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Spirit of Life

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

June 29, 2021 · 6 min read

There Is A Man Here That Can Turn On The Light

December 29, 1963 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

208There is no two or three Lights, no four or five different organizations. There was one Light. There is not Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian. Christ is the Light, and the Light is the Life. And the Word manifested is the Light of the hour.

It Is The Rising Of The Sun

April 18, 1965 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

240Now notice this quickening Power, Zoe, bringing the Word, the mind that was in Christ was in you then. I’m trying to show you, that, you, when you raised. When God raised Jesus from the dead, He raised up you, also. And also quickened to Life, with Him, you are now quickened to Life, although then you were but an attribute in His thoughts, but God had saw all in Him, at the finish, see. ***When God looked down upon the body . . . ***

241The Spirit left Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane. He had to die, a man. Remember, friends, He didn’t have to do that. That was God. God anointed that flesh, which was human flesh. And He didn’t . . . If He’d a went up there, as God, He’d have never died that kind of death; can’t kill God. But He didn’t have to do it.

242But, remember, He went there with you in Him. See, God had never separated the Bride from the Groom, yet. So when God looked down upon the body of Christ, He saw both male and female. It was all redeemed in that one body. See? They are one, same, same Word. The same Word, spoke of the Groom, speaks of the Bride.

Questions And Answers

Dece3mber 23, 1959 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

107Now, the law of sin and death works in your flesh, but the law of the Spirit of Life works in your heart. So your heart, your spirit in your heart will make your body obey what it says do. That’s exactly right. Now, that’s what Paul said. Always the flesh, “I’m too tired; I’m unable; I’m not sufficient; I cannot do it.”

Door To The Heart

March 12, 1960 · Phoenix, Arizona

53Just that you might know; I’m going to turn my back to the audience. Now remember, when I do this, don’t let me get letters saying, “Brother Branham, you called yourself that Angel.”

That’s wrong. I’m a sinner saved by the grace of Christ. No matter what I did, no matter how much God anointed me, if you wasn’t anointed also, it wouldn’t work. It’s your faith that does it. This is just a gift, just to pull a lever back far enough to let William Branham step off of the scene so Jesus Christ can work. Now you pull your lever back far enough that you can get off the scene and Jesus Christ can work.

And I’m telling you, when them’s—the Spirit of Life begins to battle with the spirit of death, something takes place. Darkness cannot stay in light. Neither can death stay where there is life. Something takes place, based on what? Your faith.

The Marriage Of The Lamb

January 21, 1962 · Phoenix, Arizona

102Then we become, not by artificial name, but by a reality of the Holy Spirit of Life connecting us into Christ. Then, through the power of His resurrection, we are raised from the dead things of the world, and setting with Him in Heavenly places. Amen. I like that. Tonight, we’re setting in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus, see, resurrected with Him; died to the things of the world, and took on Christ. And when we take on Christ, then the world is dead, then we no more care for the world. The world is dead to us. And we’re . . . And it’s dead to us, and we’re dead to it.


November 16, 1963 · New York, New York

171How Anna, the prophetess, blind, over in the corner, never parted, day and night; but the same moment, nobody told them, led by the Holy Spirit, that blind woman winding her way through the people, and stood by the side of Him, and blessed God for Him. If a woman that is physically blind, she was in a bad shape; but there is people in New York, this morning, that’s blinder than that woman, and can see out of both eyes. But she was led by the Spirit, a Spirit of Life led her to the fountain of Life.

Jehovah-Jireh #3

April 4, 1964 · Louisville, Mississippi

116And that’s the way of some of our churches. We just got a nest full of rotten eggs. They don’t have no faith of Abraham. It’s time to clean the nest and start back, get in contact; not with some organization, some theological seminary. But get in contact with the mate, Christ Jesus, Who brings the fertility to the Spirit of Life that’s in you. He is the One that makes you believe It. Clean out the nest and start over again. You pat them on the back and take them in, and make them deacons, and married four or five times, and everything. What the world we coming to, anyhow? Send them off to seminary and inject some of that embalming fluid into them, and bring them back.

God’s Provided Place Of Worship

April 25, 1965 · Los Angeles, California

137Now notice, when this great moving power of God comes into a son of God, it quickens him, the Spirit of Life enters into him. Then what does it do? It seats them in Heavenly places, right now. Not they “will be.” We are now. Now we’ve already resurrected, the dynamics and the mechanics is gone to work, quickened us, and we’re quickened up into the Presence of God, where His Spirit is. And now we are seated together in Heavenly places, in Christ Jesus; in Christ Jesus, sitting in there, that great seat of . . . that’s already fired up, been raised from the dead. We’re a part of it. If you’re a part of the Bride, you are, because the Bride is part of the Groom, you know. So we find out that it’s the same thing, and She’ll do just exactly what’s predicted for Her to do in this day. She won’t be a Laodicea, not by no means a lukewarm. But She’ll be on fire for God, She’ll be moving on in the Spirit of God.

A Thinking Man’s Filter

August 22, 1965 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

147Let me plant the Word of God in my heart, and purpose there that I’ll not turn to the right hand or to the left hand, away from It, but I’ll live true to It all the days of my life. O Father God, then send down upon me the Holy Spirit of Life, to quicken those Words to me, that I might manifest Jesus Christ before those who are before me, to looking for it to happen. That’s my prayer.