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The Word Made Flesh

William Branham

William Branham

William Branham Evangelistic Association

February 23, 2020 · 41 min read

The Identification Of Christ In All Ages

March 9, 1964 ·

73And now, remember, if you ever did, or ever will have Eternal Life, you had It with Him then. See, you had It with Him. Because, Jesus came, and Jesus was the Redeemer. To redeem anything, is, “bring it back” from where it fallen from or went from. Redeem it, “bring it back.” And you, the way you look, who you are, who, what your name is, that was God’s thinking before the foundation of the world. And Jesus came not to save the whole thing; He wanted to, but He come to redeem, bring back them that was in His thoughts before the beginning.

74That’s the reason, He was the Word made flesh. See? “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself.” The Word, God’s thinking of how He would do it, He expressed Himself in Jesus Christ. It was God becoming material.

75Now, where you are now, you have to die, because you’re yet…Just like snapping a picture. You’re the negative. Any negative has to go into the darkroom, through acids, to develop the picture, to make you see what it is. We are now in the expressed imagine of Him. It’s the negative has been taken, we’re human life. But we must go in the darkroom, down into the grave, to go through the developing, to come back forth in the image; oh, my, young forever, all the old age and all the dis-…defects and everything will be taken away.

76Then we are redeemed, God’s attributes, right back. God, material, with Christ in the Church; just like man and his wife, that’s right, Christ and the Bride. Cause, it redeems back, His thinking, and His thinking is expressed out.

The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed

March 18, 1962 ·

224Predestinated as He was, makes the Word-Seed flesh in you, His Church, God’s Word.

225You say, “Sure, Brother Branham. Every Word, I believe It.” Then don’t back up when you get your tradition. See?

226Stay right with that Word. And stay with That, watch what happens. Say, “O Lord, I believe It. Send the Holy Spirit.” Then watch. Then if He goes to bearing record, then you know you got It. Not by some sensation; the devils do that. Not by some miracle; the devils do that. But by your constant belief in the Word of God, and the life that you live, never denying nothing. All right. That makes the Word becoming flesh, see, flesh and the same Water-Spirit.

Now, wait a minute. I can’t pass this by. See?

A Super Sign

December 27, 1959 ·

70And another thing, “The Word was made dust, flesh, and dwelt among us.” The Jehovah, the Word became human, became dust and tabernacled with us. Everlasting sign, “shall never end.” Oh, when we think of it, an Eternal sign, the super signs of all sign, God becoming one of us.

71Then, again, He must be the Seed of Abraham. Abraham, of course, was the seed of Eve. Eve… “Was the woman’s Seed that was to bruise the serpent’s head.” But, Abraham, if you can catch it, he had faith in God, which united the Spirit of God with the flesh of man. There is where the faith come. There is why He could be the Abraham Seed, not all flesh, but the uniting of Spirit and flesh together. God, making Himself… tearing out, rooting out all evil, bringing into submission the flesh, the dust that He created, and live with you as a—a partner.

The Identification Of Christ In All Ages

April 9, 1964 ·

255Heavenly Father, we are grateful to see the risen Messiah. Nineteen hundred years of all kinds of theology and movements, but still, in the darkness of all of it, You promised that You would appear here in the last days, in this Sodom day, and You would make Yourself known to the children of Abraham, the called, the elected. And here You are, tonight after nineteen hundred years, You are just as much alive tonight as You was when You talked to the woman at the well. It’s God manifested in flesh, now in the flesh of His Bride, for the Bride and the Husband is the same-self flesh. “These two are one.” And the Church is becoming the Bride, all the time, by believing the Word, so that the Word and the Church becomes the same. The Word in the Church, making it the Bride. The last sign, God identifying Himself, the Word in the Church.

256O God, these peoples who say they believe, have their hands laid on one another. They are praying. Look down from Your Glory, Lord, watch. Confirm Your Word. You said, “These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover.”

257O God, may Satan lose his hold in their faith tonight. May God come in and let them know that He has identified Himself right here among us. And Jesus Christ the Son of God is here with us now, the identified resurrected Jesus Christ, making Hisself known. First time He’s done this since nineteen hundred years ago, and here He is tonight. May Satan lose his power; his unbelief fade out, and may the power of the resurrected Christ come into these people and heal every one of them. And we cast out Satan. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he go from this people right now, that they all may be well; while they’re praying, one for another, with their hands laid upon each other. Grant it, in Jesus Christ’s Name.

A Trial

April 27, 1964 ·

269And He said, “As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of God coming, when the Son of man shall be being revealed.” “The Son of man being revealed,” not the Son of God in the church age. He’s put out of that. Now He’s Son of man revealing Himself. The Word is becoming flesh among us.

270Oh, my friend, open your eyes, court, before you make your decision. Make your decision and believe it with all your heart. He’s justified in writing this in the Scripture. He’s justified in what He says. I can prove it. I know He’s right. God does prove it.

