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Spirit of Truth

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

July 4, 2021 · 6 min read

A Guide

October 14, 1962 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

12 Now in this 13th verse. “Howbeit when the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you unto all Truth. When the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all Truth.” What is Truth? The Word. “For He shall speak, He shall not speak of Himself; but what He hears, He’ll speak. What He hears, He’ll speak.” Other words, He’ll be the One that will reveal the thing, you see. And the 4th chapter of Hebrews, the Bible said that “The Word of God is sharper, more powerful than a two-edged sword, a—a Discerner of the thoughts of the mind, the heart.” See, “What He hears, He’ll speak, and He will show you things to come.” See? What’s going to do that? The Holy Spirit Who will come in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

To See Jesus

July 18, 1954 · Chicago, Illinois

5I am very thankful that this Spirit of Truth was to be with us to the end. And that Spirit of Truth is none other, but the Lord Jesus, Himself, in spiritual form. For He said, “A little while, and the world seeth Me no more. Yet you shall see Me, for I’ll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world.” And that means tonight. And wherever we are, we have the comforting Words of knowing that Jesus will be with us.

To many of you people here, who go to little churches, no matter how small the church is, Jesus said, “If even two or three, were gathered together in His Name, He’d be with them.” What a comforting Words it is to know no—no matter how small our little congregation is, yet the Lord Jesus is with us, and we’re happy for that.

The Harvest Time

December 12, 1964 · Phoenix, Arizona

160But Jesus said, “When He the Spirit of Truth is come, see, He will bring these things that I have taught, to your memory, the Word. And He’ll also show you things to come.” There is the real Spirit-filled Church now, stays with the Word, reflects the Word, God on earth. See? He doesn’t need any theologian, ’cause His Word is of no private interpretation. He interprets His Own Word, by vindicating It and proving It, It’s the Truth.

The Harvest Time

December 12, 1964 · Phoenix, Arizona

177Watch now as we hurry up through. “When the Spirit of Truth is come, He will teach you all things, whatever I taught you,” oh, my, “bearing all remembrance to you, what I’ve said to you, bringing to you, all remembrance. And He will show you things to come. He will vindicate every Word, confirming the Word with signs following.” Everything that He promised, that God promised in the Bible, if you’ll turn loose from every creed and everything else, and hold onto the Word, God is obligated to take care of His Word. And so when they did this, the Word vindicates Itself.

The Ephesian Church Age

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages · Chapter 3

In the New Testament we find Judas betraying Jesus, while the religious orders of the first century attempted to destroy the early believers. The children of this world, controlled by the devil, hate the children of God who are controlled by the Spirit.

No matter how just and upright a Christian is before the public, and how gracious he is to his fellow man, doing naught but good, let him confess Christ as his Saviour and acknowledge the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in tongues, prophecy, healing and miracles, and he will be condemned. The spirit of this world hates the Spirit of God, and because it can’t overcome the Spirit of the Lord it tries to destroy the vessel in whom the Spirit of Truth dwells.

Looking At The Unseen

April 10, 1959 · Los Angeles, California

10I just heard Brother Duffield make a statement about some saying this and some saying that. I was standing just in Mrs. McPherson’s room there where she usually waited. I like to go in there and pray, ’cause I know it’s a little chamber perhaps where she waited and others has waited, as Paul Rader and great people who’s preached in this temple before. Where they’ve waited on the Spirit to know what to say when they come out here . . . And sometimes your message is changed completely from what you were going to speak on.

But God knows what He’s doing as long as He’s a leading. You see, you must always go by the Spirit, and the Spirit will always agree with the Word. Now, if the Spirit leads you contrary to the Word, then it’s not the Spirit of God. Now, if the Holy Spirit is leading you, It’ll say, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

If it’s a religious spirit, or some other type of spirit that isn’t the Spirit of God, it’ll say, “It was for a day gone by, not now.” How could you make that act right? Because it said He is the same. Oh, I’m so glad to have the Holy Spirit. See?

God seen that beforehand; Jesus said, “I’ll not leave you comfortless, but I’ll pray the Father, and He will send you another Comforter which is the Holy Ghost, and He will abide with you forever. And when He comes He will testify of Me and will show you things to come, even the Spirit of truth, Whom the world cannot receive.” Oh, how happy we are to see that Spirit of truth bearing record with His Word, that it is the Spirit of truth. Then sons and daughters follow It. It’ll stay right in the lids of the Bible and confirm every promise that God made.

Balm In Gilead

July 7, 1959 · Cleveland, Tennessee

53All right. Has all, everybody come? All . . . ? . . . All right. What about that woman that’s missing? Did they get in the line?

Now, if you will, sister. Real slow as you can go on the organ, “Only Believe.” Just as low. This is the first night.

Now, with this Bible over my heart, which I cherish to be the Word of the Eternal God . . . Then if God has promised, that Jesus, His Son, which was God on earth, God made flesh and dwelled among us . . . I believe that the Spirit of God, through Jesus Christ, promised that He would abide with us forever, the Spirit of truth, Who the world cannot receive.

Did you ever think of what that was? What if you could not believe? That would be the most pitiful thing I ever could think of. ’Cause, Jesus said, “No man can come to Me except My Father draws him.” God has to draw it.

Marriage And Divorce

February 21, 1965 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

233But now that the Seals are opened, the Spirit of Truth directs us to the Word. That explains why all the mistakes has been down through the ages, because the Seals was not opened, This was not revealed. It’s true.