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Accept, Believe, Confess

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

May 30, 2021 · 20 min read

The End-Time Evangelism

June 3, 1962 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

57Jesus said, “Ye must be born again.” In order to be born again, it’s letting yourself go and die, and the Spirit of Christ come into you. Then you’re no more yours; it’s Christ in you, see, the Holy Spirit. Paul said, “I die daily; yet I live, not I, but Christ liveth in me.” See, Christ!

Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

June 4, 1963 · Tucson, Arizona

5So, therefore, no man could save another. If it would have been so, Jesus would not had to die. But when Jesus died at Calvary, He settled the sin question forever. . . . The price was paid, completely. It was so met that God identified that it was true.

6Now, the only thing we have to do, to receive this, is to accept it, to believe it and accept it. But no matter how much that He died for our salvation, we—we must, ourself, accept it as our own personal experience, our—our own desire. We must want to be saved, and believe that upon the basis of His shed Blood that we are saved after we have met the requirements of the Bible.

7I believe in the Bible being the full revelation of Jesus Christ. Now, I do believe that God can do things that’s not written in the Bible, because He’s God. But as long as we can find it in the Bible, as a promise, then we know it’s true, because the—the Word is true, always. And so we believe Him to keep His promise.

The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck

February 18, 1965 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

48Now we understand, also, that God is perfected in threes. Now, God is “perfected” in three. “Grace” is five. Seven is “completion,” like the world. God is perfected in Father, Son, Holy Ghost. That’s the perfection of the Godhead. All one God, in three manifestations, of three attributes of one office, or three offices in the one Godhead.

49Now, there is also three in perfection, of the steps of grace, to the Church; justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost. That consists of the New Birth, just like a natural birth is typed by it. Which, a woman giving birth to a child, the first thing comes forth is water, blood, and then life. The Bible said, in First John 5:7, or 7:5, I believe it is, that said, “There are three that bear record in Heaven; the Father, the Word,” which was the Son, “and the Holy Ghost; these three are One. There are three that bear witness in the earth;” the Word, “the water, blood, and Spirit. Water, blood, and Spirit; these three agree in one.”

50Now, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, are One. You can’t have the Father without having the Son; you can’t have the Son without having the Holy Ghost. But you can be justified without being sanctified; you can be sanctified without being filled with the Holy Ghost. We have proved that in the order of nature.

Discerning The Body Of The Lord

August 12, 1959 · Chautauqua, Ohio

33Jesus said once, that, “Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God, or understand.” And in other words, “You can’t discern the Kingdom of God until you are born again.”

34People who will come and tell us that, “Those who have accepted the experience of the baptism of the Holy Ghost,” that, “they are fanatics.” Or, “They are some ungodly name,” that the devil pinned on the Church, to call them “holy-rollers.” I’ve preached in all the world, and I’ve never seen a holy-roller yet. It’s a name that the devil tacked on the Church of the living God. Sometimes people don’t have the right discernment. They are afraid of that.

35Don’t you know that our Lord was publicly . . . pronounced to be an insane person? The Pharisees, the high church, said, “That Man is out of His head. He has a devil, and He’s mad.” And the word mad means “to be crazy.” And if they called Him “crazy,” how much more will they call them of His disciples?

36Paul said to Agrippa, “In the way that’s called heresy, ‘crazy,’ that’s the way I worship the God of our fathers.” I’m so glad tonight to join hands with him. In the way that’s called “fanaticism,” to the modern church, that’s the way I worship God. They were called “heretics,” because they didn’t rightly discern the Body of the Lord, that’s, the Church of the living God.

37And the Church, tonight, is called “crazy” because the people doesn’t have the discernment. If a man is born again, and you tell me that you have been born again, and you do not believe that Divine healing is a promise of God, and you do not believe that the baptism of the Holy Ghost is for the people today, then I’ll have to say that your birth was of the wrong spirit.

38Cause, the Holy Ghost said, that, “This promise is unto you and your children, and to them that’s far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”

39You are accepting it by an intellectual conception. People are taking somebody else’s word for it, and not got the discernment. They cannot discern between right and wrong.

The Invisible Union of The Bride Of Christ

November 25, 1965 · Shreveport, Louisiana

223God put it in the Sea of His Forgetfulness. You stand perfectly before God.

224Now, your name is now in the new Book; not the book of life, but the Lamb’s Book of Life, what the Lamb redeemed. Not the old book of your natural union, but your new, Bride. Hallelujah! Your new life is in the Lamb’s Book of Life, your marriage certificate, hallelujah, where your true Eternal germ, from the beginning, takes hold. Now you’re not only forgiven, but you’re justified. Glory! “Justified,” Romans 5:1 said. Yeah. Romans 5:1 said, “Therefore being justified by faith.”