271He needs nobody to interpret, say, “This is that, and This is that.” He says He’ll do it, and He does it, and that settles it. He is His own Interpreter.

272You believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] How many is believers, then? Raise up your hand, say, “I’m a believer.” I want every believer in here to stand to your feet. Unbeliever, remain seated. Believers stand to your feet.

Who Is This Melchisedec?

February 21, 1965 ·

70And then, you see, He come right down, the regular line, from attribute to… Before the foundation of the world, his name is put on the Lamb’s Book of Life. Then, from that, He become the Word, the theophany, that could appear, disappear. And then He become flesh and returned back again, resurrected that same body in a glorified condition.

But you bypassed the theophany and become flesh-man, to be tempted by sin. And then, “If this earthly tabernacle is dissolved, we have one already waiting.” We have not yet the bodies.

71But, look! When this body receives the Spirit of God, the immortal Life inside of you, it throws this body in subjection to God. Hallelujah! “He that’s born of God doth not commit sin; he cannot sin.” Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus; they walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” There you are. See, that throws your body subject.

You don’t have to say, “Oh, if I could just quit drinking! If I could just…” Just get in Christ, and it’s all gone, see, see, because your body is subject to the Spirit. It’s no more subject to the things of the world; they’re dead. They are dead; your sins are buried in baptism, and you are a new creation in Christ. And your body, becoming subject to the Spirit, try to live a right kind of life.

The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ

November 25, 1965 ·

266If I was supposed to die in the morning, a man took my place, I cannot die for that sin. Somebody took my place.

267And Jesus, the Word, took my place. He become me, that a sinner, that I might become Him, the Word. Amen. Let me hold true to It, not the church. The Word! Amen.

268Oh, that spiritual union of Christ and His Church now, when the flesh is becoming Word, and the Word is becoming flesh, manifested, vindicated. Just what the Bible said would happen in this day, it’s happening, day by day. Why, it’s cumulating so fast out there, in those deserts, and things taking place, that I couldn’t even keep up with it. We’re near the Coming of Jesus, to be united with His Church, where the Word becomes the Word. Call of the Holy Spirit, searching the hearts!

Has The Lord Spoken Only To Moses?

November 30, 1953 ·

3God never changes. His power is just the same as it was in the—before the creation of time. God made and spoke, and in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. That’s in the beginning: the Word. The Word was made flesh and dwelled among us. The Word returned back into the Spirit again and living among men tonight, just the same God living on through the ages.

And His Word tonight is just as effective in the heart of a believer as It was when It was spoken in the beginning. It never varies from Its course. It’ll move on. It’s a constant relay, a chain that’ll always… And through all ages God has always had someone that He could trust and work through. God’s always had an outlet on the earth, always. Sometime it’s got down to a very few, but He’s never been without a witness, someone that He could witness to.

Revelation, Book Of Symbols

June 17, 1956 ·

105Now, Heavenly Father, time will not permit us. We feel Your Spirit just moving through us. And we love You, because the Holy Spirit loves the Word. He gets in the Word, and He takes the Word and reveals It, opens It up. In other wise, He reveals Jesus through His Word. For, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. And the Word was made flesh, which is Christ.” And now the Word turns right back around and reveals again, and makes manifest the risen Christ, not a historical one.

106O God, may the Church see that, this morning. But it’s the revelation, the Word bringing it to Life, the Word Itself revealing the resurrected Lord Jesus. And He’s in our midst, waiting for a time till we can all be coped together, and He can march us into the Millennium, triumph as a victor in victory.

The Thyatirean Church Age

December 8, 1960 ·

29Find out that your name has a bearing on your life. Now, I can’t go too much of that, ’cause the devil has a false numerology; we know that; starts people feeling, and so forth like that, which runs into spiritualism. And spiritualism is of the devil. We know that. And that’s the way, you have to watch. Like they…

30The reason they called Jesus a “Beelzebub,” a “devil,” because, you see, He could discern the thoughts of their mind. See, but He was the Word of God. And Hebrews 4 said, “The Word of God, sharper than a two-edged sword, even discerner of the thoughts of the intents of the heart, the mind.” See? So, He was the Word, He’s the living Word, and the living Word comes into us and then It does the same effect on us. See, same, because It’s the same Word. See, It’s the same thing among us. And that’s the way. And sometimes those who are not in that bracket speak with tongues, and another one interpret it. What is it? The Word made flesh again among us.


December 10, 1961 ·

253Jesus did the works of His Father because the Father was in Him. That is why the works was done, because that the Father was in the Son. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] That, in Him, He was the incarnate God. Do you believe that? [“Amen.”] That, God the Father, which is the Father of Jesus Christ, the Great Spirit dwelt (in the fulness of His Power) in Jesus Christ, which was the Tabernacle of God, made flesh and dwelt on earth, representing the Word. Jesus was the Word. The Bible said so, Saint John, 1st chapter. And the Word was invisible. Now listen close. The Word was invisible until It was made flesh, and then the Word become visible.

