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A Great Woman to Rule in the USA

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

January 21, 2021 · 18 min read

From that Time

July 16, 1960 · Klamath Falls, Oregon

213And so, this… I… I won’t have time in this meeting to tell you. In 1933… This is a woman’s nation. It’s the number thirteen. It appears in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation: thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, thirteen… Everything’s a thirteen. Everything is woman. And remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD there will be a woman rule before the end time. She’ll either be President, Vice President, or it’ll be the Catholic Church as a woman. I’ve seen her: A great woman, the nation bowed to her. It’ll be one before the end time. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Write it down and find out, you young people. See if it happens. If it isn’t, I’m a false prophet.

“There will be a woman rule before the end time. She’ll either be President, Vice President, or it’ll be the Catholic Church.”

God Keeps His Word

January 20, 1957 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

97If the early church was Catholic, then why have they changed; when the early Catholic condemned it, and this Catholic accepts it? “It’s a woman’s world.” The spirit and the slogan, is today. And that’s true. That is exactly right.

98And I predict that a woman will be a great woman. You younger people here tonight, remember Brother Branham has said this. And I said it in ’33, when I saw the Coming of the Lord. And how that automobiles would continually shape up like an egg, until finally they would come into a perfect egg shape. Maybe part of you here know it; it’s written on old papers and things. The morning when we was over here at the little Masonic temple where we were having the…or the orphanage over here, on—on the next, second street over, where we was having the meeting. And I seen a woman rise, vulgar as she was, and dominated the country. And I predict that a woman will either be President, or do, or come into great power of some sort, in the United States, before the total annihilation of the world. Keep that in mind. I have said it.

99Notice now what takes place. Jezebel, she ruled Ahab. She slammed him around. It used to be, poor papa…Or, mama stay home with the babies while the drunken husband was out. It’s poor papa now taking care of the baby while the drunken woman is out. Now that’s not jokes. That’s the truth. I’m not speaking of righteous people. No, sir. I’m only showing the spirit that’s in the world.

100Now notice. Isn’t this another glamorous…Look at the times of Ahab, how the country flourished. Oh, my! The great golden age was then. How Israel flourished under Ahab, that hypocrite, and Jezebel was really the ruler behind it! And that is a…To you Bible scholars. As Ahab married Jezebel and brought idolatry into Judaism, in the dark age, so has Protestantism married Catholicism, and brought paganism back into the Christian church.

101And today, remember, the Protestant church was called a harlot, for she was called a prostitute, too. Remember that. So, pot can’t call kettle black. You can’t jump from the fire, in the frying…the frying pan, into the fire, to help yourself.

Jehovah Jireh

March 12, 1961 · Richmond, Virginia

77And I said, “Then I seen some great powerful woman rise in the United States.” ’Cause this is a woman’s nation: woman’s picture on the money; everything is woman here. That’s right. She’s a goddess. Not you Christian women. I’m talking about… Let a little flapper come down the street here with all these shorts, and things. She can do more harm to the church of the living God, among men, than all the bootleg joints there is through the nation. That’s right.

This is a… America is a woman’s nation. Got her pictures, Her number’s thirteen, thirteen colonies, thirteen stripes, thirteen stars, thirteen so… Everything is thirteen, thirteen, thirteen and a woman. See?

And I seen a great woman rise up, beautiful to look at, but a cruel wicked heart. And that will be a church. And she’s on her road now.

78Then I seen the end time when the United States looked like a big bunch of bursted up stones and things like that, just blowed out, smoldering everywhere. Five of them has happened, two of them’s on their road. That has been twenty-one years ago (See?), when it was predicted. If five of them is perfectly hit, the other two’s got to. I see them coming on the road now. Oh, repent and flee from the wrath that is to come, church of the living God. Get back to the real Gospel, friend. You Methodists, you Baptists, you Pentecostals, the rest of you turn to God with all your heart, for your hours are short.

The Seventieth Week Of Daniel

August 6, 1961 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

201Now watch. I predicted seven things was yet in the making of the…before this great consummation or great thing would take place here in the United States, some great horrible thing. I said…

Now remember, this is before it started. I said we would go into a Second World War. How many remember hearing me say it? Say, “Amen.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All right. A Second World War! I said, “The President that now is…” I copied this off the old scripture, yet, the old thing yesterday, that, “The President that we now have,” which was…How many remembers whose it was? [A brother says, “Franklin Roosevelt.”] Franklin D. Roosevelt. I said, “The President we have in now will run even in the fourth term,” he was on his first then, “will run into the fourth term, and we will be taken to a Second World War.”

