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The Kingdom of God

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

February 14, 2021 · 24 min read

The World is Falling Apart

November 15, 1963 · New York, New York

217Israel come in and drove the occupants out of that nation, and took it. God gave it to them. And what did they do? They drove out the occupants of the nation, and took it. First, they had great kings, like David and Solomon. And after a while, there raised up a man, called Jezebel… or—or Ahab, and he married Jezebel, and she was one of these little painted-face flappers. And, when he did, she was the one controlled him. She told him what to do. He might have been the head, but she was the neck and she told him what to do.

218And if this nation hasn’t done the very same thing, the same thing! We’ve come in here and drove out the Indians. We had a Washington and a Lincoln. But what have we got today, with our own voting, and politics and things? We set the system, that we run from and made a nation out of it here, we’ve brought it right back in here because it’s the desire of the people. Right. Now, I’m neither Democrat or Republican. I’m a Christian. The whole thing is polluted.

“I’m neither Democrat or Republican. I’m a Christian. The whole thing is polluted.”

219I cast my vote on Jesus Christ. Amen. “On this Rock I’ll stand, all other grounds are sinking sand.” Yes, sir.

220Friends, we are not promised a system. Jesus wouldn’t have nothing to do with a system. We wasn’t promised a system. We were promised (what was we promised?) a Kingdom! How do you get into It? “By one Spirit we are all baptized into this Kingdom.” It’s the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of Eternal Life, with an Eternal King giving forth His Eternal Word, with an Eternal people predestinated to Eternal Life. He, He’s the King. We’re baptized into It, setting in Heavenly Glory.

221“We are dead, our lives are hid in God through Christ.” And not only that, but, “We are raised with Him!” Raised up what, in a system, a denomination, organization? We are resurrected in the Kingdom of God! “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Why? All these man-made systems must fall. “Not once more I’ll shake the world, but I’ll shake heavens. And those things that cannot be shook, is what will remain. And we receive a Kingdom, receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shook or moved.” That’s the Kingdom of God! Not a system, not a political wheel, not a denomination, but a Kingdom! Amen! And its subjects is dead to the systems of this world. Its subjects are dead to these organizations. It’s dead to these political systems, and it’s alive and resurrected by the Power of the King.

222And now we’re in a Kingdom, sitting in Heavenly places with the Eternal King, enjoying Eternal Life by the Eternal Word, going to an Eternal Heaven, forever to be with Him. Hallelujah! Living in the Presence of the King! Oh, I love Him. Whew! I’m so glad to be one of them. I’m so glad to be dead in Christ, alive in the Kingdom of God. This is not my Home; we seek a Kingdom. We seek the King. We’re already in the Kingdom. We’re seeking the King to come, and the King quickly will come to His Kingdom.

The World is Falling Apart

November 15, 1963 · New York, New York

160You ain’t got no thought coming. You let the thoughts that was in Christ be in you, and that’s the Word. That’s right. Think the thoughts that He thought.

161Now, now, I wonder, today, America. I won’t keep you much longer. America, you been crying the loudest. What do you want? I’m coming home now from across the fields. What do you want? What do you want to rule over you? You want an educational genius, what you want. And you got him. I don’t want to hurt your feeling. Want to tell you the Truth. You’ve got him, even if you had to invent a crooked voting machine. You got him. America, so set on education, not the Bible; on education.

162The churches are so built upon educational theology, some kind of a man-made system, creeds. And the Pentecostals drifted right into that same thing, just like driftwood upon the waters, to going over the dam. Right. You want creed. You don’t want a Truth.

163Now notice. What did you do? Everything was edu-… You want it so well, till you got your television out, and put Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kennedy on there, to test their intelligence before you done it. Then, even there’s enough good people left in America wouldn’t have done that; they know our heritage. We know where we belong to.

164And you Democrats! I’m neither Democrat or Republican. I’m a Christian. But you, Democrats, that would let some little Ricky come around, and you would sell your birthrights for your politics, and vote in something that our nation was established to get away from, shame on you. Got the same Ahab and Jezebel!

“Where’s he going to lead you? Right back to Rome, exactly where it’s come from.”

165You American women wanted fashion. You’ve got a… You don’t have to go to Paris now. You got it right here, a real Frenchman, to give it to you. You got your water-head haircuts, and all your fashions and things, that you want to fashion after. You got exactly what you want. Where’s he going to lead you? Right back to Rome, exactly where it’s come from.

166And you Protestants, you’re wanting some big organization to lead over you, run over you, to rule you. You’ll get it, you, World Council of Churches. How can David duPlessis, my friend, ever, on this ecumenical council that he’s talking about, and bringing these Pentecostal people into that? What’s the matter with you, Pentecostals, hollering about, “Dr. Holy Father So-and-so come in”? Oh!