254And through His sacrificial death at Calvary, and His resurrection, positionally placed His Church in that realm, that the same invisible God could come into the individual and make the Word visible. Oh, my! I—I wish my church could get that. If you could see, friends, the invisible God made visible!


December 10, 1961 ·

256Now here stands a group of people to be prayed for. Now, we realize, if this Scripture is true…And the God of Heaven, Who could create a squirrel, could create a ram, could stop the sun for a whole day, twenty-four hours, that could keep fire from burning people in a furnace for three hours, He could stop the mouth of lions, that could raise the dead, could walk on water, could take biscuits and feed five thousand, that’s God. That’s the Word made flesh in human beings. Now does everybody understand that? Now this same God promised that in the last days these things would reoccur again, but He can’t do it until there is somebody He can work them with, and work on. You see what I mean? Now let’s believe that, emphatically, with all of our heart, that it’s going to be that way.

Christianity Versus Idolatry

December 17, 1961 ·

191We are made partakers of His holiness. We, in His image, we are living images of a living God. Then, dead to self, raised with Him, (now listen, listen to this), His Word made flesh again in us. (Oh, Brother Neville!) Look! What is it? Not the mythical, imaginary god sitting out there, but the living God. What is the living God? The Word in you making Itself real. Whew! Glory to God! Oh, I know you think I’m a holy roller, maybe I am. But, oh, brother, do you see it? Triumph over every denomination, triumph over all paganism, a living God made manifest in a living temple, and the Word of God (which is God) is made flesh in you. Why? You’re seated in Heavenly places, triumphed over all things, in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Sirs, We Would See Jesus

December 24, 1961 ·

245…They lost Him, in their commercial crowds.

246They lost Him, in their religious crowds. That’s right. They made creeds out of it. They made denominations out of it. They lost it. They took the—they took the ritual instead of the Bible. They took a bunch of men’s ideas instead of what God said. They said, “Put your name on the book. Shake hands. That’s all you have to do. Be baptized, ‘Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.’” The whole thing is false. That’s right.

247There is where the church crowd lost Him, when they lost Him. Why? Not in their church buildings, not in their what-you-call-it’s, their—their group of people. But they lost Him when they left the Word. “If that…If you abide in Me, and My Word in you, ask what you will. It’ll be given to you. It’ll be done for you, if you abide in Me, and My Words abide in you,” ’cause it’s God, made flesh again. See? “Ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, then just ask what you will. It’ll be done for you.” That’s it.

248But, today, they’re not abiding. They’re, this day, a Methodist, tomorrow a Baptist, next day a Presbyterian, ain’t got nowhere yet.

249“If My Word abide in you! And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us.” Hallelujah!

250Brother Neville, that’s so true. [Brother Neville says, “Oh, glory! I know it.”—Ed.] The Word made in your flesh, speaking through you.

Sirs, We Would See Jesus

December 24, 1961 ·

296God, we’re so glad to see that He has vindicated every bit of it, to show that He is God. He keeps His Word. The great Pillar of Fire is still among us. The great signs and wonders that He promised, is still happening.

297O God, we are so happy that, tonight, that the purpose that brought Him to the earth, that we have a right to possess His Spirit in our lives. That gives us Eternal Life, His Word made flesh in our own being.

298Let us surrender ourselves, tonight, Lord, surrender completely, to everything of this world, that we might be dead to the things of the world; and rise again to a new Life in Christ, to go forth in this coming year, if the year lasts through, or if it even gets here. Lord Jesus, to be new, consecrated vessels of God, washed by the water of the Word, through the Blood, and set aside for service for Christ! Grant it, Lord. We commit ourselves to You, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed

March 18, 1962 ·

314“My lord being old, too, and me old, and me have pleasure with him again?” And she…[Brother Branham imitates Sarah’s silent laugh—Ed.]

315And the Angel showed Abraham Who He was, that He was the Word.

He said, “Why did Sarah laugh?”

So he called her forth, and she said, “I never.”

He said, “But you did.”

316What? That’s grace. See? Right there, God would have slew her right there, but He couldn’t. Oh! See our stupidity? He’d kill every one of us, but He can’t. To kill Sarah, He had to take Abraham, ’cause Sarah was a part of Abraham. They were one, in union. And to take the Church and destroy It, He can’t do it, because It’s part of Himself, Christ; part of Himself, the Word being made flesh. Oh! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! Couldn’t do it. You get it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] He couldn’t kill her. He couldn’t take her life, because she was part of Abraham. See? She was flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone.