202I said, “The dictator that’s now arising in Italy, which is Mussolini, he will come into power. And he will go to Ethiopia, and Ethiopia will fall at his steps.” There is people setting here now that knows, that there’s a group of people come and stood, when I was having my meeting in the Redman’s Hall down there that night, when I had to go down there to preach that, Redman’s Hall, and was going to throw me out of the hall for saying such a thing. [Sister Wilson says, “Amen. That’s right.”—Ed.] Yeah. Yeah. Mrs. Wilson, I know you’re…[“That’s right.”] That’s right. When I said that…But did he do it? “But,” I said, “he’ll come to a shameful end,” and he did. Him and the woman he run with, was turned up-side-down and hung on a rope in the street, with their feet up, their clothes hanging down. All right, that come to pass.

203And then I said, “The women has been permitted to vote. Which is absolutely a disgrace upon the nation. And, in voting, some day they’ll elect the wrong man.” And they did that in this last election. My, my! Four…(I said, “Science will progress in such a way…”) No, here, that’s third. Pardon me.

204Here is the next one, there, the fourth. I said, “Our war will be with Germany, and they will build a great big concrete place and fortify themselves in there, and the Americans will take a horrible beating.” Almighty God knows, that Who I stand before now, I seen those independent Nazis kick at the Americans like that, and things, at that wall. [A man in the congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] And there is many boys standing here now that was at that Siegfried Line, that knows what it was. [“Amen. Yes, sir. Amen.”] And remember, that was eleven years before the Siegfried Line was built. Is God true? [Congregation says, “Amen.”] Does He still foretell things to happen? [“Amen.”] Watch. That’s, that was the fourth.

205Now the fifth thing. “Science will progress in such a way until they will make a car that will not have to be guided by a steering wheel. And the cars will continue to be shaped like an egg, until the consummation, the end time. I seen American family going down the road, in a broad way, riding in a car with their backs turned towards where the wheel should be, looked like they were playing checkers or cards.” And we got it. It’s on television. Popular Science, Mechanics, rather, all have it. We got the car. It’s controlled by a remote control, by—by radar. They won’t even have to have any steering wheel in it. Just set your dial like this, like you dial your phone, and your car takes you right on to it; can’t wreck, nor nothing, no other cars. The magnet keeps the rest of them away from you. See? They got it. Oh, my! Think of it. Predicted thirty years before it happened!

206Now, that brings us then to the election of President Kennedy. And this car coming on the—on the scene, bringing five things (out of the seven) that has happened exactly.

207Now, I predicted, and have said, “I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful-looking, dressed in real highly royal-like purple.” And I got little parenthesis down here, “(She was a great ruler in the United States; perhaps the Catholic church.)” A woman, some woman; I don’t know it’ll be the Catholic church. I don’t know. I can’t say. Only thing I seen, I seen the woman, that was all.

208But this is a woman’s nation. This nation is number thirteen, in prophecy. She’s got thirteen stripes, thirteen stars. She started thirteen colonies. Thirteen, thirteen, everything is thirteen. Appears in the 13th chapter of Revelations, even. She is thirteen. And she is a woman nation.

209The divorce courts in America produce more divorces, by our women, than all the rest of the nations. The morals in our country is lower, and divorces, than it is in France or Italy, where prostitution is on the street. So, but they are prostitutes; ours is married women trying to live with several men, and several married men trying to live with other women.

210In the nations where they have polygamy, it’s a thousand times better. And, yet, polygamy is wrong, we know. But, just show how degraded we are.

211I got a piece up there out of the paper, where it showed that when our American boys went overseas, in this last war, that over, I believe, it was around seventy percent…Why, now, wait a minute, I believe it was three out of four that went overseas, was divorced by their wife before they got back. And its great big headline says, “What’s happened to the morals of our American people?” You remember seeing it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All of you did, I guess. “What’s happened to the morals of our American women?” Plants, working out yonder with other men. It’s a woman’s nation. What’s she going have? A woman god, or a goddess.

