Eagles Refuge Holiness Campground

Smiths Station, AL

In the early 90’s, Pastor Shelley had a vision of a piece of property that the Lord wanted us to purchase in Alabama for the future work of the ministry. In this vision the Lord highlighted several landmarks that would be on the property He chose. After visiting several pieces of land Pastor Shelley came to one in Smiths Station and after looking it over was ready to dismiss it as an option when he felt the Lord leading him up a hill. He bent to tie his shoe and when he looked up he was standing in the exact spot that he had seen in vision. By faith he was able to convince the realtor to hold the land for us even though the ministry couldn’t afford a down payment at the time.

The land was purchased in 1992 and through visions and revelations the Lord directed Pastor Shelley to build the buildings that are currently on the property. The first buildings erected were two prayer chapels that are opened 24/7 for those who want a private place to seek the Lord. Next came the tin-top tabernacle. When Pastor Shelley brought in a contractor and showed him the spot where the tabernacle was to be built, the man said it’s impossible to build there, a building of that size would slide off the hill. Undaunted, Pastor Shelley thanked him and kept looking. Finally he found a man who said, “Preacher, if you can see it in a vision, I can build it,” and he did!

We held annual old fashioned summer campmeetings in that tabernacle from 1993 to 2003. God performed some mighty healings and deliverances and many people were saved, blessed and testimonies have been told, “I met God one night on that old sawdust floor.”

Pastor Shelley knew that eventually the ministry would be entirely based from our campground in Alabama. The first step was taken in 2002 when the office equipment and staff was relocated to work on the campground. Then in 2003 the church in Columbus Georgia was sold and we immediately broke ground for a new church on the campground. We held services in our tabernacle through the winter of 03-04 while the church was being built and dedicated the building during our 2004 campmeeting.

We are currently working on the tabernacle, closing it in, as the Lord provides, to use for a conference center. Our church building is insufficient to hold the people who want to come for the conferences and we were instructed through the Lord’s servants to go ahead and start expanding. Through the generosity of God’s people we’ve already been able to prepare the land for the expansion and we’re waiting on the provision for the next steps.

Many wonderful things have been prophesied and seen over this property in connection to the role that this ministry will have in the end time harvest. Pastor Shelley has seen in visions and dreams, buildings and many details of what God has planned for us to be able to carry out His mandate. We know without a doubt that every promise will be fulfilled and we look to the future with anticipation knowing that the best is yet to come!