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The Enemy is God's Idea

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

February 23, 2021 · 4 min read

Israel And The Church #1

March 25, 153 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

140God raised up Pharaoh, and hardened his heart, for that purpose. God raised up Judas Iscariot, he was born here the son of perdition. Is that right? God told Esau and Jacob, before they was ever born, told his mother all about what was going to take place, one He had hated and the other one He had loved. Is that true? So it’s God Who does all things in all things, and you have nothing to do with it. And if God has called you, the love of God is ringing in your heart. And all that He has called will come to Him, and none of it will be lost. God’s promised, He said, “None of them shall be lost. All the Father has given Me, will come to Me. And none of them is lost but Judas Iscariot, that the Scriptures might be fulfilled. And I’ll raise them up at the last day.”


June 10, 1956 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

166Now, God, the Lover of our soul, who are we, anyhow? Why, before the world was ever formed, You knowed every mosquito would be on earth, every ant, every chigger. You are infinite. And You knew that, this morning, that people would raise their hand. You knew it. Why, You seen them before the world began. You’ve knowed it, alway. And You knew that this thing would take place, that You might express Your love to Your people. You said you raised up Pharaoh and hardened his heart, that You might show Your power, how much more will You express Your love! Satan, that evil one who perverted right to wrong, You let him do it, because You can express Your love then to Your people. And, O God, we love You so much! We appreciate You.

The Feast of Trumpets

July 19, 1964 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

224Now the Trumpets is to call them back to that Atonement, see, the Atonement they rejected. And they rejected so our eyes could be opened; theirs was closed. And during this time, these Seals opened up, and the—the—the Trumpets blowed. And now, in the blowing of the Trumpets, just before the Messiah comes, ’cause they’ve got to be in Palestine. And you remember God had to harden Pharaoh’s heart, to run them out of Egypt; and He hardened Stalin, Mussolini, and all that, to get them back into the promised land, where the hundred and forty-four thousand is supposed to be.

225And now, for the first time for thousands of years, twenty-five hundred years, that Israel is a nation with its own flag, own army, and all, and it considered in the—in the UN. First time it’s been. The oldest flag that ever flew on earth, at this time, flies again, the five…six-point star of David. He said He’d lift that ensign in the last days, when she’d be coming back. We’re at the end. There is just no doubt about it. We’re here.

The Seventieth Week Of Daniel

August 6, 1961 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

157Now, what time that God is going to allow those Jews, to start dealing with them again, I cannot tell you. I don’t know. Nobody knows that. But, listen, if Israel is already in her homeland, it’s all ready. All the rocks is picked up, and the irrigation, the waters, and everything that God promised. They found wells and things there, and big open streams, that that’s the most beautiful place you ever seen. They got a city built there. They got irrigation. They got the best land there is in the world, there. And we find out, right in the Dead Sea, there’s more chemicals, enough, to buy the world over. See?

158Everything has fell right in their hand. How did they do it? Because Hitler’s heart was hardened, Mussolini’s heart was hardened, just like Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, and driving them back in that land. And for forty years they been coming back into that land. Now there they set, waiting.

159The Gentile Church is in the Laodicean, end of the Laodicean Age. If…The Jews are in their homeland, already there. And the Gentile apostasy has already taken place. And we have a President like we have. We have a nation is broke up like we have. We have atomic bombs hanging in the hangars. We have a church that’s lukewarm. We have a Church, a people, that’s draw theirself together. We have a ministry that patterns the ministry of Jesus Christ, for to catch the Stone when It comes. What’s left to happen? It might be at any minute. There isn’t nothing else left. We’re at the end time. Oh, glory! I don’t know whether I’m going to be able to get into that jubilee, or not, but I just want—want to get part of it to you, anyhow.