212Now, then, after that, I turned and looked. And I saw this United States burning like a smolder, rocks had been blowed up. And it was burning like a—a heap of fire in logs, or something that just set it afire. And looked as far as I could see, and she had been blown up. And then the vision left me. Five out of the three has happened…or five out of the seven, rather, has happened.

213And here comes around and shows. And then I predicted. I never said the Lord told me that, but, standing that morning in the church, I said, “The way progress…” I got back to one end of their wall, and run to the other end of the wall. I said, “The way progress is going on, I’ll predict that the time…I don’t know why I’m saying it. But I predict that that’ll all happen between right now, 1933, and 1977.”

And not knowing it, God knows my heart, I never knowed it until yesterday, that 1977 is the jubilee, and exactly the same amount of time run out that He give with Israel, and everything at the end. So we’re at…And here we are at the end of the age, at the coming in of the seventieth week. We don’t know what time that the Church will be gone. Oh, my! What can we do, friends? Where we at? 214 Do you see what we are now? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Do you understand Daniel’s seventieth week now? [“Amen.”]

See, now, when we go on into these Seals and things, breaking these Seals. The first one comes forth, a white-horse rider, and he’s got a bow in his hand. Watch who that guy is. Watch that pale horse ride after him. See? Watch who it is, and look how they come in. Watch those hundred and forty-four thousand come in. Watch that sleeping virgin when she comes up. Then watch all this things take place, the pouring out of the Vials, the Woes, the three unclean spirits like frogs. Watch those things how they fit right in those plagues, exactly when they’re poured out. Every time a Seal opened, a plague pours out, and a destruction comes. And watch what takes place right now at the end.

The Faith That Was Once Delivered to the Saints

May 1, 1955 · Chicago, Illinois

17Going to Sunday school one morning, I was caught away in a vision. And I said, “Now…” Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I said, “Now, there’s going to be three great isms. Which is now in existence. One of them is in Rome, which is—is Fascism, and one of them is in Germany which is Nazi—Nazism. And the other one is in Russia, which is communism.” I said, “Those three great isms is the unclean spirits that went out of the mouth of the false prophet, and the dragons, and so forth that will unite themselves together, speaking things that they should not, and they’ll all beat at one another, until they’ll finally wind up in one ism. And I predict that that will be communism. And communism will burn the Vatican city. And I said, “Just before the end time comes…” Now remember, I still say this: “Before the end time comes…” Wrote twenty-three years ago. “Before the end time comes, there’ll be a woman, that’ll be a great ruler in this nation. She will either be president or something on that order, some great woman. And at that time, automobiles, just before the coming of the Lord, will be in the shape of an egg.” Now, remember that; keep it in mind. See? That was in 1932, or something like that. And look how they’re shaping down every year, right to it. We’re nearer the end time; we are.

18And great persecution will tear down all the differences and run us together as one person. We will… No man, no man will ever be able to do it. That’s too big a ma—job for a man; that’s God Himself will do that. We will be one someday. Amen. Oh, my, I will be so happy for that, won’t you? When it’s all over? Now, they’d been a scattering out of the people here. After thirty-three years you’d think of the great day of Pentecost. And I want to say something here, just a little a call, just a little word. We miscall the word “pentecost.” I never did care for it (See?), or the word “pentecost.” We’re not pentecostal people. Never. The pentecostal peoples was the blasphemers. Sure, they was one up there at Pentecost. They was the one up there in the pentecostal worship, not the church. We’re the church of the firstborn. We’re the ones that’s in the Kingdom of God. It was the pentecostal worshippers that was making fun of those people full of the Holy Ghost. It wasn’t the pentecostal people that—that was the… The pentecostal people was the Jews, up there worshipping at Pentecost. And this was a new deal God give to the church. So we’re not pentecostal. See? This is something new. They just moved that name on there. See? All right.

19But the blessings of the Lord, to come upon the church, and they went forth, those apostles, and those great powers, that they exercised a great revival. It wouldn’t look possible that, that would ever cease. Neither did we think one day, when Moses crossed the Red Sea with the children of Israel, God raining manna down out of heaven, would it ever be possible that they’d forget those great miracles. But it wasn’t but just, not over thirty, or forty days till they’d forgotten all of it and was murmuring against God. See how quickly people forget the first thing. Now, Jude was trying to tell them… Now, he said you must, I… “Beloved I wrote, give all diligence to write unto you, that—that you should earnestly contend for the faith, that was once delivered to the saints.” Now, every one of us in here, perhaps we’re Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, and all different denominational churches. To me that doesn’t mean nothing. I believe that you’re a Christian in your heart by being borned again.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

December 4, 1960 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

390Look at the prophecy the Lord give me in ’33, how it would happen, “They’d permit women to vote. In voting, they’d elect the wrong person.” Seven things was give, and five of them has already happened. The next thing was a great woman, a church, a power or something, would take over this United States, to rule. Then I seen it just like ashes, laying, where it come to the end. It was the end time.