167You know the Bible said, “Don’t call no man, ‘father.’” What’s the matter with you? That’s the teaching of our Lord. What’s the matter? Don’t you know your Bible? Don’t you know your Lord? The Holy Spirit wouldn’t teach you to do a thing like that.

168Don’t you realize that when these Presbyterians, Lutherans and things try to come in, to get That, it’s the end time? They don’t get in. The Bible said they didn’t. “While they come to get Oil, the Bridegroom come; when they went to get Oil.” Then what about the Rapture now? See? The Bible said, that, “When the sleeping virgin come to buy Oil.” How many knows that’s the truth? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] “When the sleeping virgin come to get Oil, the Bride went in.” They didn’t get It.

The World is Falling Apart

November 15, 1963 · New York, New York

199It’s the same thing today. We all, each one, want a politician. We want something today.

200Now, today, Russia wants a messiah. Russia wants a messiah that will take them to the moon right quick, get there before the rest of them will. That’s what Russia wants. They want that kind of a messiah, some genius, some fellow that’s a—that’s a—that’s a scientific genius, and he’ll know how to conquer outer space and go over there and plant the Russian flag before the Americans can get there. Oh, they’re… They want their messiah. They’re trying their best to raise up one. All right.

210What did America? What do you want, America? You are crying the loudest. What do you want? You’ve been wanting a—an educated genius. You’ve been wanting a political genius. You got it. Though you had to invent a—a crooked voting machine to get it, but you’ve got it. That’s right. The world wants… That’s what it wants, now what you going to do with it? You wanted to show how smart you was. You even put them on television, to show that one could outsmart the other one, and you fell for it. See? You’ve got it, now where—where is he going to lead you? Right back to Rome, of course. You seen it, right now.

202You, church, you want a genius. What do you want? What do you, what’s the church want? What are you wanting? You are wanting a smart, educated, intellectual minister to raise up, that can conquer better than Billy Graham, to take them all back to your denomination. You got seminaries and things, trying to hatch them out. See, that’s right. You might not think that’s true; but, look, your—your action speaks louder than your words. You want a—you want a religious genius, one who can lead you, your denomination, over them all; stomp out the Baptists, stomp out the Methodists, stomp out the Oneness, stomp out the Trinity, everything, walk over all of it. Oh, you’re just skimming the world down, trying to find him. That’s the kind you want.

203But you know what you need? You need a Saviour, just exactly what you need. And that’s what God knows you need, is a Saviour, and He sends It to you. But do they want It? No, sir. That don’t fit their—fit their ecclesiastical taste. It just doesn’t work that way with them.

204But the whole world wants their genius. Now what if Russia got their messiah, then what about us?

205You know, Germany got theirs, not long ago, and many of you boys from the First World War remembers that very well. See, they got it. You don’t need that kind of a messiah. It was in the wrong way. It was the wrong thing. It was contrary to God’s Word.

206Just think, Napoleon, at the age of thirty-three, he had conquered the world, and died in defeat. He died in defeat. He was a prohibitionist when he first raised up, and his great success brought him; and he died, an alcoholic, seven thousand prostitutes following his army. And he died at thirty-three years old. And he tried to conquer the world, but he did it in the wrong way.

207But Jesus Christ, at the age of thirty-three, had conquered the world, death, hell, grave, and—and ascended on High. Why? He was the Word of God made manifest. That’s our Messiah! Amen. Sure. They always, we want a—we want a Messiah, but we want it in the way… 


January 26, 1963 · Pheonix, Arizona

90America wants a… They want an intellectual genius. They got a crooked voting machine, to give them one. God always lets you have the desires of your heart. Now, you’ve got it. What are you going to do with it?

91When all of them was crying for a Messiah, God sent them One. But, one wanted a general, one wanted an educated machine, and all so forth, but God sent them a Baby. He sent them a Saviour. He knowed they needed a Saviour.

92What if Russia got their messiah today? What would we do? See? God knows how to give it.

93What if people today… that’s praying for a Messiah. And we’re praying for a great something to happen. We are. We Pentecostals are praying for a great something to happen. I wonder what would take place if it really happened? And maybe He answers your prayer and you don’t know it. And you wouldn’t receive It if He answered it. It wouldn’t come in the color that you prayed for. That’s what they’ve always done. And if It come again, It would come in the same color. It would come in the same package. Just get right over the top of It!

94Therefore, God deals with an individual. He didn’t deal with all Israel that day. He don’t. He was dealing with this Jewish Boy. See? It doesn’t come in the way that we want it to come.

A Trumpet Gives an Uncertain Sound

January 14, 1963 · Pheonix, Arizona

71Everything is shaky; national life, political life, voting machines. Oh, my! They’re just… The whole thing is shook up, everything.

