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Day of Atonement

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

October 4, 2022 · 10 min read

Making a Way

56-0304 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

65 And God gave it so beautifully in the Old Testament. Back in the Book of Numbers, about the 20th chapter, and over in Exodus about 36, 32, and we find out that on the Day of Atonement…God, in the types, foreshowing what He would do, in the antitype, when he come, which was Christ.

66 The high priest was commanded to take two goats, little goats, and take them in for atonement, an offering, and a bullock for his own family. And many of you readers here, and studiers of the Bible, know just how that the atonements was. But then, one goat…There had to be a lot cast. And the lot fell on one goat, it died, and then the blood of this goat was placed upon the other goat, with the hands of the high priest, confessing the sins of the people, upon the living goat. And then a man who was worthy, taken the living goat under his arm, and went way into the wilderness where the goat would have to perish and go into an isolated, out-of-the-way place. Never no more, in that state, to come back into the family of his own again, but to be isolated forever, bearing the sins of the people away.

67 Now, I know many scholars, perhaps, are setting here. And especially the Adventists, they—they say that, “One goat was Christ, and the other one was the devil.” Now, brethren, I have to different a little on that. We can’t sacrifice to the devil. Both goats represented Christ. Both of them was Christ. Christ is our… He bled for our sins and He bore them Hisself , away. Devil can’t bear my sins. Christ is our sin-bearer. Get it straight, then your faith won’t move. Christ is our sin-bearer, and the sins of the world.

68 Christ was the dying animal at the cross, listen, “The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” And only the types, we were drawing dividends, knowing that the antitype would come someday.

69 Why was He slain from the foundation of the world? Cause, God perceived in His mind, how them things would be, and what the church would be, and what everything would be, and He spoke the Word. And when God speaks the Word, it’s as good as done, right then, so He was slain from the foundation of the world. You see it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]

70 When you get down to that now, and let your faith rest solemnly; not upon man, not upon theologies of man, not upon church denominations, as good as they are, as good as man is. Let your faith rest alone in Christ’s finished works at Calvary, for both sin and salvation. You see it?

71 Notice, Christ came, and He was the dying animal, for He was already (in prefigure) slain before the foundation of the world. You see it? God spoke it and said it would be so. So, when God speaks, it’s forever confirmed in Heaven. The Word, the…

72 That’s where you ought to have faith. If you believe this to be God’s Eternal, in-changeable Word, then every precept that’s been spoke in God’s Word is a Seed. And everything that God has spoke of, in the Word, is already confirmed in Glory. And it’s been given to you to act upon. So don’t be afraid to take any phase of God’s Eternal, blessed Word, and anchor It in your heart. Now, It has to be in soil.

73 Now, for instance, I took a grain of corn and put it in blue pumy stone or something like that, it perhaps would not grow, because it’s the wrong kind of soil. But if it goes into good, fertile black-top soil, it’ll grow as sure as it’s placed in there. And when the Word…

74 Here it is now! When the Word of God falls into a heart full of faith, It just has to grow. It’s got to take hold. That’s the reason the woman standing there, with both knees calciumed over like that, from the deposits, and the breaking of the knees, where both was mashed, and the bones rotten with tubercular, and the…also the flesh. She wasn’t afraid to bow her knees. For what? The Word had fell in faith. Springs up! Do you get it?

75 God, before the foundation of the world, said that Christ would be here. And He would slay, die, the innocent for the guilty. And when God spoke it, it was already confirmed when God spoke it.

76 Now, before it can be a word, it has to be a thought, for a word is a thought expressed. And then if the…God, in His mind, perceived these things, then they were in His mind. Then, He spoke them, and they’re as good as finished when God speaks, ‘cause He is infallible and can do nothing else.

77 Then, God’s attitude. If God saved sinners back there, on the base of accepting the burnt offering, the sacrifice provided, He has got to do the same thing today, or He did wrong when He took the first man in by it. If God healed the sick back there upon the basis of the shed blood of an animal, upon the basis of the atonement, He has got to do the same today, or He was wrong when He healed the first person. See? He can’t change.

78 We grow. We mature. We find better things. We talk of better things. We wear better clothes, drive a better automobile. We’re progressing.

79 But God cannot progress in that way, because He was perfect to begin with. And perfection cannot progress anymore; it’s already perfection. Amen. So He don’t have to say, “Well, this is a different age, we’ve got a better thought now.” If it is, He can’t be God. So, if He is God, what He spoke back there, He has to stay with it, because He was perfect there and is perfect now. See? You see it? Then, He can’t progress. He can’t…Well, I mean, He can’t en-better things. Make this a little…say, “This would be a little better.”

You say, “What about the old lamb, and this Lamb?”

80 That was a type, waiting for It, and He said it was. He spoke of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, in the beginning. “I’ll put enmity against her Seed and the serpent’s seed.” And then to wait for that fullness of time came, God gave a propitiation of sin, through the shed blood of the lamb, pointing.