The Restoration Of The Bride Tree

April 22, 1962 ·

511“I will restore, saith the Lord.” Hallelujah! Glory! Praise be to God. The fourth Light is to come, that will bring forth the same signs. Watch. Justification brought back the pulp. Sanctification brought back the bark, doctrine of holiness.

512What brought back the leaf? Pentecostals. What is it? Pentecostals, leaves, clap their hand, joy, rejoicing, Pentecostal.

513What? The fourth was the Word, Itself. The Word made flesh, fruits of the proof of the resurrection sign that Christ has finally, after justification been planted, sanctification been planted, baptism of the Holy Ghost. Organizations died out. And Christ has again centered Himself like that cap of the pyramid. First line, justification; sanctification; baptism of the Holy Ghost; then coming of the Cap.

514What is it? That Holy Ghost bunch being honed out so that it can fit with the same kind of ministry He had when He went away, that, when He comes back, it’ll catch the whole thing in the Rapture, where the justified, sanctified, and baptism of the Holy Ghost. That pyramid will stand again. The House of God will live again. The Tree of Life is growing again.

Letting Off The Pressure

June 9, 1962 ·

35The Name of the Lord is a mighty tower, when the righteous run into it, are safe. What kind of a tower? It’s a tower of refuge, where we can go in there. And that… the Word… The Lord is the Word. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us.”

Again, “If ye abide in Me (the tower), My words abide in you…” Now, that’s when you’re on the inside. Not when you’re out there looking in; but when you’re in here looking out. See? When… “If ye abide in Me and My words abide in you, you can ask what you will, and it’ll be done for you.”

Letting Off The Pressure

June 9, 1962 ·

70Now, Father, that’s all I know to say. I’m trying to tell them of a safe place where they can just rest. And, God, in here is healing. In here is a Rock that all the unbelief can be beat off with, the Rock of the Word. And may the Word come forward now and be made flesh among us. And it said, “It’s sharper than a two-edged sword. It pierces down into even the asunder, and a discerner of the thoughts of the heart.” A discerner of the thoughts of the heart…

“If ye abide in Me, and My Word in you, then ask what you will.” Lord, I’ve been turned out, run over, run down, but I’ve tried to stand faithful. I’m happy to do it by Your Word. Let it ever abide in my heart. And before this audience tonight, which I’ll stand again at someday; if no more on earth, at the day of that great day when Jesus comes, I know that Your Word is Truth.

Help me, O Lord, that I might be able to be used tonight. And if… I know I’m not a theologian, Father. You never called me for that. But I pray that You’ll let the ministry that You gave me to bless the people with, come forward now. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the Word come, and pierce down into here, and discern the thoughts of the heart; that the people might know that the Word of God is abiding in us. In Jesus’ Name I ask it, for God’s glory. Amen.

We Would See Jesus

July 27, 1962 ·

32Now, when Jesus was here on earth, He said to them that did not believe Him… He was an ordinary man, and He called Himself God. They said, “When You make Yourself equal with God we know you’re mad (And the word ‘mad’ there, of course, we understand means ‘crazy.’) and you’re crazy. You are a Samaritan. You’ve got a devil,” and so forth.

But Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures, for in Them you think you have Eternal Life, and They are They that testify of Me. They are They that bear witness of Me.” “Testify” is “to bear witness.”

When you go to a trial to be a witness, you’re testifying for somebody. See? And Jesus said, “The Scriptures are They that bear record of Me.” Then He was God’s Word expressed in human flesh. You see it? God’s promise made flesh to express Itself, that’s what Christ was, the Word of God expressed in human form. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

Again He said to them, “If I do not the works of My Father, then believe Me not. But though you don’t believe Me, believe the works.” See, that’s God expressing Himself through the flesh. He was God made flesh, the Word, living Word.

Why I’m Against Organized Religion

November 11, 1962 ·

143Borned again from Above. Then we are active, active in things from Above, and, for His Life is in us, which is His Word a vindicating the Word Itself. The Spirit that’s in you is the Word made flesh in you. The Spirit minds the Word, and is active in vindicating the Word.

144Now, the Spirit is not active in any denomination. It’s not interested in making organization, because the Spirit Itself is contrary to the organization. The organization are looking for worldly things, the mind of the world, and they make big temples and polished things, and great polished organizations, polished preachers, and so forth like that, and the best class in the city. Where, the Spirit is trying to find honest hearts where the Spirit is anxious to manifest and prove that every Word of God is true. How can you, how can the Spirit work in an organization when it’s denying, taking creeds instead of the Word? Can’t do it. So, you see, it’s dead. God don’t go to them kind of places to find His, a—a group of man to work for Him, ’cause they’re already dead. They’re unbelievers in the Word, or wouldn’t be in there. See? Now, we are active in the things from Above. Now, the Spirit minds the Word. Now, that’s right, ’cause the Spirit gives the Word Life. See? “The letter killeth; the Spirit giveth Life.”


