Jerusalem Revival Center

Jerusalem, Israel

In 2002 the Lord instructed Pastor Shelley to go to Israel and told him that it had something to do with the seven thunders. He went along with three brothers from our ministry and while they were there they visited the chapel where Sister Ruth Heflin founded a prayer/prophetic ministry in Jerusalem. Sister Nancy Bergen, whom Sister Ruth left in charge of her Jerusalem ministry, invited Pastor Shelley to preach at the chapel the following weekend and felt that a divine connection was made in the spirit. Sister Nancy was hungry for the deeper things of God and began corresponding with Pastor Shelley, asking many questions and receiving revelations that changed her life. After a few months Pastor Shelley had an unusual experience one night where he was lying down and he began to feel the weightiness of the nation of Israel passing over him. He could see and feel the pull to minister to the Jewish people and those living in the land of Israel.

The next morning he received a phone call from Sister Nancy who said that after much prayer she felt that the Lord was leading her to turn over the spiritual responsibility of the Jerusalem ministry to Pastor Shelley as an outreach of the New Hope Revival Ministries. Pastor Shelley knew it was a “God thing” because the Lord had just prepared him the night before. Sister Nancy remained in Jerusalem as the ministry director and continued conducting daily prayer/prophetic meetings and streamed the services from Alabama on the weekend.

In 2003 the Lord opened the opportunity for two side by side apartments to be rented which became the headquarters for the ministry when Pastor Shelley and Sister Nancy felt led to give up the ministry house that belonged to Sister Ruth. Sister Nancy’s ministry was as a psalmist singing and declaring prophetically into the atmosphere. She continued in this ministry and in hosting people who came to Jerusalem to experience the Land and to encounter the Lord. She wrote e-mail updates that were sent out all over the world, bringing encouragement and revelation.

After a brave battle against cancer, Sister Nancy Bergen was called home to be with the Lord on November 25th, 2009. We have missed her but we know that she has joined the cloud of witnesses and now she’s cheering us on from the other side.

We still do not know the fullness of the word Pastor Shelley received concerning the seven thunders but we know that the Lord wanted him to go at that time and it was His will that a door be opened for our ministry there. Pastor Shelley has asked the Lord several times if we should continue to keep the apartments there and the answer always comes back, “Keep doing what you’re doing.” We believe that this has been a season of sowing; there have been numerous prophetic words given through several of God’s servants concerning the powerful things that God will do through our ministry in Israel. We believe that the season for reaping those promises is just ahead.