225Look up the word. The word don’t mean “forgiven.” The word means “justified.” It don’t mean you’re forgiven.

226For instance, you heard I got drunk and—and done some evil things, and everything. Then you come around, say to me. You found out I didn’t do them, then you come around, say, “Brother Branham, I forgive you.” Forgive me? I didn’t do it, at the first place. See?

227Now, if I did do it, I’m guilty. But you could forgive me, and I wouldn’t be guilty. But yet I’m not justified, because I actually done it.

228But the word, justified, is though you never done it. Amen. It’s not even regarded, at all. How is it done? In God’s Book of the Sea of Forgetfulness, your old book and marriage is divorced and dead, and it’s not even in the memories of God. Amen. You are justified. “Therefore, being justified.” It was accused. You was accused. You never done it, in the first place. The old union is in the Sea of God’s Forgetfulness. You wasn’t married to it, to begin with. He, the Bridegroom, bore your shame, Himself, for you, in your place. He took your place, for you were predestinated for Him, to be in His Bride, before the foundation of the world. The Bible said so. You are the predestinated Seed.

An Absolute

December 1, 1963 · Shreveport, Louisiana

120Romans 8:1, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” We find out, I believe that’s Romans 5, we find out. And—and He is our justification. God raised Him up on the third day, to justify our faith, that we believe it. And He raised Him up, to justify our faith. What did He do then? He sent Him back, the Justifier, because our faith believes it. The Holy Spirit, Christ, come into it, for our justification, because we have raised from death unto Life. And now we are sons and daughters of God, sitting in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus, justified us by His resurrection.

121That give us justification, to know, with the—with the earnest of our salvation within us now, the very Life of Christ pulsating in us. And how then could we deny the Word? Which, He is the Word that gives us the . . . this assurance. The Holy Spirit is there. What is It? It’s still that North Star, the Christ is that North Star. And the Holy Spirit is that justification that points the believer right straight to the North Star. Right.

122The Holy Ghost will always point to the Word. If It points to a creed or denomination, it is not the Holy Ghost. He couldn’t do that, point away from His Word, when He died to confirm that Word and make that Word a positive. Amen. He died so He could come, Himself, into that Word. He is the quickening Life that makes that Word live again. That was His purpose of dying, that He could still project Himself through His Church, and make every Word, through every age, act just exactly the way It’s supposed to act.

123He is the dynamics of the mechanics. The mechanics of the Church, what is it? Apostles, prophets, teachers, so forth. And He is the dynamics that works that. And it’s worked by a certain dynamic which is called like . . . He, He is the Fire that fires off the gas. He is the Fire that’s in the combustion chamber, that when the—the gas, the—the Word, is poured over that combustion chamber, He is the One that sets her afire. He is the One that confirms it. He is the power of the resurrection. He is God. He, He is the Fire, that’s what He is.

Questions And Answers

June 28, 1959 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

109Now watch, I’m going to take like this bottle. And it’s laying out here in the chicken yard, and it’s all full of filth. I pick it up; that’s justification: “I’m going to use this sinner.” And the next thing I do if I’m going to use it, I’ll have to cleanse it. And then, if I cleanse it, what do I do to it? Sanctify it. The word sanctify made—means “clean,” same thing as holy. Holy—holy is a Hebrew word, sanctify is a Greek word. The word sanctify means “clean and set aside for service.” But then, blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled, then they’re put in service.

Questions And Answers On The Holy Ghost

December 19, 1959 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

42My dear Methodist brother, and Pilgrim Holiness, and Nazarene, the baptism of the Holy Ghost is different from sanctification. Sanctification is the cleansing, which is preparation of Life. But when the Holy Ghost comes, It is Life. Preparation is cleaning the vessel; the Holy Ghost is filling the vessel. Sanctification means “cleaned and set aside for service.” The Holy Spirit is put it in service. You are the vessel that God’s cleaned up.

Strait Is The Gat

March 1, 1959 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

175And how He could take that same Blood from that Body that He gave as a Sacrifice, and sanctify a people that Himself might live in, continue His work to the end of the consummation! O God, wake people up to see that. Grant it. Save everyone that raised their hand. Cleanse their hearts. Lord, my hands are up. Cleanse me, O Lord. This is a house of correction. This is a place where we should be washed. Let the Holy Spirit wash us this morning, and cleanse us from the corruption.