January 26, 1963 ·

97Where, the church is caught today, “Does it take denominational groups? Does it take a group of men? Does it take a group of women?” It takes one person surrendered to God, to His Word.

98Jesus Christ was God, made flesh in order to die. That, the Word, He and the Word was the same. The Word could just flow through Him. There’s no doubt at all.

99God is trying to get somebody, through the sanctifying power of Christ, to yield to that Word, that He and the Word can become one again, then He can use His Word through that person.

The Indictment

July 7, 1963 ·

126There it is, the sign of the time. What did it class Him? “A fanatic, a crazy man.” Yeah, they found fault with the Man Who was the Word.

127He was the Word. Saint John, 1st chapter, proves it, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.” He was the living Word of God, because He was expressing God through Himself. He was so completely to surrendered to the—to the Word of God, till He and the Word was the same. And that’s exactly what the Church ought to be today, that the Word of God is the same.

128How can you be part of that Word when you deny practically all of It? And the reason it’s done, is not because the people; that’s the reason I think God spoke to me about calling His people the “Rickys” and “Rickettas.” It’s because of these selfish denominations, has got those people living out there in the way they’re living. They’ve crucified the Truth. And the people call It a blasphemy, and they make It blasphemy, rather. They call It fanaticism, and so forth, and not knowing that they’re blaspheming the very God that they go to church to serve.

129Therefore, I indict this bunch of clergy today. I indict this generation, in the Name of Jesus Christ, under the authority of God’s Word. You are crucifying Him again.

130Notice, “He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever,” God’s Word a vindicated in a man.

Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

July 28, 1963 ·

185Now you see His secret? What to? To restore fallen Eve, as she was a prefigure of the Church. And now notice, as God opened up the side of Adam and took out Eve, by his own flesh and blood; and divided his spirit from masculine and feminish, to feminish, and put it in Eve. Took the rib from under his side, and made Eve out of it; so God did the same thing, taking out of the side of Christ, the Blood and the water. And Christ is the Word, and taking the Word and making up His Church, Eve; see, back to Himself again, redeemed by the Blood that was come from His Body. You see it now? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]

186God’s great mystery now being unfolded, that’s been hid since the foundation of the world, but prefigured it all the way down through. Now watch, we find that, that He—that He did that. And here in Ephesians, and many other places, but that will give you enough to…Now, down through the ages, He has been slowly unfolding this mystery. Can you see now? Now, down through the…

The Token

February 8, 1964 ·

111“God, in sundry times and divers manners,” Hebrew 1, said, “He spoke to the fathers through the prophets, but in this last day through His Son, Jesus Christ.” What is His Son? The Word. “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” And This is the Revelation, the completeness of Christ. “Whoever will add one word to It, or take One from It, the same will be taken, his part, out of the Book of Life.” There is the Revelation. We only need the Token with us to make that Word live again. That’s what He sent the Token for. It give us the statement, give us that statement, and we know it’s the Truth.

112The new Token shows Jesus has met every requirement for us, and He is here, the new Token. The Token of the Holy Spirit shows that we know that Jesus died to free us from all the things of the world, and the Token that is upon us proves it by vindicating what He said.

113Now how can a man claim to hold that Token in front of him, and deny what this Word says? It isn’t so. It can’t be so. God can’t lie about His Own Word.

Jehovah-Jireh #2

April 3, 1964 ·

131Notice, He separated Eve and Adam, and she fell. Adam went with her. Now, “Adam was not deceived.” Eve was deceived. But Adam, the first Adam, was God’s son also. And he went out because of the love of Eve, to try to bring her back, ‘cause he loved her.

132Christ did the same thing, to redeem Her back. What to? The Word. What caused the fall? The Word, disbelieving the Word, all the Word. And Christ come that He might become one of us, His Life in us, to continue the Word. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The same yesterday, today, and forever.” Same God! That’s why He come, to do that.

133Now we find, in the confirmation, redeem us back to Himself, redeem the wayward children that strayed out in these morgues; and come back to the Word again, back to the identified Word!

The Feast Of The Trumpets

July 19, 1964 ·

240But the prophet said, “The Son will not shine through this day; it’ll be a day of gloom.” They’ve had enough Light, like a real rainy day, they could join churches, and believe the Lord, and things like that. But, he said, “In the evening time, the clouds will move away, the denominations will fade.” And the same Gospel, the same Word made flesh, as He promised in Luke 17:33. The same Gospel, with the same thing, would take place in the evening time, just when the shadows are getting low. The same Gospel, the same Christ that lived in flesh back yonder at the beginning, on the Eastern people, shall live again in the Western people at the end time. “It shall be Light in the evening time.”

241“All Scriptures is given by inspiration,” and cannot be broken.

Proving His Word

August 16, 1964 ·

235Now, we say He’s raised from the dead. I didn’t say it, the Word here said it. They said, “He raised from the dead.” He says He’s the same yesterday, and forever. You believe that? He promised these things to happen in the last day, that the same Son of man will be made manifest.