391It said, “They’d have a machine that could drive. They didn’t have to have no driver in it.” They just perfected it. It said, eleven years…

392The Holy Spirit said to me. There it is on paper. You can’t…It can’t be denied. There it is on paper, as the Holy Spirit said.

393Eleven years before the Maginot Line was built, I said, “The Germans…America will just…President Roosevelt will be the rascal of all of them.” And that’s right. He was.

394Not hurting you Democrats’ feelings, but I—I’m telling you. It’s not a Democrat or Republican now. It’s Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that we’re talking about. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican. I’m a Christian. So then, they, whatever it was, but you notice there.

395And look here, the other day, if you want to see what a renegade bunch that is. Taking those machines and fix them, where, every time you’d vote for Mr. Nixon, you had to vote for this other fellow, the same time. Ed-…J. Edgar Hoover pulled the machines out. How many has been reading it? Why, sure, it’s all over the whole papers, news, and everything else. You see where we’re at?

396There’s nothing honest no more but Christ. Amen. Oh, that blessed old Book! That’s It. That’s the only One that tells you who you are, where you come from, and where you’re going (Yes, sir.), is this blessed old Book, oh, that makes me love Him. Don’t it you? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]

Faith in the Father, faith in the Son,
Faith in the Holy Ghost, these three are One;
Demons will tremble, and sinners awake;
Faith in Jehovah makes anything shake.

The Laodicean Church Age

December 11, 1960 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

49But there’ll be a powerful woman! Now, remember! This is on tape, too. A powerful woman, great woman, she’ll either be President, or it’ll be a woman representing the Catholic church (which I think it is) will take over here someday and she’ll rule this country. This nation is a woman’s nation. Flag was made by a woman, it’s number thirteen. She started out, thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, thirteen colonies. Everything’s thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, right on down. Thirteen stars on her silver dollar now. Everything’s a thirteen. It’s number thirteen, and appears in the 13th chapter of Revelation. Completely thirteen! Everything is “woman, woman, woman, woman, woman,” right on down. And she took over all the offices. She’s took over Hollywood. She’s took over the nations. She’s took over the offices. She’s took over everything there is; equal rights with the man, votes with the man, cusses like a man, drinks like a man, anything else. And just bait for the Catholic church, for the worship of a woman! They’re already worshipping a woman, anyhow.

50She’s the best…A immoral woman is the best bait the devil ever had. She’s worse than all the barrooms that ever was. She can send more souls to hell than all the barrooms in the country. That’s right.

51“A good woman is a jewel in a man’s crown,” said the wisest man on earth. A man ought to honor a good woman, see. “But an evil one is water in his blood,” and his blood is his life. You men that’s got good wives, you don’t know how you ought to thank God for a good wife! For if God could’ve give a man anything better for a helpmate, He’d have done it. But a woman is the best helpmate that God could give a man. But when they turn…

The Ephesian Church Age

December 5, 1960 · Jeffersonville, Indiana

48Now, and it said in there, “At that time, there’d be a great woman stand up in the United States.” And she was dressed and beautiful, but she was cruel in heart. And I got in parenthesis on the vision, even yellow paper, said, “perhaps the Catholic church.” And the women being permitted to vote would help elect the wrong person for this nation. And that’s what they done. Exactly. Now, said, “That would be the beginning.”

49Now another thing it said, that…Then immediately after that, I saw this nation become as a smolder, just blowed to bits. Now, if them things has happened, so will this other. We’re at…That’s the reason I’m here tonight trying to bring this and set it to this people at Jeffersonville, ’cause I’m fixing to enter the mission fields pretty soon again, and don’t know what time that I may be called away or caught away. I—I…we don’t know that. And I want to be sure that I’m…let the church know the hour they’re living, ’cause Almighty God will hold me responsible for it.