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November 16, 2001

New Hope Revival Ministries

New Hope Revival Ministries


November 16, 2001 · 7 min read

Your response to sign up for the Prayer Chain was overwhelming. As of this writing, we have 36 people committed to Watch throughout the night. This is our largest group to date.

We believe this is in response to the messages delivered on Sunday and Tuesday concerning “Our Commission” to step into a place of Authority with the Father and pray in Christ’s stead. This is a strategic place in the Spirit. A place found only through sacrifice and yielding, such as reporting to duty by signing up to pray for one hour and cover this Ministry.

We don’t believe that it is a coincidence that the Army’s finest soldiers are trained right here in Columbus. We believe this is a confirmation that God’s finest are also being trained here. The Rangers’ wear one of the highest honors of the military to be called the Elite. We wear the highest honor in Heaven and in Earth by being called The Bride of Christ.

Over the last few years we have sat in an atmosphere that only God could create. And He has, Sunday after Sunday, been training a people and preparing Her for such a time as this. We have been as Pharaoh’s horses with our noses rubbed against the canvas to know the smell of blood, so that in the heat of the battle, even if the rider is thrown, the horse continues to trample the enemy under its hooves. We have been trimmed down in size just as Gideon’s army. We have been trained in spiritual warfare to know our weapons. The Lord has given us the Armor to wear into the battle.

On Tuesday night, Bro Jonathan saw in the Spirit a set of military war plans with sites circled. He then saw himself looking through a scope, zeroing in. Let this Prayer Directive be your own personal set of military plans with predetermined sites, as you zero in to attack strategically in prayer.

Our Church Body:

Once again let us beseech the Lord for the three keys that are needed for this present move of God to go forth:

  1. That each person will have a revelation of the Word of God that has been delivered in this day.
  2. That each person will have an understanding of the times.
  3. That each person will have the right spirit, not allowing the influences of this world to taint us or a wrong attitude toward our Brother or Sister.

When the enemy comes to plant a negative thought, put on the Helmet of Hope, the Helmet of Salvation, hear and see the situation through God’s eyes. That way when you see a weakness in someone, you will be quick to cover it in prayer and not magnify it.

Pray for the voice of deliverance to be restored in our church again as God promised on Sunday morning.

Brother Shelley & Family:

Last week we prayed for a miracle of healing in Bro Shelley’s foot. We felt like we were asking for a band-aid to cover a gunshot wound, very inadequate. We have his permission to state the needs. They are serious. Please bind these symptoms and let it remain a matter of prayer. Please be very wise in offering any remedies, he needs a miracle. Because of the seriousness of the condition of his foot and ankle, it is affecting other systems in his body. The medication has very serious side effects.

Bind the spirits of destructive arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol and loose the Spirit of God to minister to the systems of his body, so that it can begin to function normally. Pray for divine health to begin to break forth in his life, so that he can effectively minister without pain. Pray for their home to be a haven of rest. Pray for Sis Stacy as she cares for two babies and our Pastor. Pray for protection from every plot of the enemy. Pray blessings of abundance upon them.

Pray for Our Young People:

Especially call out our young married couples, Kary and Angela, David, Annabelle and Samuel, Daniel and Lisa, Paul and Martha, Chad and Jennifer, and John and Amanda. They need our prayers daily.

Pray for a Release of Finances:

The growth of this Ministry is stunted because of a lack of finances. Everything we set out to do is hindered because of the lack. We don’t believe God gives directions without sending what is needed to carry out His will. This is an area that Satan has hindered far too long.

We have been called to walk in a Joshua Anointing, possessing our promises. The Lord promised us state of the art technology. It is time to possess that, which is ours. Bind the spirits of Hell that have stopped the flow and loose the finances that are needed to do what God has commissioned us to do.

Bind the Spirits of Witchcraft & Legalism:

We believe we have seen a definite weakening in these strongholds. We believe the happenings in Afghanistan are paramount to us. We believe the Taliban represent witchcraft and legalism, because of their control, intimidation and restrictions they have placed on the people. But whole cities have been liberated and they are dancing on the streets without their beards and burqas, which are the vestiges of the enemy.

When the two American missionary women were freed from Taliban captivity and interviewed today, it witnessed in my spirit that our people are going to testify of their liberation from these spirits also. The Taliban are on the run, so are the spirits of witchcraft and legalism, and all the spirits under their control. Do not let up for one moment, but hear the cry in the Spirit that Sis Jan gave a few weeks ago, “Charge!”

Pray for the Office Staff:

They are under constant mental, physical and spiritual attack. Pray for their strength in all three areas and for them to stay focused on their commission.

Pray for America:

We specifically want to hold up our troops that are engaged in battle in Afghanistan. Bro Shelley related the vision he had on 11-4-01 of caskets draped with the American flag being unloaded out of the belly of a large airplane. Ask the Lord to intervene, to rearrange, and to warn the ones in authority of impending danger.

  • Pray for Osama Bin Laden to be captured alive. Afghanistan is filled with networks of caves and dens in which to hide. Ask the Spirit of the Lord to direct your prayers, as if you were walking in combat boots through the caves and mountains of Afghanistan to ferret out the enemy.
  • Pray for our President and his family. Pray that he will walk in protection from the enemy’s plots to destroy his life. Pray that he will be lead by the Lord in every decision. Pray for the leaders of this Nation for their protection.
  • Pray for any plots of terrorism to be exposed and thwarted.

Pray for Israel:

Pray For God’s will to be done in Israel. Pray protection over God’s people. Pray especially for suicide bombers to be exposed before their missions are accomplished. Pray for the relationship between America and Israel.

Last, but not least, pray for our services on Sunday. Pray that we will come to God’s House expecting! Pray that God will give our Pastor the message we need to hear, and we will be attentive to hear the message.

Let us continue to pray for the Spirit of Unity. Let’s remember the promise, “that when the Bride of Christ joins herself together, arrayed in the battlegear of the Spirit that’s been provided by the Word of God, and we begin to stand shoulder to shoulder, the Lord said, ‘I will reveal unto thee the final battle plan.’”