236Now, remember, that was not Jesus talking to Abraham there, that could discern the thoughts in Sarah’s mind behind Him. That was not Jesus, He had not yet been born. But it was a Man in human flesh, that Abraham called “Elohim, the great Almighty.” Showing…And Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Sodom,” now watch close, “in the days of Sodom, so will it be at the coming of the Son of man, when the Son of man is being revealed.” Not no more as a church, see, not no more; the Bride is called, see. “In that day the Son of man will be revealed.” What? To join the Church to the Head, unite, the marriage of the Bride. The Bridegroom call will come right through this, when the Son of man will come down and come in human flesh to unite the two together. The Church has to be the Word, He is the Word, and the two unites together, and, to do that, it’ll take the manifestation of the revealing of the Son of man. Not a clergyman. I—I don’t know, I…Do you see what I mean? See, it’s Son of man, Jesus Christ, will come down in human flesh among us, and will make His Word so real that it’ll unite the Church and Him as one, the Bride, and then She’ll go Home to the Wedding Supper. Amen. She’s already united, see, we go to the Wedding Supper, not to the marriage. “…fill your flesh…self, of all the flesh of mighty men, ’cause the marriage of the Lamb has come.” But, the Rapture, is going to the Wedding Supper. When, the Word here unites with the person, and they two become one. And then what does it do then? It manifests the Son of man again, not the church theologians. The Son of man! The Word and the Church becomes one. Whatever the Son of man done, He was the Word, the Church does the same thing.

The Harvest Time

December 12, 1964 ·

353Now, doesn’t Malachi 4 teach us, that before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come, that this will take place? How many knows that? “And He will restore the hearts of the children to the fathers,” is that right, “the Faith of the original pentecostal fathers.”

354“And in that day,” Luke 17:20, I believe it is, Jesus said, “when the Son of man is being revealed,” not men. “The Son of man,” not an organization. “The Son of man,” the Word living Itself again among the people! See?

355The Word, Itself, made flesh in you, you are a reflection of this hour, the Message, reflection of it. See, you live again, live the Life that was in Jesus Christ. You’re in the Presence of the Son. Then to the…

356What happens to it? What happens to that Church? Finally, listen, that shuck pulls away from that wheat, when it begins to be manifested. What happened? The Life that was in the shuck, went on out in the wheat. The Life won’t change. The carriers change, they denominate; see, the blades, the tassel, the shuck. But the wheat can’t change. It’s got to be a ministry just exactly on the Word like He was on the Word, and like the first Church was on the Word, Spirit filled, Word fed; not denominational fed. Word fed!

Who Do You Say This Is?

December 27, 1964 ·

213We pray, God, that You’ll bless, today, Thy people. Bless this little church. Bless this dear pastor and his son here, Brother Outlaw and—and his son; both Jimmy Sr. and Jr. Bless everyone that’s in here.

214God, may we just never come here this morning…May I…I never drove up from Tucson just to just…If I had the privilege of speaking to some people, Lord, it—it wasn’t to—to glorify nothing but this Person, who the people’s wondering who it is. They know that man can’t do this. They know it’s beyond man to know these things. But the people says, “What is it?”

215Lord, we know It’s You. It’s Jesus Christ, in the person of the Holy Ghost. He is the Holy Ghost. “I come from God. I go to God.” And we see the great Pillar of Fire among us, Lord, the same as they did in the first part of the Bible with Moses. We seen It in the middle of the Bible when Paul was on his road to Damascus. We see It. Now here we see It at the end-time again. Three is a confirmation. It’s been the Message each time.

216God, may man and women no longer hold on to traditions and creeds. But may they come out of that thing, give their lives completely to God and believe; not trust just upon theory and things of man, but trust in the Living God. While these holidays are going on, the cry still is: “Who is this? What is it? What’s it all about?” Religious people say that same thing. And It’s the same Lord Jesus, made flesh in His people, anointing His Word for the Bride. And they can’t understand It. They’re all so tore away in Laodicea, till they don’t know what It’s all about. But the prophet said, “There’ll be Light in the evening.” So now, we’re looking for It, Lord. Come, Lord, bless each one.

Who Is This Melchisedec?

February 21, 1965 ·

78Then, when a man is born again, from Heaven, he becomes a spirit babe in Christ.

And, then, when this robe of flesh is dropped, there is a natural body, theophany, a body not made with hands, neither born of a woman, that we go to.

Then that body returns back and picks up the glorified body.

That’s the reason Jesus went to hell when He died, and preached to the souls that were in prison; turned back into that theophany. Oh, marvelous! Thank God!