Questions and Answers #1

64-0823 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

105 No more than Dr. Smith, on the Seventh Day Adventist on the sacrifice goat. He said one goat that was…They killed two goats at the—the day of the sacrifice, the Day of Atonement, and one goat was killed and the other one turned loose. And then he said the goat that was killed represented Jesus, our sin Bearer that died; but the goat that was turned loose represented the devil, that bears our sins and goes away into eternity with it. Now, you see, any…To my opinion…If this ever gets back to an Adventist brother, I’m not saying nothing about that great man, Dr. Smith. Oh, he was a smart, intelligent, fine, cultured Christian, a believer; but to me, you see, it doesn’t make sense. When you do that, you’re sacrificing to the devil then. They both represented Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. He also died for our sins and carried our sins far away; both of them was Christ.

God’s Provided Approach to Divine Fellowship

60-0630 · Tulsa, Oklahoma

34 But he took the Blood to the mercy seat. And only he, alone, could go in once a year. But when Jesus died, on the day of the atonement, He rent the veil in two. Not only the high priest, but whosoever will may come any time into the Shekinah Glory of God by the baptism of the Holy Ghost, into a real Pentecostal fellowship (Amen), into a place in the Presence of God, where the power of God cleanses us from all unrighteousness. We become new creatures in Christ Jesus. The Holy Ghost falls upon us and all of our backwardness and shameness, we become into a relationship with God. Isn’t the Church the Bride? Well, shouldn’t the Bride be bringing forth children crying, “Abba, Father”? What’s the—the matter? No wonder we can’t produce ourselves any more, if we ever get away from that Shekinah Glory, get away from there and don’t know Who your papa is, don’t know who your mama is, out from under the Blood, “Pentecostal grandchildren” as David duPlessis called it…God don’t have any grandchildren. No, sir, God only has sons.

Some of it’s like I said here some time ago (We was talking about David.), said, “People come in. The Methodists come in. They were born sons of God. Then their children, they take them to church, and well, ‘Because I was a Methodist, then my children’s a Methodist.’” Now, that’s not really children; that’s grandchildren. See?

But now, God don’t have any grandchildren. Every man, every woman, every boy, girl’s, got to have an experience of entering into the holiest of holies and being borned again. It’s too bad the Pentecostal church is getting that way too. We got some Pentecostal grandchildren. Let me tell you: God don’t have any. The church has it, but God don’t have it. Every man that comes to God’s got to come through the Blood. Every boy, every girl has got to recognize that something went before them to die for them before they could come into that Shekinah Glory, be clean from a life of sin, and become new creatures in Christ Jesus. Amen.

35 How He entered into this holy place, the Holiest of the Holies to offer this Blood…Job, the oldest book in the Bible…Even before Genesis was ever wrote, Job lived on the earth. And you remember Job—all of his troubles, all of his trials, and his friends even accusing him, his friends against him, yet, Job maintained the—the—the promise of God. He maintained a fellowship in the hours of trial, insomuch that he cried; he said, “I know my Redeemer liveth.”

When he was suffering and even his wife said, “Job, why don’t you curse God and die?” Job was under the Blood. He’d offer the burnt Sacrifice (which he knowed he was righteous, because that’s what God required); he’d come under the Blood and had Divine fellowship with God. Even in the last hours of his great temptation, he cried, “Though he slay me, yet I’ll trust Him.” Amen.

36 That’s what the church needs today, is a know-so fellowship under the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; even death can’t even darken it out.

I’ve stood by their bedside and watch them die with a cold handshake. I’ve seen them stand there and die, shouting the praises of God, because it had fellowship. They knowed where they were standing. Oh, how I could go through experiences of knowing, of experiences I’ve seen with people, how they…

Don’t never, don’t never try to get to God, anything other than under the fellowship—under the—to fellowship with God but under the Blood. That’s the only way. God knows that’s the only way God will recognize. You must first be washed by the water of the Word, then cleansed through the Blood, and enter into the Shekinah Glory, go into there, into the fellowship. Then you know where you’re standing at.

Led by the Spirit

59-0407 · Los Angeles, California

45 Now, do you believe that He is the High Priest today according to the Book of Hebrews? The High Priest, He is setting His body, that corporal body that God was manifested in, for God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself…

Now, God’s in His Church reconciling the world to Himself. But then when Jesus died for—to make the atonement. He rose on the third day, and God raised that Body up and set It on His right hand in glory. You believe that? He’s setting on the throne of God, the right hand of power and majesty in glory. And then, as we make confessions, then that Body stands there as a perpetual atonement. And when we confess that He’s did anything, He’s a High Priest there to stand in our place, a sacrifice, a sacrificed High Priest, that’s standing in the Presence of God with His own Blood to make intercessions upon our confession.