72Now I want to bring it down a little close to home. See? Church life is shook up and uncertain. Now, that’s what Paul was speaking of. See? That’s where he meant, “If a trumpet gives an uncertain sound.” Church life is shook up. The people don’t know hardly what to do. They go, wandering from church to church, trying to find out which has the right thing; from pillar to post, trying to find what is right, where is the right doctrine. And one will come around, and they can explain it, just almost to the very point of their creed, is right. And then, the first thing you know, they find so much corruption in that, until they try another church, to see what their creed is, doctrine. Oh, all this, we find out that we have broken ourselves up then, by these things, to hundreds of different orders of church. Now, there’s nothing against that. That’s just that they can do the other things, then, that they do do, and there got to be some good come out of it, somewhere.

The Stature of a Perfect Man

October 14, 1962 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

392That’s the only sensible thing to do, change the currency. But they won’t do it, under this present ministration. Roman Catholic church owns the gold of the world. And what they’ll do is sell out, “These rich men,” and so forth, “of the earth,” as the Bible said. What will they do, before they lose? The Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, most all of it’s Catholic, anyhow. And all these other things, what will they do? They’ll accept that, and they’ll take the money from Rome, and then she sold her very birthright. Rome backs her up. Yes, sir. She’ll back it up. And they’re getting enough policy now, getting enough around them, bringing in his cabinet. Look what Mr. Kennedy is asking for.

393And when you seen this, the other day, there’s no need of voting any more. What’s the use of voting? When, they put it in the paper, and proved it before the public, and they refused to do anything about it. When, they proved that the machines across the nation was set up, that they elected Mr. Kennedy by a false vote. Don’t the Bible say that he would come in by deceit? Certainly, a falsehood. Now, I’m not against the Democrat party no more than the Republican party, but I’m just stating facts from the Bible. What’s the use of voting? They know who is going in there.

394How many of you remember the telecast where it had two women standing up? And one said, “I’m going to vote for Mr.… ” Or, a Protestant women said, “I’m going to vote for Mr. Kennedy.” They said, “Why?”

395Said, “Because I think he’s a smarter man than Mr. Nixon. He’ll make a better President.”

396Then he said, “This is a Catholic woman. ‘Who you going to vote for?’”

397She said, “I’m a Catholic, a Roman Catholic, a loyal Catholic.” She said, “And I’m going to vote for Mr. Nixon.” “Why?”

398Said, “Because, I think Mr. Nixon is make a better President because he’s more used to the things. He’s more acquainted with communism.” That woman told a lie.

399I’ve got The… what they call, The Facts Of Our Faith, the highest Catholic book can be bought. And it says in there, “If there is a Catholic on a ticket, that’s running against a Protestant; if a Catholic votes for the Protestant, they’re excommunicated from the fellowship of the Catholic church.” Right. “And if there’s two Catholics running for the same office, they shall pick out the Catholic that’s more loyal to the ‘mother church’ and vote for them.”

400See how, that deceit, what they’re trying to do? Give money away, to buy. Why? They’re trying to break it. And they’re doing it, and she’s broke. And what is it? It’s on the gold standard. And the Catholic church, the hierarchy, owns the gold of the world. [Someone says, “A hundred and sixty-eight billion dollars.”—Ed.] Hundred and sixty-eight billion. There you are. Throw her right back on the gold standard, and you people just keep your homes and things, but you belong to the Catholic church. The nation belongs to the Catholic church. The whole thing is captured right in like that, through their currency. Don’t the Bible speak of that? That’s the picture that the Bible draws us.

401What I’m trying to say, brother, today. They’ll say, “That’ll make it a fine church. It’ll unite Protestantism.” It looks good to the natural eye, but the knowledge of this world is foolishness to God.

402“And it pleased God, through the—the foolishness of preaching, to save those which are lost,” by a Divine office, that He ordained into His Church, to build the Church upon these spiritual qualities and not upon anything that pertains to the earth.

The Seventieth Week of Daniel

August 6, 1961 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

203And then I said, “The women has been permitted to vote. Which is absolutely a disgrace upon the nation. And, in voting, some day they’ll elect the wrong man.” And they did that in this last election. My, my! Four… (I said, “Science will progress in such a way… ”) No, here, that’s third. Pardon me.