79Second Corinthians 5:1, “If this earthly body be dissolved, this earthly tabernacle, we have another one.” See, we have bypassed that, to come straight from God, the attribute; to be flesh, to be tempted and tested by sin, like Adam did. But when testing of His Word is over, then we are taken up to this body that was prepared for us before the foundation of the world. It is the Word there that we skipped, to come right around, down here to be tempted and tested. If we’d have come through that, there’d have been no temptation; we’d knowed all things. That’s the reason Jesus knowed all things, ’cause He was Word before He was flesh. Then we become the Word.

80Here we are formed to the Word image, to be a partaker of the Word, feed on the Word, by being predestinated since the beginning; you see that little spark of Life that you had in you from the beginning, when you started your journey. Many of you can remember it. You joined this church and joined that church, you’d try this and that; nothing satisfied. That’s right. But one day you just recognized It. Right.

It Is The Rising Of The Sun

April 18, 1965 ·

110That’s what He proved! Hallelujah! That’s what Easter proved. He wasn’t only the Word, but He was God Himself, the Dynamics, in the Word. That made the body of Jesus Christ (cold, stiff, and dead, in the grave) shake into Life and rise again, and roll away the stone. “I am He that was dead,” so dead till the sun said He was dead, the moon said He was dead, the stars said He was dead. All nature said He was dead. And now the whole world has to recognize that He’s alive again. He was not only the Mechanics, God’s Word, He was the Dynamics to prove It.

111And as He, being the Groom, the Bride has to come forth, ’cause It’s part of Him. And It can only be the manifestation of the fulfilling of all the revelations any others has spoke of the Bride; It can only manifest. If it does something different from the Groom, it isn’t the Bride. Because, She is flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone; Life of His Life, Power of His Power! She is Him! As man and woman are one, and woman taken from his side; She had taken a Spirit, the feminish Spirit, from Him. The flesh from His side, made both Mechanics and Dynamics, the Wife. The Spirit of Him and the flesh of Him, and put it together, and made Mechanics and Dynamics. Until the church or the people…

112All these Easter bunnies, and ceremonies, and big churches, and finery, will fail and pass away.

113Until that Church becomes both Dynamics and Mechanics; and the Spirit of God, that moved Him, to do the things that He did! If He hit on sixteen cylinders, so will the Bride. Amen! For He said, in John 14:12, “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also. I’ll give him a charge of My Dynamics, in his Mechanics, that the world will not be able to withstand it; and I’ll raise him up again at the last day.” That’s the Easter Message, the Dynamics and the Mechanics, together! The Mechanics without the Dynamics, no good; neither is the Dynamics, without the Mechanics.

114You can scream and shout, and jump up-and-down, all you want to, and deny this Word, it won’t do any good. You’re just cranking around the—the pistons of…Got the spark there to fire, but no gasoline to fire it by.

115It’ll only work as they come together. Amen! So, one will set still, and the other One will go up. That’s the only thing there is to it. Yet, they both might look alike, both claim to be churches, both claim to be Bride. But One has Mechanics and Dynamics, It brings it to pass, of what He said is the Truth.

116It just won’t move, no matter how good the Mechanics is, until the Dynamics come. When the Dynamics come, that Fire is made to connect with that octane in the gasoline. And when That explodes, it causes a combustion, and that combustion moves every motion, every move, for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That’s the resurrection. That’s the real Power of God, Mechanics with the Dynamics. Notice, “It’s the Spirit that quickens.” It’s the—it’s the Spark that fires. It’s not the gas that fires; it’s the Spark that fires the gas. See?

117“You can do nothing without Me; but with Me you can do all things.” As He is the Word, It’s the Father living. “Father sent Me, so send I you. As the Father has fired Me and pushed Me into everything, I do only that which is pleasing to God. Now, as He sent Me, so send I you with the same Mechanics, and it takes the same Dynamics to operate It. And these signs shall follow them that claim to have the Mechanics. The Dynamics will take Its place.”

118Paul said, “The Gospel came to us not in Word only,” through gasoline only, “but through Spark also,” to make It move. There you are. It came to us in that manner.

Satan’s Eden

August 29, 1965 ·

49And then made one of His attributes from His Own Body. God has attributes in His Body.

50Like, you are an attribute of your father. And, you notice, you was in your grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s. But, in that, say, we’ll take it down to like you and your father. Now, you did not know anything when you were in your father. The germ of life comes from the male. The male has the blood cell; the woman has the—the egg; now, therefore, the blood cell has the life in it. And, then, when you were in your father, you actually knowed nothing about it. But, yet, science and God’s Word proves that you were in your father, but you knowed nothing about it.

51But then the father longed to know you. And with the union of connection with mother, then you were made known to father. Now, you are your father’s attribute. You look like him, and you’ve got parts of your body that looks like your father.

52Now, that’s the way God was in the beginning. Every son of God and every daughter of God was in God at the beginning. You don’t remember it now, but you were there. He knowed it. And He wanted you to become so He could contact you, speak with you and love you, and shake your hands.