The Power Of Decision

October 7, 1955 · Chicago, Illinois

46What was God saying there? The same thing He said to Moses. In other words, “This Holy Ghost manna that begin to fall on the day of Pentecost was to sustain the Church, and the Church was to live only by the Holy Spirit until the day we enter the Millennium.” Hallelujah. What is it? The same Holy Ghost. Now notice, it was for everyone that was a priest in the Old Testament. Everyone in the New Testament that becomes a Christian, born again, becomes a priest to God. And we are priests and kings. A priest is to make sacrifice. And we give to God the sacrifice of our lips, giving praise to His Name. Say, “I don’t feel like it.” Do it anyhow. That’s a sacrifice. Hallelujah. Say, “I feel too tired.” The devil will tell you that, till he takes you to hell. That’s right. You’re to make a spiritual sacrifice: the fruits of our lips giving praise to His Name, priests and kings unto God. The Bible said we were, made us priests and kings unto God.

Works Is Faith Expressed

November 26m 1965 · Shreveport, Louisiana

128Like they did on the Day of Pentecost, they laughed and said, “These men are full of new wine.” They know it was . . . It was a great thing to those it was happening to. Why? It was God revealing Himself to the individuals. While others laughed, these were rejoicing. It was an individual revelation, which is faith; faith that’s revealed. If it wasn’t faith, then it wouldn’t even be there. It was faith.

Satan’s Eden

August 29, 1965 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

123I heard Brother Neville say, this morning; someone might have been asking him why didn’t I preach on the Holy Ghost, why didn’t I do this. Here it is. The Holy Ghost is the action in you. It’s a Life, not an emotion; not some sort of a fleshly evidence. But It is a Person, Jesus Christ, the Word of God established in your heart, to quicken every Word of this age. Right. Watch the Holy Ghost in action, not so much in demonstrations; but, in action, what It does according to the Word.

The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed

March 18, 1962 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

28Now, then, this unwise virgin, when she went to buy Oil. She was sent to buy Oil. When she did, she found out that she was too late. Why? Why, friend? The seeds are done planted. See? There was three, up to the Sodom time. There’s always been a number of three, all the time.

29There’s three comings of Christ. He came once to redeem His Bride. He comes, the next, in the Rapture, to catch away His Bride. He comes again, in a Millennium, with His Bride.

30Everything is in three’s. Three’s is a perfect number. Five is the number of grace; seven, completion; twelve, worship; twenty-four, or—or, forty, tempted; and fifty is the jubilee. The very word, pentecost, means jubilee, “fifty.” See? Now, and now, God, in His numerals, He’s perfect in His numerals. He’s perfect in His Word. He’s perfect in His action. He’s perfect in everything, because He’s a perfect God. Yeah.

The Restoration Of The Bride Tree

April 22, 1962 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

511“I will restore, saith the Lord.” Hallelujah! Glory! Praise be to God. The fourth Light is to come, that will bring forth the same signs. Watch. Justification brought back the pulp. Sanctification brought back the bark, doctrine of holiness.

512What brought back the leaf? Pentecostals. What is it? Pentecostals, leaves, clap their hand, joy, rejoicing, Pentecostal.

513What? The fourth was the Word, Itself. The Word made flesh, fruits of the proof of the resurrection sign that Christ has finally, after justification been planted, sanctification been planted, baptism of the Holy Ghost. Organizations died out. And Christ has again centered Himself like that cap of the pyramid. First line, justification; sanctification; baptism of the Holy Ghost; then coming of the Cap.

514What is it? That Holy Ghost bunch being honed out so that it can fit with the same kind of ministry He had when He went away, that, when He comes back, it’ll catch the whole thing in the Rapture, where the justified, sanctified, and baptism of the Holy Ghost. That pyramid will stand again. The House of God will live again. The Tree of Life is growing again.

Revelation, Chapter Four #3

January 8, 1961 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

323Now we’re living in another age. Glory! Oh, I love this age! Don’t you? Now, God has a mercy seat today to be guarded. You believe that? Where’s the mercy seat found? In the heart of man. Where did it come in the heart of man? At the day of Pentecost when the Holy Ghost (which is God) come into the human heart . . .

Behold, A Greater Than All Of Them Is Here

July 15, 1962 · Spokane, Washington

39And all that God was, which was the Word, He poured into His Son, and His Son became God the Word. And all that the Son was . . . He gave His life. God raised up the body, the tabernacle, sets at His right hand. And all that was in the Son, which was the Father, He poured into the church in the Name of the Holy Ghost. So it was God above us, God with us, God in us. See?

The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

December 4, 1960 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

352God created all men; white men, black men, brown men, yellow men, every man. God created every man. He created the Gentile, created the Jew. He created all. It’s all for His glory. And the Jews had to be rejected in order to take a Gentile Bride.

353That’s the reason all these types are. So the Gentile Bride and Her offsprings with Her, that glorious pentecostal Church washed in the Blood of the Lamb, with all the power of the resurrection living in them, will rise someday in the Rapture (in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye) to go be in the Presence of Jesus, while He returns back (and dismisses everything) to make Hisself known to His brethren.