Jehovah Jireh

March 12, 1961 · Richmond, Virginia

75Notice. I said, “Mussolini is standing up as a dictator; he will make his first invasion to Ethiopia. But he will take Ethiopia, but he will come to a disgraceful end, him and that woman both.” And they hung them with their feet up, and her clothes hanging over her head in the street, and spit on them. I said, “Science will improve.” I said, “Another thing, the nation has permitted women to vote, one of the most horrible disgraces they’ve done.” And I said, “In voting they’ll elect the wrong man.” I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I’m a Christian. Both sides is rotten. But they made their fatal mistake the other day. Women done the works. And how you colored people, sell your birthright to such a thing as that, when the blood of Abraham Lincoln’s stains, up yonder on that dress. God have mercy. Help me, Lord. Oh, my. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it. But I’ve done said it.

The Pergamean Church Age

December 7, 1960 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

127Now, in doing this, they consolidated and made the early… formed the early Catholic church, later. Then at the first great Nicene Council… When I read that, I just fell on my knees. The great Nicene Council had taken place in a.d. 325, all of them was brought together, the bishops and fathers of the Christian faith was brought together at Nicaea. That’s the reason it’s called the Nicaea Council, in a.d. 325. And about fifteen hundred delegates came to the—the—the convention, or the council, about fifteen hundred delegates, and the laity outnumbered the bishops five to one (in the delegation); but yet, through the Nicolaitanes (the cold formals) and Constantine’s politicianal plan, they out-voted the true Church and won the victory, and issued in bishops and holy order of men; taking the—the Holy Spirit from the meeting, and placing it upon bishops, cardinals, and popes, and so forth.

128The same crooked deal that the Democrat party played in this last thing! Now, that’s right. Now, we’re not… I’d… And the Republicans would be just as low-down. But I’m talking about one thing that they proved (Edgar Hoover) in California, and many other places: they had those voting machines placed to where you’d vote for Mr. Nixon, you had to vote for—for Kennedy at the same time. He didn’t have a chance. Well, now that they’ve proved that “wrong,” then why don’t they do something about it? We’re living in the hour, that’s it, we’re at the end time. They know it, they proved that they were crooked, and now they won’t do nothing about it.

129That was a crooked outfit back there, and here’s the birth of it again: to get in a certain man, to get over a certain doctrine; Nicolaitane doctrine, which was once just a—a deeds, now it’s become a “doctrine.” The days of Al Smith it was a deeds, but now it’s a “doctrine.” Uh-huh, uh-huh. Now it’s here, it’s upon us. “Oh, he’ll make a jim-dandy president,” there’s no doubt about that in my mind; certainly, for that next term, till he can get welded in, get these pagan and Christian formals weld together.

130They’re working on Bibles, to try to bring it together, the popes, the cardinals. The archbishop of England, the archbishop of Canterbury, I met him, shook hands with him, talked to him, myself, when I was in England; leggings all plum up almost to his hips, and (Oh!) kind of a funny-dressed fellow. But he went over to visit the pope, the first time they visit for hundreds of years. What is it? ***We’re at the last hour!

Will the Church Go Before the Tribulation?

March 9, 1958 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

67And the Angel said, that morning, to Lot, after He had give the message; He said, “Hasten, come hither, for I can do nothing till thou has come hither.” I want you to notice this now, ’cause we have to cut short here, on account of the prayer line. Did you notice what the Angel said? “I can’t do nothing till you come hither.” What was it? It was a message of deliverance. And before one speck of fire could fall from Heaven, Lot had to get out of Sodom.

68And before one drop of rain fell from Heaven, Noah went into the ark.

69And before the atom bomb can strike this nation, the Church will go in the Rapture, to meet the Lord Jesus. And if the sputniks and the missiles are set, and the hammers are pulled back, the Angels are all standing in order. Hallelujah! The great corridors of Heaven is crowded full. The harps are all in tune. The great bands are already practiced up. There’s a Homecoming time pretty soon, for the Church of the living God, who has been waiting His Coming. Everything is in order. I’m so glad. I’m getting so tired. Oh, for that great hour!

70And to think, that, we’ve had a part in this junction time! Remember, “So shall it be in the coming of the Son of man, when the Son of man is being revealed from Heaven.” Now, remember, before the rain fell, Noah was in the ark.

71Before the fire fell, Lot was out of Sodom. For, the Angel said, “I can’t do nothing until you come hither. I’ve got the lever in my hand, to pull and make the fires fall from Heaven.”

72And I think that’s exactly. The Angel of destruction is holding the hand of Russia, with the atomic bombs; until the Church comes together, and one great Body of Christ. “I can’t do nothing till you come hither.” Oh, if that isn’t a blessed assurance!

73And if we see everything set in order, the going Home of the Church is in order. Here is the Angel of God with the same Message, performing the same signs, the same wonders, everything set in order. Branham Tabernacle, twenty-five years ago, nearly, I spoke over this same pulpit and told you these things will be happening, one of these days. Here it is! We’re at the end time. The junction is here. It’s near Home-going time for the Church.

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