“Take care and be on guard for yourselves and the whole flock over which the Holy Spirit has appointed you bishops and guardians, to shepherd (tend and feed and guide) the church of the Lord or aof God which He obtained for Himself [buying it and saving it for Himself] with His own blood.”

Acts 20:28 (AMP)

“In many separate revelations [each of which set forth a portion of the Truth] and in different ways God spoke of old to [our] forefathers in and by the prophets, [But] in the last of these days He has spoken to us in [the person of a] Son, Whom He appointed Heir and lawful Owner of all things, also by and through Whom He created the worlds and the reaches of space and the ages of time [He made, produced, built, operated, and arranged them in order]. He is the sole expression of the glory of God [the Light-being, the out-raying or radiance of the divine], and He is the perfect imprint and very image of [God’s] nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power. When He had by offering Himself accomplished our cleansing of sins and riddance of guilt, He sat down at the right hand of the divine Majesty on high, [Taking a place and rank by which] He Himself became as much superior to angels as the glorious Name (title) which He has inherited is different from and more excellent than theirs.”

Hebrews 1:1–4 (AMP)

It Is The Rising Of The Sun

April 18, 1965 ·

240Now notice this quickening Power, Zoe, bringing the Word, the mind that was in Christ was in you then. I’m trying to show you, that, you, when you raised. When God raised Jesus from the dead, He raised up you, also. And also quickened to Life, with Him, you are now quickened to Life, although then you were but an attribute in His thoughts, but God had saw all in Him, at the finish, see. When God looked down upon the body…

241The Spirit left Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane. He had to die, a man. Remember, friends, He didn’t have to do that. That was God. God anointed that flesh, which was human flesh. And He didn’t…If He’d a went up there, as God, He’d have never died that kind of death; can’t kill God. But He didn’t have to do it.

242But, remember, He went there with you in Him. See, God had never separated the Bride from the Groom, yet. So when God looked down upon the body of Christ, He saw both male and female. It was all redeemed in that one body. See? They are one, same, same Word. The same Word, spoke of the Groom, speaks of the Bride.

243Well, how can the Bride come, and fail to manifest everything was promised of Him; and the Groom come, and He wouldn’t be the Bride? But when He did everything, even to proving it by raising Himself up from the dead, afterwards, then don’t the—the Bride have to do the same thing, have to be exactly what the Word said She would be in these last days? Don’t She have to return through Malachi 4? Don’t She have to be manifested like it was in the days of Sodom? Don’t the world have to be just exactly like it is? Isn’t these things a perfect identification of the Word of God made known to us?

244Well, friends, I know I’m keeping you a long time, fifteen minutes yet till dinner, but maybe I’ll get through by then. But notice, looky here, what a perfect thing it is. I don’t know when I’ll see you again. See?

245Look, notice this. But God foresaw the Bride in the Groom. Hallelujah! See, to save His Wife, like Adam, He had to go with Her. Adam knowed what he was doing; Eve didn’t know what she was doing, but Adam walked out with his wife. See? And Jesus took His Wife’s place and became sin for Her. Remember, He became you, He stood your punishment, that you might stand in His place. He stood in your place, that you might stand in His place. What a love! What a fellowship! How can we deny it? How can we do anything but love Him, friend? I could stay on it hours, but let’s move on a little farther.

246Like the pentecostal experience today, and the coming of the Holy Ghost in this last days, as promised, is like the abstract to a title deed. See?

247Now, you can get a title. Sure. See? You can get a title to a place, but that still don’t say it’s yours. No, sir. Somebody way back yonder could come in and put a claim on it. But when you get an abstract, that shows that everything that’s ever against it is struck off, plumb back from the foundation. Is that right?

248And when a man has said that he believes the Word, and then when the Holy Spirit comes, It is the abstract to the title. And that gives you permission, when you have that abstract, that every bit of that belongs to you, and everything is on it belongs to you. Amen! And that gives us the abstract, when the Holy Ghost comes upon this title deed that God saw back yonder ’fore the foundation of the world, and put it name on the Book of Life; but was born through a man and woman, and subject to sin, and guilty of sin. But when I believed on It, I received the deed; but when the Holy Ghost come, It was the abstract that everything against me, whether my mother done it, my father done it, my grandmother done it…

249Like the little, epileptic child I prayed for, a few minutes ago, that come through from the grandparents. The epilepsy fell down, and upon the child, I said.

250But when the abstract has come, It struck off, omitted everything. I’m a abstract holder then. Amen! And as sure as the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, I have a abstract deed that I’m part of that Body, with the abstract of the Holy Ghost making that body of Word live out just exactly like It did in Him, as He promised in the last day. The abstract! All my sins are struck out, all your sins are struck out, by the Blood of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost is come as an abstract to the title deed that God give me by grace, by foreknowledge. Oh, my!