 9 ½ years that we have been here, there have been seasons of unity that we have experienced. This season of unity that we are flowing in now must be guarded and protected by each one of us in prayer.

The unity that God is calling this Body to is the unity that Ezekiel saw in the “Wheel in the middle of the Wheels,” as those angels were moving together around the Throne of God. Remember the Lord has told us that He was not only revealing to Ezekiel a vision of a coming Savior, but also the unity of the Last-day-Church. Joel saw Her as a people great and strong, set in battle array, not breaking their ranks. All of Heaven is waiting on this Body to step into position and fulfill Her commission.

Once again, let us listen to the Spirit of the Lord and look to Afghanistan. The American commander of the war, General Tommy Franks, is assembling a mix of ground forces and air power to fit the most difficult and dangerous phase of the military campaign – rooting out Taliban and al-Qaida terrorist leaders from caves, tunnels, and other fortified hideouts.

The Taliban and al-Qaida represent those spirits of witchcraft, legalism, fear and pride, that we have been binding. The more visible targets have been exposed, but now the more difficult task lies ahead, searching through the caves, tunnels and fortified hideouts in our own lives. Now more than ever we must rally together to support one another, as the enemy is exposed.

Guard yourself against critical thoughts toward your brother or sister, and especially toward the man of God. This is a hiding place. If the enemy can divert our attention long enough, you will no longer be searching in your own life, but you’ll become a tool in the enemy’s hand, attacking the unity we are gaining. If the enemy can cause us to focus on the weaknesses of others, his hiding place in our life is secure.

Recognize the voice of the imposter, as he whispers to you. Resist him! Ask the Lord to sharpen your senses, and allow God’s Word to test the voice, “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things.”

Remember that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Cast down the negative and do not allow anyone to speak evil of another, or undermine the leadership in this Church.

As we are writing this, we are reminded of a scene from “The Final Quest,” a vision given to Rick Joyner. In this vision, Satan’s ultimate deception and power of destruction is released, when he uses Christians to attack one another. The accuser of the brethren knows that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Take to heart the words of Nehemiah as he cautioned the people to ignore the enemy’s lies, and stand against their attacks of intimidation. “Be ye not afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives and your houses.” As you report for “guard duty”, climb the wall with sword in hand and watch and pray!

Bind the Spirits of Witchcraft, Legalism, Fear, & Pride:

Continue to attack these strongholds. As we were meditating on this week’s directives, we remembered the sermon, “Don’t Stop Short of The Victory”. We must continue to keep beating the ground in prayer, and keep pressing in until we see the victory! Bind the spirit of witchcraft and loose the spirit of obedience; bind the spirit of legalism and loose the spirit of liberty; bind the spirit of fear, and loose the spirit of perfect love. Bind the spirit of pride and loose the spirit of humility. Pray that God will continue to expose the enemy in our midst.

Our Church Body:

As we approach God again for the three keys that are needed, let us be inspired by the testimony of Sis Terrell on Tuesday night. She related the story of the unjust judge and the woman who continually troubled him. He avenged her and so shall the Lord “avenge His own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them.”

Continue to cry out for:

  1. Each person to have a revelation of the Word of God that has been delivered in this day.
  2. For each person to have an understanding of the times.
  3. For each person to have the right spirit not allowing the influences of this world to taint us or to have a wrong spirit toward our brother and sister.
  • Pray for the voice of deliverance to be restored in our church again.

Pray for Our Services:

Pray for Jonathan, as he leads us in praise and worship. Support him in prayer and by participating in the singing. How discouraging it must be to him, when only a few people will enter into the singing. He’s only the leader. The Body must follow. Let’s agree in prayer to create an atmosphere that the Lord will want to inhabit. Remember He inhabits the praises of His people!

  • Pray for Bro Greeley as he leads the services. He needs our support and prayers.
  • Pray for the musicians as they faithfully minister in music. Pray that they will be anointed as they play skillfully before the Lord.
  • Pray for Bro Shelley as he brings the Word of God to us. Pray for people to prepare their hearts to receive the Word ,as it comes forth. Pray that God will hide Bro Shelley behind that anointing, as he steps into that pulpit and delivers the messages. Pray that the Spirit of the Lord will have His way in each service.

Brother Shelley & Family:

As spiritual warfare increases, we must be aware that the pressure on the man of God and his family increases. Let us defend and guard them in prayer as never before. Pray for the lifting of the burden. Don’t miss opportunities to sow words of encouragement their way. Thank them for their labor and ask God to bless them for their faithfulness to the Bride of Christ.

We want to continue to bombard Heaven for Bro Shelley’s complete healing. Bind the spirits of arthritis, gout, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Command the Lord’s Hand to rebuke the devourer and restore his health.

Pray a hedge of protection around Bro Shelley, Sis Stacey, Benjamin, Joshua and Sis Shelley. Pray for the peace of God to be in their home. Pray for rest in the night.

Pray for Our Young People:

The enemy is stalking our young people. He wants to drag them from this place to the lair of the lion. He wants to take them to the den of unfulfilled destiny. We must stand together to protect the promises of God in their lives. Defend them in prayer, cover them with the precious Blood of the Lamb and call their names one by one.

Pray for a Release of Finances:

Continue to pray against unholy intercession and the works of darkness that are hindering God’s blessings. Declare the goodness of God to begin to flow into this ministry. God has promised us that He would so supply, that we would have to store up the surplus. He said we would have to labor diligently to distribute all that He places in our hands. This is a promise from the Lord. Claim it!

Pray for the Outreach Ministry:

Pray for our website. Pray that it will reach hungry souls. Pray protection over the guest book. Ask the Lord to protect itfrom the enemy’s attacks. Pray for the radio broadcast. No doubt many listen week after week. Pray for the Lord to draw them to the House of Deliverance.

Pray for the short-wave radio program. Pray for it to reach hungry souls. Pray for the signal to be strong.

Pray for the Anointed Word to go forth in every one of these whether it be Internet, local radio or short-wave. These ministries have been done as acts of obedience. Ask the Sprit of the Lord to multiply our efforts and to reach the heart of man.

Bind Sickness:

We don’t have to allow the spirits of infirmity to infiltrate our ranks. Continually cover this Body in prayer and bind the spirits of darkness, such as colds, flu and stomach viruses. Declare wholeness and wellness over the Body.

Pray for America:

  • Pray for the safety of our troops. With the possibility of hand-to-hand combat approaching, the risk of the loss of lives will be greater. Cover these men and women in prayer as they risk their lives to protect our freedom. Pray for their families here.
  • Pray for our military leaders. Pray that the enemy’s communications will be intercepted and translated properly. Pray that Osama bin Laden will be captured alive.
  • Pray for President Bush and his family’s protection. Pray for the men and women that lead this Nation as they make decisions daily. Pray for The Spirit of Wisdom to lead them.

Pray for Israel:

How encouraging to hear the report of the suicide bomber attacks that have been thwarted since we have been praying. Yesterday, a suicide bomber was successful, but we know the loss of lives was smaller due to the prayers of God’s people. Let us continue to cover Israel in prayer. Pray protection for all of Her leaders. Pray for the will of the Lord to be done with the Palestinian’s.

Be encouraged as you pray, for God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek His face!