The Seal Of The Christ

March 12, 1955 · Los Angeles, California

43In the day that when Jesus Christ was crucified, sent back. He said, “Did you . . . Blaspheme Me, you’ll be forgiven. But when you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, it’ll never be forgiven.” For the people wasn’t sealed; the work of God wasn’t finished yet; the sacrifice wasn’t made; Jesus hadn’t been crucified; the Holy Ghost hadn’t come. But on the day of Pentecost when there came a sound from heaven like a rushing mighty wind, and those Jews that had been crying and sighing for the abomination did in the city . . . They were in a upper room all in one accord, not saying, “My church is better than yours. And I—I belong to this over here, and our church has the best steeple.” They were all in one place cooperating in the revival, and all in one accord. For they had the promise of something.

God got His people together. And there came a sound from heaven like a rushing mighty wind, filled all the house where they were setting. Out into the streets they went, not speaking an unknown language now; God made a preacher out of every one of them. When they went out they preached in a language that every man heard everything he said. That’s right. And when they went out there preaching in every dialect, God had to do it. That was the only day He could do it. You shall . . . “The Gospel will be, begin going forth from Jerusalem. Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem till you’re endued with power from on high.” And it went forth from Jerusalem to the Jews, then to the Samaritans, and then to the Gentiles. It was the only way God could do it. Not a bunch of confusion, no, it was very different from Babylon. Babylon they couldn’t understand one another. But here He straightened up Babylon, so they could understand one another. I think today is time when God ought to straighten, when men ought to let God straighten up their hearts, where they can understand one another. Amen. Amen. God, be merciful.

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages

Chapter 10, A Resume Of The Ages

But what about the true seed? It will happen just as we have said. The people of God are being made ready by the Word of Truth from the messenger to this age. In her will be the fulness of Pentecost for the Spirit will bring the people right back to where they were at the beginning. That is “Thus saith the Lord.”


February 11, 1962 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

183Now, the Coming of the Lord Jesus is so imminent, the coming of judgment, He’s calling His Elected together in oneness with Himself, with the same kind of a ministry He had. You know how I shaped in the Church Ages, here not long ago, about the—the big tower that was built, called the pyramid, but the headstone was never put on it. Remember how the Lutherans came, then the Wesleys in the minority, and then down to Pentecost.

And now what He’s doing, calling from that. What did He do? He called out the Elect, to make the Lutheran; He called out the Elect, out of the Lutheran, to make the Wesleyan; He called out the Elect, out of that, to make the Pentecostals; now He’s calling the Elect pentecostals out, to make the headstone to come into it. A very same kind of a ministry dropping right in on it, calling His children from all denominations and all walks of life.

Questions And Answers #2

August 23, 1964 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

44Now, that’s no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can’t rely upon that. You can’t rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There’s only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour!

Mary’s Belief

March 11, 1960 · Phoenix, Arizona

50He promised in the last days that the church would grow so close, from the days of Luther, justification; days of Wesley, sanctification; days of the Pentecost, the restoration of gifts; right into the Headstone. And through that would bring forth the whole body, the resurrection of every believer. But as the—the Spirit of God grows closer, just like the shadow of my hand. The shadow gets darker and darker and darker, until the—the shadow and the hand becomes the same thing. The church come from justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, now going into the very Headstone and the Presence of the Angel of God. Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost so present, doing exactly the same works that He did on earth, which is bringing forth the church and the Christ to unite together. Just exactly what He promised. Now, don’t let your conscience be dull now; wake up.

Show Us The Father And It Will Satisfy Us

July 31, 1960 · Yakima, Washington

53Pentecost is a restoration. Pentecost has the Holy Spirit, but a restoration of the gifts. The same Grain, the same Jesus that went into the ground is reproducing Himself, come up through the stalk, and now reproducing Himself in the fullness and the original grains like it went down.” Amen.

He said, “What would you call us?”

I said, “The Pentecostal church is an advanced Lutheran church.” That’s right. Exactly right. It’s the advanced Lutheran, and Nazarene, and Pilgrim Holiness, and all. It’s just the advanced church. I said, “I’ll admit we got a lot of fungus on the ear, but we’ve got some grains there too.” Praise God. It—it’s the original.

The True Easter Seal

April 2, 1961 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

116Now we find out it’s a complete work, it’s a finished product. God’s resurrection is a finished product. The Holy Ghost is God’s Seal of a finished product.

117Now we come to Christ. First thing we do, we get justified by believing on Him. When we do that, then we realize that we’ve done wrong, we ask God to sanctify us, that’s cleanse us from our life of sin. Martin Luther, justification, his message. Then come Wesley, with sanctification. And then when it’s all complete, and His Church is completed, what’s the next thing? A finished work. A finished work is the Seal, that the Church has been completed.