Pastor Steven L. Shelley

Senior Pastor of New Hope Revival Ministries

Pastor Steven L. Shelley’s life of ministry was prophesied before he was even born. His grandmother received a word that “the child your daughter-in-law is carrying right now is chosen. He will carry the Gospel and many souls will be won to the kingdom of God, and he’ll start at a very early age.”

Just like it was spoken, Pastor Shelley was filled with Holy Ghost and began preaching in 1975 at the age of seven years old and was pastoring full time by the age of seventeen. People were astounded by the revelation and conviction coming from this very young man. But it wasn’t only the wisdom of the Word that touched them but the evidence of the supernatural power of God that operated in his life.

His first experience with the supernatural was at the age of three when the Lord appeared in his room one night and told him things that were to come. He was told that his mother and father would separate (they divorced less than two years later) and that he would preach the Gospel and his life would not be ordinary. His life has been marked by the supernatural games online since that time and he has had countless visions, dreams, visitations and revelatory experiences.

Although his childhood was not an easy one God kept him through every hardship and gave him the grace not to be pulled into a lot of the traps that young people commonly face. As a result of that he was able to lead many of his fellow grade school students and even teachers to the Lord.

His Pentecostal grandmother, Mildred Shelley, who had a great spiritual impact on him, pastored a church in Columbus Georgia and he would frequently be invited to preach for her. He also began traveling all over the United States holding tent revivals where he would preach and pray for the sick. Tremendous outstanding miracles and deliverances would take place and revivals would last for weeks on end.

His grandmother passed away in 1990, leaving him in charge of the church, New Hope Prayer Center. In 1993, God opened the doors for 60 acres of land to be purchased in Smiths Station, Alabama and instructed him to name the property Eagle’s Refuge Holiness Campground. By divine direction, the church in Columbus Georgia was sold in 2003 and a new building was constructed and dedicated in 2004. We are currently worshipping in this building in Alabama.

Pastor Shelley has ministered in 65 countries and seen an outstanding harvest for the Kingdom in every one. There is one foreign country that he feels identified with more than any other and that is the nation of Israel. When he was 11 years old his grandmother took him on tour to Israel where he met a part of his destiny. While visiting Yad Vashem he had a vision where he saw himself speaking to dry bones, as the prophet Ezekiel did and saw them come to life. At that young age he knew that he would one day return to Israel and see that vision come to pass. He didn’t visit Israel again until 2002 at which time the Lord opened a door for ministry in the Land. In 2003 the Lord opened a door for our ministry to rent two apartments in Jerusalem where prophetic prayer and praise ushers daily. (For more information please visit Jerusalem Revival Center in About Us.)

Serving the Lord with him is his lovely wife, Stacey Ryan, who frequently travels with him in ministry. They have four beautiful children: Benjamin Judah (1998), Joshua River (2001), Olivia Zion (2003), and Moriah Destiny (2006). His mother Jane Shelley was radically saved in 1985 and is an active part of his life and ministry.

So many wonderful promises and prophecies have been given to Pastor Shelley and the New Hope Revival Ministries. We thank God for the great foundation that has been laid by the prayers and tears of saints who have gone on before us. We look forward to the future knowing that the best is yet to come!

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