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My Times are in Your Hands

Steven Shelley

Steven Shelley

New Hope Revival Ministries

December 31, 2021 · 2 min read

“My times are in Your Hands.” Psalm 31:15

Psalm 31:15-16 My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me. Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies’ sake.

Rev. William Branham

January 12, 1964

141–145Changing the pages or changing calendars doesn’t change time. A lot of people say, “Well, the old year’s gone, throw away the old December calendar now and put up the other one, a new year.” That’s what new years means to them. To me, I want to see what’s promised for the day. I want to know what the Light of the hour is, so I can know how to walk in it. I want to know where I’m living, what age I’m in, how far up the road am I.  As Paul said, I could stand quoting again, “Forgetting those things that are in the past, now I press towards the mark, the high calling,” to the complete identification…Do as David did, put your future into His hands. Don’t look to anything else, …David said here, “My time is in His hands.”…He is my rock.” What is He? “He is revealed to me. He is the revealed Truth. My time is in His hands.” Amen. Oh, my! There you are. My time belongs to Him. I am His. I’m in His hand because He holds the time. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know He holds the future. So, He Who holds the future holds me. So why should I think about setting forth this, that, the other for the new year? I just put myself in His hands, walk like David did… didn’t know what the future was, but he knowed God had the future. I don’t know what the future is, none of us do. But we know He holds the future.

Happy and Blessed New Year to you and yours!